Samsung Galaxy Note 3 International Giveaway! [400k YouTube Subscribers]

October 13, 2013

    Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway! This week we are celebrating, we have passed the 400k subscriber mark on our YouTube channel. To share the love and excitement we are giving away a special phone this week, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3!

    Find out the winner of last week’s giveaway of the Nexus 4

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3  Specs

    • Colors: White, black, pink
    • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (N9005) / Exynos 5 Octa 5420 (N9000)
    • CPU: Quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 400 (N9005) / Quad-core 1.9 GHz Cortex-A15 & quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7 (N9000)
    • GPU: Adreno 330 (N9005) / Mali-T628 MP6 (N9000)
    • RAM: 3GB
    • Dimensions: 5.95 x 3.12 x 0.33 inches
    • Weight: 168g
    • OS: TouchWiz based on Android 4.3
    • Cameras: 13MP rear, LED flash with digital Smart Stabilization with BSI sensor / 2MP front facing, BSI sensor
    • Display: 5.7 inch Super AMOLED PenTile
    • Storage: 32/64GB expandable by microSD
    • Connectivity: GPRS, Bluetooth v4.0 with A2DP, NFC, Infrared port, MHL in microUSB v3.0,     Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot
    • Networks: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900; HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100; LTE 800 / 850 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600
    • Battery: 3200mAh Li-ion, removeable

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review

    Read our full written review, see how the Galaxy Note 2 vs Note 3 compares, the Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy S4 or check out the video review below:

    How to enter the giveaway

    • You must be subscribed to our YouTube channel, if you are already subscribed just enter your YouTube username, if you aren’t subscribed then subscribe and enter your YouTube username in the form.
    • You can also receive (1) bonus ticket if you are subscribed to our Android Authority Newsletter or if you Subscribe.

    *There are 10 bonus entries available to each person who enters the giveaway. You will be given a unique URL to share with your friends or social networks. You will receive 1 bonus entry (up to 10 max) for every person who you refer to the giveaway using your unique URL.

    Join Now!

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    *Please note you will need to verify your email address, so ensure you enter a valid email address.

    Terms & Conditions

    • The giveaway is an international giveaway and is open to everyone worldwide.
    • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
    • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
    • We are not responsible for any duties or taxes that you may incur.
    • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
    • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.


    • Mohammed Azoz

      am starting to lose hope ….

    • Von

      There may be a mistake. It says 16gb, it should be 32 right? Hope I win this time. :)

    • Zacharoo

      I really need this. Just dropped my phone breaking screen and of course carrier is little help.

    • Sajeewon Siddharth

      I hope to win!!

    • Balraj

      All the best to everyone who is participating :-)

    • Vincent Wong

      I want a note 3. Pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    • kev

      I like the Note 3. Hope I win

    • soys4uc3

      Hope I win : )

    • matt

      Video only released 10 minutes ago and already 1000 entry’s my chances are slim but still possible

    • Youssef Smaan

      hope i will win :D

    • Terrance Veigas

      android authority u guys create quality tech vids… Kudos guys never missed a single vid of yours !!!

    • halofan1996

      Really need a new phone. Hope i win!!!

    • Tyler

      Hope I win

    • Justas

      good luck!

    • Cindy

      I never win xD

    • Konstantin Rusev

      I hope i win.I love ur videos.Congratz on 400k

    • Michel

      Am Excited

    • Marshall Grande

      Need. This. Now. (or in six days)

    • Russell Ridley

      No hope

    • Hassan Pathan


    • Jay T

      Hope to win

    • Raj Sekhar

      I bricked my Note 1 this morning..So please give it to me :)

    • Arungoud

      At least this time !! I hope !!

    • Aman Jain

      We all know except “One guy” that we are not gonna win but we still hope…..;P ;)

      pls pick me this time…….AA i am your huge fan….pls pls

    • Tim Seth

      Bring on the new note!

    • radi

      well, all i can do is hope!

    • Joshua Flores

      I really really hope i could win this, my fantasy phone :3

    • Carlos Lopez

      Still hopeful specially for this one :)

    • huiol

      Hope win..this time..

    • Amin Zameel

      note in the note that i will note win this note……….even if it is the the 300th note.

    • disqus_A0R1sG55ZB

      I want to win

    • Jonathan

      Faith tell me that I won’t get any chance for this one. But who knows ?

    • Miguel Vega

      Great I need one of those like now!!!

    • Shoaib

      trying again

    • Shiva Kiran

      I realy want to win

      • IDontKnowMyName

        Me too :)

    • Madhav Phophaliya

      even if they giveaway 15devices in one time i won’t get selected i know this;
      but still i believe in “hope that i would be selected this time for my dream phone”

      • MasterMuffin

        We all do. Someday! ;_;

        • Cobraromania

          Damn right ! We got some hope !

        • Blowntoaster

          you hoping for a Nexus 5 giveaway win? I sure am…if I don’t win this one… :-P

          • Faizan Jamil

            I’m hoping for that too, even though I might not win :D

      • Anthony Fagin

        Yes. Keep hope alive!

      • AM

        Don’t lose hope is the moral of the story

      • Twells

        Sadly this is so true

      • Johnathan Charity

        i still have a lg my touch Q and i have not been picked yet and i hate this phone i just what a new one that is all i ask.

      • Manohar Maddineni

        Soo true. But. let’s hope none the less

      • Faizan Jamil

        Let’s still have hope, even if it is true:D

    • arjun

      I am really looking forward to this

    • Craig Sheehan

      I want to win

      • IDontKnowMyName

        So do I :)

    • Saiesh Mohan Amonkar

      love u

    • trivedi karan

      Plz , i want to win . i never won in my life upto now .

      so i can get a rid of shit bada OS phone samsung wave II

    • Abraar Shaikh

      i want to win

    • Anthony Huey Taylor

      Am from west Africa and we never win youtube giveaways i love John,Ashley and the whole ANDROID AUTHORITY CREW .pls i wont to win u guys

      • Derek Scott

        I think you are thinking of Techno Buffalo Anthony, another great channel.

        • Anthony Huey Taylor

          Yr i should hve said josh tanks

    • LeuchtsteinLP

      I will be the winner.

    • Karanbir Brar

      Entered a giveaway for the first time ever, tired of my legacy device. Let’s see!

    • brutalpanther

      Very nice specs.A techy dream phone

    • Jae Weigner Guarnes

      Is it free shipping?

      • Derek Scott

        Yes we cover the shipping.

        • Ujjobbágy Attila

          Help! I connect to youtube with my google account, so what is my youtube username? My email address?

        • Jae Weigner Guarnes

          Thanks for the information Derek Scott!!

    • Alex

      wtf? i tought note3 was only in 32 or 64gb… how come they are giving away a 16gb version? :D

    • Jay Monstrous

      The giveaway says 16GB but the minimum the phone comes in is 32GB

    • Sonia Rao

      Everybody wants this phone!!!!!!

    • Rohin Nair

      I’m gonna win this for my dad for sure :D

    • iliketoseeit

      are you kidding? besides all the inform i got, i will receive Note 3 as well ;)

    • Legit Armada

      Robb Stark is my Youtube Username

      my email is

      • Derek Scott

        Make sure you enter it in the Raffle Copter widget.

        • TechDevil

          Shhh, don’t tell them that! The more people write it here and not in the contest, the bigger chance I have to win! :P

    • khalidalomary

      i need it

    • fernando

      I want it so bad

    • Bex Foster

      Oh go on then, I’ll enter :p.
      *fingers super duper crossed*

    • Orlando Vazquez

      I hope I win a giveaway for the first time

    • Gundars

      Good phone :)

    • admir sehic

      hope i win

    • Malhar Ujawane

      Congrats guys for having 400k subscribers on YouTube! Keep bringing more such awesome content and awesome giveaways. Thanks, I’d love to win the new Galaxy Note 3 :)

    • Abdullah Naji

      I want to win that glorious piece of tech with that crystal clear screen. I love the Note 3 and I have Note 1 but I would like an upgrade, I can’t afford the new phone. Good luck to everyone!

    • disqus_sAZFOaLmeq

      i wanna this note so much!

    • Steve Hynes S

      it will be nice to have Note phone will see lol

    • Abdullah Naji

      I’ve always participated in AA giveaways, I never win. But I’m glad this is another opportunity to win the best phone out there! Dawn, that screen and features.

    • Jean-Claude

      Winning the Note 3 isn’t just something, it’s everything.
      Winning the Note 3 will finally help me convince my girlfriend’s father to let me marry her.
      Winning the Note 3 will help me get that job at the newspaper which I’ve always dreamed of.
      Winning the Note 3 will cure my father’s brain cancer.
      Winning the Note 3… *Wipes tears* is my dream!

    • boby ghandhi

      i always try never win but for some reason get happy when the giveaway is of something awesome thinking its mine, theres always next sunday

    • Sudeepto Dutta

      I hope I win this time . I like Samsung products & this phone will really make me happy :)

    • jatinder

      One way or the other I am getting this one!!!

    • nate

      Congrats to 400.000 and good luck to everyone

    • Anas Alibraheem

      Does this offer apply in my country? I live in Syria.

    • Janmayjay Siradhna

      beatiful phone with rocking features

    • Javier

      I love the galaxy note. Thanks

    • Izwan_Rosli

      i will be a winner soon or later! yeah!!!

    • akash bajpai

      Again I am taking part in give away contest, I don’t think I will win, but just to give a chance to my luck….

    • Gil Cimering

      Wow! 3GB RAM ! fantastic.

    • Arben Daci

      Let me enter in this giveawey.

    • Mohd Danial

      All the best! Android authority choose me!

    • Al Pacino299

      amazing phone!

    • Nak Johnson

      It would be awesome to win. I’m still on android 2.3. Lmao!

    • elena anzalone

      I want this phone,is my favorite Samsung phone

    • Sarah Eid

      I hope I signed in right lost the link yust by filling in my youtube account hope I can still join

    • Dhanush Kumar


    • Kent

      Oh I’m PRAYING I’ll get this! I want the Note 3 so bad!

    • Anthony Chamoun


    • Lindy Hasani

      i hope i win

    • Izwan_Rosli

      Choose me! XD

    • Izwan_Rosli

      Love this phone so much! i want it so much!!

    • Elrick Inocencio

      It would be nice to have two Note 3s :) I already have the white N9005 :)

    • Sarah Eid

      Can’t verify my email I’ve got nothing :s it is the same one as my youtube adress

    • Ashuumm

      It would be my lucky day ;-)

    • Guest


    • Michel Pardo

      Samsung rocks!

    • CostelCosmin

      I really want to win

    • Chad Fernando


    • Biased

      Every week the winner’s gonna be from the States. Can you please have a Asia giveaway?

    • Arnold Magdaraog

      Yeahpe!!! :) congrats android authority!!! I hope iam the one of the winner of gsn3!!!

    • sachin singh

      I hope I win because I can’t afford a phone right now but I really need one

    • Ali furkan Dağcı

      i am here since beginning and i havent got anything come give me some free stuff

      • Ali furkan

        i am here since beginning and i havent got anything come on give me some free stuff

    • jaswinder

      Awesome phine with awesome specifications

    • jaswinder

      Sorry awesome phone with awesome specifications and awesome android authority

    • Izwan_Rosli

      I hope I will get the phone because I can’t afford a phone right now but I really need one!!!

    • Stelios Tzouvaras

      i want this phone.. i need this phone :D

    • kunal

      I am gonna win this

    • kunal

      its mine…..!!!!!

    • Viktor Biboski

      smells like plastic leather :)

    • Izwan_Rosli

      give this phone for asian people!!! <3

    • Kishor

      Is there any winner here ?? or this is just a Fake !!

    • pramod mitra

      Best mobile in the market

    • Brendon Brown

      I’ve wanted this phone since it came out but I cant afford it at all :(

    • Vasishta Nagalla

      Every time No Asian or INDIAN gets selected. Damn sure about it.

    • grv424

      I’ve joined this contest for the nth time but I noticed that most winners are either from US or India. but still as everyone is saying, I’m joining and hoping to win this one this time, it’s a great phone, if I win this phone, this will be my reason to transfer from apple’s stupid iOS ecosystem to the best OS there is, ANDROID! Great Phone indeed. Go Samsung!!! Android is the best!!!

    • Izwan_Rosli

      but this time.. im sure.. i will get this phone.. -asian-

    • Faiz Rocketeer Ahmed

      I think i have entered all the give aways till now. . .Hope for the best

    • David Hernandez

      Hi so I got a new job and am starting on wednesday so this would be pretty need hop I win :)

    • Muffiozo

      AAA… hope win ;)

    • Schuks Man

      I think this phone would be nice to have.

    • Leo

      Just let me know when I win & thanks in advance ;-)

    • Duy Pham

      i hope i win :p

    • Khatijah

      If I win I will share android authority to friends and family and people who don’t know

    • ♪ Yeyoung ♬ 예영 ♪

      Korean phone goes to the Korean this time? >< *crosses fingers*

    • Wilson john

      havent even got a chance to own an android device till date.or not even a smartphone..hope to get smart with the new note 3

    • Phil Nelson

      It’s cool enough for me to subscribe to the YouTube channel, as well as Google+ so that must mean it’s worth it… But like I commented on the YouTube video: It (the Samsung Galaxy Note 3) needs a bit more Google..

    • John Fibonacci

      Someone is going to be lucky lol. I hope its me!

    • siddhesh keer

      lets see… who wins

    • Faizan Ali

      Need a new phone badly :)

    • Izwan_Rosli

      all the best Samsung! :)

    • Maha Abdullah

      I have good feelings about that.. congratulations on your milestone..

    • Lakshitha Perera

      got to win this !!!!

    • Caleb Johns

      I used one of these last week and I think I got a boner :P

    • Daniel Ross

      Hope i win

    • Kostya Finchuk

      I want Samsung !

    • Nik Daniell


    • Hersey Purvis

      I’m a true Galaxy fan. Love their products. They’re the best. Please let me win so I can pass along my note to my daughter the X iPhone lovdr

    • Davor B.


    • Bala Chandan

      Hope i win ….. I never won any prize in my life like this….

    • martin_64

      Note 3 for free? Awesome giveaway.

    • Bino Valencia


    • Nigel Burn

      I will be keeping my fingers crossed :D

    • reginamaniquiz10

      i wish i win new gadget for my coming bday this oct 30

    • Mohamed Elsafty

      Never won any prizes in my entire life,
      nothing to lose though, and i’m already subscribed.
      so i decided to give it a shot *_*

    • Izwan_Rosli

      i want that samsung!!

    • Thakela Hadas

      Me me me

    • xperia i1 honami


    • Muliru

      Hoping against hope on this one…

    • malik

      hope my dream come true i win this …..

    • Antonio decaze

      I know I am not lucky . No matter what I am taking my chance . Good jobs guys . Good luck everyone

    • william komba

      I wanna win

    • Aku Mah

      Hi i want it!

    • aebob

      i want you.. note 3

    • hasan

      my htc one just broke down and costs so much but im hoping to win this

    • Ben Saratorio

      i hope i win.. thanks…

    • ashutosh

      I love this device and want to have one.

    • Haschwalth

      I really hope I win this one. Just once please, I have never won anything-_-

    • Zack Obaid

      Haven’t Won anything In My Life..

    • Infexis

      Its pretty rare with giveaways here in Sweden, so would be nice to win something for a change. :-p

    • Fany Ayanomori

      I’ve never win this, though I’m always trying and trying..
      Hope I can win the giveaway someday..

    • hpinheiro

      good phone

    • Samuel

      This giveaway is so sad… Never win. :/

    • SpeakEzee

      Win or not, this is the best Android blog. I check you guys out on YouTube and Roku’s Rev3 channel. Keep doing what you do.

    • Anastasios

      This is my first ever entered giveaway and I hope to win

    • Rahul Kumar

      l like note series :D

    • nathan

      Got note 2 just before the 3 came out I was gutted so I hope I win this

    • Mauritz Van Zyl

      Great compitition!

    • IceCube

      I’m one of the new subscribers :D

      Yay! Cheers guys! You all made a good job untill now! Keep it up!

    • Tonya Brown, ITSE

      I hope I win

    • Mei

      Fingers crossed…who knows??

    • lucky

      Whish me luck guys:)

    • Bambang Hermanto

      May the odds be in my favour this time

    • Mei

      I wan one!!!

    • Daniel Agha


    • Joie Garcia

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed..

    • Martin Lolov

      Thank you so much for this giveaway

    • Carlos Diaz Durán

      Like other times, it will not arrive to Spain. I don’t know why, but people in Spain never win…

    • Hunain Khalid

      good phone and great giveaway.

    • Vincenzo Gasparo

      The force is strong with me, I’ll win!

    • SmartsAndTablets

      I would be so glad if i’d win this! :D Wish all of you guys good luck but keep watching android authority ;)

    • Alexandru Socol

      Count me in !

    • John Kujur

      May be you should do a live show of winner.

    • vard mike

      This phone to me is the best android phone out right now. I mostly watch youtube and do a lot of reading and its the perfect phone for the way I use it. Ill cross my fingers and do a lot of preying.

    • Don Goncalves

      Fingers crossed!

    • conan

      SG Note 3 !!! ….holy s*it…

    • tt

      My chance are not high, but I really want to win. I don’t even have a phone I use my mothers. Anyway…… Good luck to everyone.

    • Dragan Pavlovic

      got some hope

    • Kaye Waller

      I wish I could win this. SoundsKhaotic

    • Michael Boone

      Amazing phone!!! This is the phone James Bond wish he had

    • Ibrahim Marashah

      I am the winner of this giveaway anyways.
      Yeah in my dreams

    • Jon Roy Chowdhury

      Super Phone

    • TechDroid

      One day is not yet over.. and there are more than 5,000 entries already
      6 more days to go..
      This will be the best Android Authority Giveaway.. with over 15,000 entries (or more, but not less)

    • Ilija Jovanovic

      i love your videos i am subscribed,but i never win any prizes and this is the best prize there is.hope i get it :)

    • Agatha Faye

      I really really want this!! I’ve been asking this from my dad but he kept on saying no.! I nvr won anything before..

    • Austin M.

      Look at how many peoe have entered! There is the slimest of chances for me and so many others to win. But on a positive not good luck everyone and hope for the best.

    • Mujahid Omer

      I entered three times for the HTC one giveaway I am three different websites. I entered for LG nexus 4,entered red for Xperia L, entered for s4 and many many more. And here I finally enter for note 3 also. My hopes hasn’t been evaded yet. It’s still clinging to this one.

    • Adarsh


    • luminelx64

      I keep on hoping to win!

    • AARG

      Hey Android Authority..!!
      I know that everyone is saying the same that let me win this time..!! And I also want to but..!! It’s your choice you have to choose who have the luck to win note 3 but i will like to say please please i love this phone and this is my dream phone..!! I don’t have enough money to buy this phone..!!Please Android Authority..! I have done everything that I can do..!! Like subcribe to the Newsletter, Downloaded the Android Authority Application, Following Android Authority In You Tube & Google +..!! Please Andrlid Authority That’s My Request..!!

    • Biavela

      I’m in love with this phone but i hope i win so i can give it as a present to my husband.

    • Av R

      One more hopeful entry. It’s like the lotto, you know you won’t win but you gotta try

    • Lisa Jane Smith

      l would love too have a better phone then what l have now that would be a dream come true if l did win a phone

    • Rafik Samer Lababidi

      You know i checked my youtube channel today and i found out that Android Authority added me to their circles

    • Henry Sanchez III

      I know I will win it! I really need! I have the poopiest phone ever

    • Izwan_Rosli

      woww almost 11k entries.. i hope , i the among them to get this dream phone! :)

    • Juan Morales

      My YouTube name is Carlos Morales. I wish I win that Note 3 to update from the 1st Note.. And congrats for your 400k subscribers

    • Anthony jair hernandez

      Espero ganar me encanta samsung y mas los galaxy note

    • Glenroy Brown


    • Samik Parekh

      Note 3 ….:)

    • anthony

      Espero ganar el galaxy note 3 me encanta su pantalla y camara.

    • JN Craft

      Hope I get selected for this phone. Sweet price of technology

    • mohammad alayan

      I really could use this phone lol I’m stuck with an international version of the iPhone 4 and I don’t have any extra money to buy a new phone.

      • TechDevil

        An iPhone 4? My God, you poor thing! Forced to use a crApple device :( sending warm thoughts your way.

    • John Loubser

      Hope I win I know I’m gonna win

    • Fabian Segura

      I’m still stuck with the galaxy s2 skyrocket……. preety behind so I would really enjoy this new note, haven’t really held one but i do like bigger screens

    • Aditya

      Galaxy Note 3 !!!!
      Please Android me!!! I’ve started praying to you more than God theses days!!!

    • Steve Oberhammer

      Seem’s there is a lot of people here that don’t believe this contest at all. It’s up to the picker I guess to do the right thing.

      • TechDevil

        Wait, they do this personally? There’s not an app or machine that chooses a winner? Seriously?

        • Steve Oberhammer

          It’s a person or person’s that do the picking TechDevil. Yup.

          • TechDevil

            Wow, that’s amateurish. I expected better.

            • Steve Oberhammer

              I guess it all depends who’s the biggest ass kisser in here that they like there comment. The more ass you kiss the better of some people winner. Everyone enjoys a good ass kisser!

            • TechDevil

              Yeah, that’s exactly the problem. It isn’t a fair and impartial contest any longer. If he wanted this smartphone for himself, he could get his sister or cousin to enter and give it to them so he gets it. Contents where a machine doesn’t pick the winner are just a simple toss away from cheating with the results. Nobody can tell me they are “fair and select randomly” when there’s a person who makes the choosing. They might get someone named Abdul Damarahad and think “Oh, that shipping’s going to be tough” and then just select someone in the United States and go “Completely random choice, you win!”

              And we have no evidence, and they have no evidence either. For them, it’s a perfect way to make sure the winner is someone they like. For us, it’s biased and shouldn’t be done this way. I could go on, but I think you understand my frustration.

            • Steve Oberhammer

              I do. And your right on a lot of your points. Just doesn’t help to do contests like this at all. Where are these so called winners in real life? No where to be seen. I think it’s all garbage and a tease to everyone who would really want one. Don’t get people’s hopes up. It’s just cruel. They just do this to get more people to like there pages. It’s just about ratings.

            • TechDevil

              Truer words have never been spoken.

            • Steve Oberhammer

              Android Authority maybe a good review for android products but not really good at doing give a ways. STOP WHAT YOUR DOING TO PEOPLE!!! If anything to defend yourselves…leave a comment right here for myself and TechDevil to see. I want to see what you say Android Authority staff. Grow some balls ok! Explain yourselves.

            • TechDevil

              LOL. Personally I think Android Authority has built up quite nicely with subscribers on YouTube, the number of readers and commentors and the website design is good-looking, but more and more articles are lacking information, containing wrong information and basically some of the authors are writing weird articles. It’s a very serious job being an author at a huge website like this, something they should take more seriously, and yes, respond to people. Also, it would really be helpful for them to change their name to a more appropriate abbreviation. AA doesn’t exactly say “Android Authority” if you say it on the street.

            • Steve Oberhammer

              Very true. Seems were leading a charge here with posts and comments here. No one else has any other opinions on this. Unless there too scared to say anything at all which meaNS MOST OF THE PEOPLE THAT ARE ON HERE ARE THE BIGGEST ASS KISSERS IN THE WORLD. How does it feel to smell crap on your noses everyday of your lives?

            • TechDevil

              Woah, calm down a little bit :P You don’t need to go to the extend of name-calling to get your point across. In fact, your point becomes even better if you don’t resort to personal insults against the other commentors. But yeah, I’ve always been a person who stood up for what is right, so even if we are the only ones who dare to say this, it doesn’t stop me.

            • Steve Oberhammer

              What ever gets people’s eyes to open up and see the truth…sometimes harsh saying or words are just the tools to do the job. But thats my way of thinking. So wake up people! This is just a scam to get more ratings for there page ok. It won’t happen unless your in there little circle of family or friends.

            • Steve Oberhammer

              OH wow!!! REALLY??? I called them out and they deleted my post!!! Hahahaha….whats wrong? Can’t take a challenge?

            • Steve Oberhammer

              Hey TechDevil…email me and let’s talk. I got a great idea for something.

            • TechDevil

              Emailing you in a sec.

            • Steve Oberhammer

              Cool. I think we can come up with some great idea’s!

    • Azazel

      Even though i entered for the umteenth time, I already know the outcome. Its just simple, they dont cater to international subscribers.

    • TechDevil

      It might – just *might* – be helpful in the list of specs to write Full HD 1080p display, and not just 5.7-inch Super AMOLED PenTile.

    • Emmanuel van den Brûle

      Great giveaway ! Keep up the good work AA :)

    • mohd sultan

      i know that i am not gonna win this giveaway but i want to get my dream phone but come on

    • Kaushik Pathak

      when can we expect the winner of this phone?

    • Merlin

      Maybe my luck will change and it will make my dream come true:d

    • Benjamin Papellero

      I will be picked this week!

    • Shiva Prasad Veerapaneni

      this is the best Android blog

    • Abdul Sanyare

      This would be an early birthday gift I win

    • Viorel Holhos

      awesome phone awesome channel

    • FaKeeRa

      gimme this phone

    • Alain Lafond

      M’y wife would be more than happy that I Win!

    • Karthig1620

      I really wan tat fr my bday on 16 oct plssssssssssss

    • RC Loy

      GO GO GO!

    • Aisha.

      i know deep in my subconscious that i’ll never be picked but i just hope and dream. i really need this phone, infact i just need a phone since mine was stolen

    • Arcie Japitana

      #AndroidAuthority Let me win this time! Hoping to WIN!!!

    • Ralphie Stefano

      Would love to win.

    • Abdullah Albyati

      I want one pleassssssssssssss

    • Nikhil

      Will see me as winner on 20th Oct :D

    • Vardan Nazaretyan

      I want to win this awesome phone… To sell it afterwards and get a One Max or Nexus 5 when they’re announced!

    • Alex Klimov

      I always win and I am tired of this. But I can’t refuse winning again and again, getting more anad more devices.

    • tywan

      I misunderstood the rules, as it’s a little confusing, and put my YouTube name as my log-in name at first. Please don’t disqualify me.

    • Anthony Fagin

      My dream phone. I own the Galaxy Note 2.The extra screen size and processing power will be an awesome upgrade to an already great phone.

    • Rishab Jain

      simply love this phone i hope i win

    • MARK

      loving this

    • yacine

      this is the best Android blog.

    • akshay

      This beauty in the beast will look awesome in my hand. Pick me this time. :)

    • Arcie

      #AndroidAuthority I will win!!! I will win!!! I will win!!!

    • angelo

      wanting that galaxy note 3

    • Alexandana Theng

      I hope this time i am lucky enough to win this SO AMAZING and SPECIAL SMARTPHONE to date from Samsung. I do love this phone and I do want it to accompany my life. Thanks you Andriodauthority and Samsung for this best program.

    • vishal k

      after so many disappointments , i give up

    • angelo

      i typed in the wrong username

    • Troy Bryant

      Show me the money!

    • chris trak

      I love taking Notes…….

    • Cayl

      I entered the wrong Youtube username, how can I change it?

    • Lazar

      Serbian again doesnt stand a chance. Hope I win !

    • Mou Moutasem

      Congratulations you deserve millions of subscribers
      every time i get in giveaway i don’t win i hope i win
      thanks for the giveaway

    • khalid

      I really enjoyed your youtube channel

      I am subscriber and I’m proud

    • mark

      Hopefully I’ll win since I never win anything

    • Benjamin Heng

      Great job guys! We’ll continue to support u!

    • TechyLacky

      The possibility of even receiving the phone is extremely low, however, if I manage to receive the Note 3, it will be amazing! >3<

      • TechDevil

        Hah, maybe the guys at the post office go “Uuuh, how nice!” and decide to keep it :P

    • Victor Arroyo

      Note 3 come to papa ;-)

    • Sreekar Malempati


    • Humberto Hernandez

      This is a big fish to catch! =O

    • Sreekar Malempati

      Entry #1

    • Corey Burkhardt

      I’d really hope to win but that isn’t gonna happen

    • wilhem acosta

      Hopping im the one!!!!!

    • Phillip Talle

      I needed revered this phone!

    • Tom Zohar

      I got a new phone and broke it. I don’t have the money to fix it this note will help my problom

    • isterico89

      amazing :D

    • Ear KC

      Happy to join with game.

    • Stamp Patipan

      I want one ;)

    • Jackson

      The note 3′s textured back cover intrigues me, it looks really nice. I hope I win it!

    • Helder Saraiva

      Winning or not the important is watching your videos and comments thanks and go on with all the grate stuff.

    • Ahmed Al-Gendy

      Hope to win

    • Appurv Goel

      I hope i will win this time as indians never win!

    • Than Ramile Dela Cruz

      TIA! Lol

    • tony solinan

      I will keep on trying to win something,every week,and I am already subscribed to YouTube

    • Groud Frank

      It would be nice if I could get a nice phone without stealing it or selling my kidneys.

    • blckaapl


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      cant wait to hear the winners

    • NewTon GaIre

      wish the fish gets hooked in my trap this time

    • SikWitThiz

      Nice giveaway

    • Cailyn mearkle

      I really need to win this giveaway

    • Joel Pérez

      nice!!! i hope for this so freaking bad!! good luck to all!!

    • Omar

      Es difícil obtener uno de estos en Venezuela, espero poder conseguirlo por acá.

    • tony solinan

      I can only keep on entering each week to win,something anything,anyway no matter what I will enter every week,I am also a YouTube subscriber,because android apps are on my phone, and they always will!

    • Rigo Reyes

      One day…we will all win, at least once.

    • Aleksandar Nedyalkov

      I did not expect you to do that. I love you guys. Giving the most incredible phone of 2013(probably even 2014)! Congrats to the person who wins it/ most probably it won’t be me but anyway!

      • TechDevil

        Maybe the most incredible phone of 2013, but not 2014. It’s a long year, and by the end of 2014 we may get smartphones capable of making dinner for us.

    • Yawz

      Winning this would be the best thing that ever happened to me!;)

    • shuvo2841

      Never won any prizes in my entire life,
      nothing to lose though, and i’m already subscribed.
      Still like Android authority.Thanks for this special


    • calotono

      YES! Hope is our friend.

    • kalkon98

      NOTE 3 <3!!!!!

    • Chris Oh

      This would make a killer birthday present for me!

    • Marc Kenta Orque


    • nick carter

      i hope i win i need thi

    • Joseph Remy

      Congrats AA 4k!

    • Ivan Rybtsov

      Please choose me. I’ll make a user video review and comparison to the note 2 to thank you.

    • Victor Castro

      Can i comment first then subscribe ? Or do i have to subsribe first?

    • Vegard Løknes

      Which model of the Note 3 is it that you are giving away? The Snapdragon 800 or the Exynos 5 Octa model?

      • Derek Scott

        It will depend on where you live, we can order whichever unit you request.

        • Blowntoaster

          That’s cool. the Snapdragon 800 variant with it’s extra camera features over the Octa variant would be pretty neat to win.

        • Vegard Løknes

          OK, if I win, I would choose the Exynos 5 model as I think that its GPU is better than the Adreno 330. Thank you for answering :-)

    • omkar patil

      always i try..always i cry..always i die..

    • Dehaha1

      This would be VERY nice to have, as, well, I still don’t have an android phone, even after all my research and lurking on this website for well over a year, I still have yet to purchase one… or have the funds to purchase a good one.

      So yeah, I’d be blown away getting this phone!

    • Cladius Yshr Grphx

      Like other people I’ve never win anything from internet even on real life. Would be nice if I win this Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from you guys.

    • Mitul Devgun

      Just hoping to get some great news from Android Authority

    • bruckwine

      Has a winner ever commented on the page of a giveaway??

    • Loris Ayoub

      Mine :-)

    • rich r

      Im filthy rich but still love free things!

    • mohd fuad yasin

      want it…

    • rich r

      Gimmi gimmi!!!!

    • Blowntoaster

      Another GN3 giveaway…whooohoo.

      I hope I win this one. Had a demo Note 3 in my hands just recently, and it is pretty awesome. If only it were not so bloody expensive, I’d have one in my hand right now.

      Thanks AA for another great giveaway. looking after your subscribers, as always…

    • procoder

      one day will come that day i would get one from AA.

    • Matthew Willis

      One day, the Android Gods will bless me :D

    • Abhiram Vashisht

      why you guys are so sadiest talking about hopes and all i am going to win this for sure thanks josh and android authority :)

    • Niyas C

      Great giveaway ! Count me in …

    • Zhiming Law

      I will just give my best shot and I will always support android authority!!

    • Adie

      17106 entries already :D

    • evertjr

      I’ve never won anything. I love my Nexus 4 but hell I want this Note 3 so bad!

    • JohnyNightcore

      i need it

    • Sam sult

      I hope that I win this time

    • Zachary Sowe

      Five sore one hundred year ago a great American in w ho symbolic

      shadow we stand today signed the grate phone

      Prostration. This women ~thous degree is a great W n

      light of hope to millions of Samsung who had been

      seared in the flames of withering injustice. It came as a

      joyous daybreak to end the long night of their captivity.

      But 100 years later the Samsung still is no free. One hundred

      yearn later the life of the costumer is still badly

      crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of

      the worlds economy. One hundred years later the Samsung lives

      have raised to a day of used and i say i knead this phone for school and for work pleases help

    • aastha jagad

      my dream phone!!!!!

    • Zhiming Law

      I want it!!!!!!!!

    • kindshah

      Actually you deserve that and even more. Subscriber base of 400,000+

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      i hope i can win this time.. n congrats AA for reaching this milestone.

    • Troy Mizuguchi

      Im feeling lucky

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      I use the galaxy note 10.1…I cant think of a better addition to my tools than a galaxy note 3!!!!!

    • Jose

      NOTE 3!!!!!!!

    • AG Al-Akhali

      Hope I’ll Win, Inshallah ^_^

    • mohd muqeet

      Note 3….

    • An OlFolk

      Love my N2… She may miffed after seeing me looking at this contest, but…

    • SkinnyAssGamer

      I hope i get picked, please i want the Note 3 so bad

    • Shahar Balaciano

      Iv’e already bought pants with big pockets for the note 3

      • AnnunakiEnvoy

        I did same, I bought a new pant specially for note3. I also bought a denim jacket with inside pocket, then I cut the arms part.

    • mad1984

      i want this phone.. please choose me.. :))

    • Кристофър Теодулу

      I hope i win

    • Timothy Jackson

      Yes . Ready for Android

    • G Mohal

      plz plz plzz select me

    • Brian lucas


      • TechDevil

        Grammar just died in your comment, and I’m pretty sure Caps Lock got a real beating as well.


      congrat on 400K. I hope I am the lucky winner, love note 3

    • Ezae

      Never one any devices plzz help for a great birthday present

    • Ali Maher

      You deserve the 400k.. keep working you do so good.. Winer or not I already have one.

    • irman

      This can be a good welcoming gift for my new born daughter… Well of course the note is for my wife, but I’m sure it will be full of my daughter’s picture.

    • Palvan

      I had no chance to win cause I live in abroad,but it’s great,they are doing useful videos

    • dergis

      I wish I win

    • derrien

      Give it to me baby, aha aha…!

    • Jonathan Ho

      It’s nice that they’re giving away such a great prize. Not many channels would do this as a thank you to their community. Good luck everyone and gratz to whoever wins!

    • Edd Trevino

      Good Luck everyone!!

    • Alonso Martinez

      i would like to have my own phone because im always usinng my moms samsung galaxy s2

    • Jahaziel Soto

      You guys are awesome! I’m surprised you don’t have more subscribers.

    • Thomas Leira

      I really want this galaxy note 3!!!

    • ibrahim talha

      Please pick me I am abig fan of samsung and abig fan of android authority

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      I hope

    • Jaime

      I will always be an Android man. I love Samsung.

    • diggs z

      dude plz me… im still using samsung pop…:(

      • TechDevil

        The fact that I’ve never heard about that device makes it obvious how old it is :P

    • Arman Rüzgar Tokgöz

      I want it because i need it

    • Noe Juarez

      Hope I win too (:

    • Robert Elrod

      Big Samsung fan,
      Would be a great addition to my collection of Samsung devices.


      I’ll Win,i know that.

    • philnolan3d

      Been waiting weeks for a contest like this. I really want to use one of these as my go-everywhere sketchbook.

    • Aldous La Tower

      Hoping to get this one :) But I dont expect to get this

    • Darnell

      I’m tired of my galaxy s3 lol

    • Виталик Панков


    • Andy Santana

      I want it!! youtube username: Anderson Santana

    • Gast

      Shut up and take my money.. or wait.. it was for free?

    • Roman

      God if could win one, i would just go crazy

    • Joey


    • Недялко Недялков

      good luck to all of you guys ^^

    • yose dymz

      I enter the give away just for the heck of it. If I win, it’ll be my first for any give away or lucky prize…keeping my finger crossed!!!!
      And Android Authority, You guys roccckkkksss…The best Android blog out there. Love and enjoy reading ya articles especially the review videos you guys posted on youtube.

    • Jordan

      Android Authority Is Truly The Best Source For All Things Android.

    • Marie

      Trying my luck! Thanks for the awesome giveaway androidauthority! :)

    • Mark

      I need this phone. Together, we can make it happen.

    • Alonso Silva Díaz

      send it to Mexico!!!

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      I want this phone so much…

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      give it to me :)

    • Marsg

      Easy entry since I have been subscribed lol

    • Ruz Ramos

      Good luck PPl.. Crossing my fingers to win, I do need one.

    • samrat

      dnt knw y m tryn but its worth it.

    • mackenzie

      Sry I accidentally entered the wrong email then I entered the right one am I not eligible

    • Frank Medina

      Cross fingers!

    • Joaquin Cruz

      Beautiful Phone. I hope I Win. Congrats on The 400,000 Subscribers

    • Suryawan Pranata Kurniawan

      many haters turn into a samsung fanboy in a second

    • Latoya Bell

      well if i win well that gud if i dont no hatered

    • Latoya Bell

      yeah just ave faith in god almighty

    • rehan

      Thank you so much

    • The End

      This would definitely make up for all the other losses! ;) Thanks Android Authority!

    • Aman

      Awesome Phone!!! GIVE IT TO ME !!!

    • Daniel Aguilar

      I really hope to win the note 3 because it’s seems cool

    • Avinash Kumar

      I have never won any giveaway but I love this blog..its the BEST ;)

    • TonyTg2

      Congratulations guys! its so nice you celelbrate giving away this phone. keep up the good work, you guys are awesome!

    • Mackenzie

      I’m so stupid

      • TechDevil

        What just happened… ? :P

    • Slaven Krešić

      my precious…..:=)))))

    • izzuanuddin

      try a shot

    • Julian Peter Karganilla

      awesome giveaway!

    • firerock

      Hopefully I can win this. Thanks!

    • scott

      Sweet thank you for the contest

    • Guest

      galaxy note 3 probably the most insane smartphone ever!!

    • techaliveU

      hey i wish you guys could review some phones that aren’t popular in the states but is well known in other countries such as the Vega series made by Pantech which is very famous in Korea. as always keep up the good work android authority!!

    • Ahmed Khattab

      Thank you Android Authority for making great reviews and tech updates. Hope i win!

    • zaid

      Imagine how crazy you will be if you win note 3… XD

    • lucasarg

      oh plz come on!?!?!?!?!!! 21383 people?…i need to win!

    • shahid

      My Samsung s2 is about to die. A good note 3 will be a good way to say good bye to s2

    • Javier

      Amazing!!! This is my favourite phone!!! I love you guys!!

    • Ahmad Khatib

      I want it sooooooo badly

    • LookedPath

      I really hope to win this as my Optimus Black is going to stay at LG’s tech support for a month and now I’m using my old Nokia’s 5800… It’s a pain switching from android to symbian…

    • jimmy jiva

      Done it! Now for the wait…

    • Gm Milias

      i know that is impossible win,but it would be nice if i ‘ve been selected

    • jibin

      oops too many entries………. Still I wanted this to be mine.

    • Bjajjull

      If I win I would sell it and buy the Nexus 5 instead :P

    • Daniel


    • Prince Ram

      Hope to win !

    • Michael

      Would love to win this.

    • +Jack

      Decided to give it a shot. :)

    • Roland van Egmond

      Cool celebration!
      Congratulations on this great achievement!

    • Brad Clarke

      Loving the international giveaways guys! Thank you!

    • devoncatt

      The phone I would like to get ,It would replace my rapidly failing Note 1

    • Steeve Francillon

      Got Love for the Note 3

    • badshah1996

      I hope I win (-.-)/

    • Braden

      I’ve entered too many giveaways to lose!! Please

    • Andrew Anthem

      Love Android Authority

    • Asad Zaman Khan

      Eagerly waiting to win this :D

    • terrystylios

      GL guys!!!

    • Maram

      I hope to win cuz i have no phone actually :(

    • Omar

      Hopefully I finally win something. I always try, but never do. Still, I will keep my hopes up. :)

    • Jeffrey Curry

      I am ready to win this note 3!!!!!!

    • kerri

      Never won anything in my life but worth a try right =) gunna say an.early congrats to who ever does win good look every one =)

    • Brian Lim

      please please i want to win i’m your biggest fan in the world please android authority

    • Aqib A. Shah

      One day, amigos~

    • Osama Adil

      Lets hope for the best.

    • sweet boy

      i am hoping and praying to win this please God

    • ngima

      Hope ..

    • Markanthony Roman

      This phone looks cool!

    • jeff willis

      Win or lose, it doesn’t matter,…I still have my two tin cans and a string.

    • Serenity

      Hopefully… I wont have to use my flip phone anymore……

    • Sharath

      Someday i’ll win a giveaway.

    • jeff willis

      We are all winners.

    • Hatim

      Plz pick me to win if I win this phone it can really make my YouTube channel take off I really need this thanks :-)

    • Akki

      Its my dream ph. Baby… Lets play d jackpot…

    • Martins

      Huh? Yeahh!

    • José Jesús Sotillo

      I would like to win!!

    • JiTeng Vang

      Saw the white note 3, all I can say is sexy..

    • Izwan_Rosli

      hope we will get this phone.. someday.. :(

    • kenneth petiza

      I want to win so bad. pick me please!!!

    • brutalpanther

      Ok its my turn.maybe,hopefully.

    • Darren Hizon

      I shared it with one of my friend and it did not give me another entry. Did the same happen for you guys?

    • Daniel Dorilas

      i am give away on AT&T iPhone Unlock if you share this in your facebook wall” Recommended AT&T iPhone Unlocking Service Unlock with them very low price” after that send us your facebook wall screenshot where you did post it via our website contact us page and after if you are a winner we will contact you

    • John

      Looking forward of winning this monster…hopefully

    • PaceyPimps

      Got one but one more won’t hurt

    • firefightermdc


    • nazzie

      waiting for ya,baby
      come to papa>>note3

    • Matt Riley

      Let me win please! Just because I subscribed to your newsletter with my address doesn’t mean that I’m a brony! I swear! :[ I just use it because it would be funny!

    • Tonyton

      I did it in hopes too I never win nothing but always keep the hope a live.

    • avelino bryan

      Seems interesting, wanted to try my luck :)

    • Simi Falaye

      I likes ya, and I wantcha. Now we can do this the easy way, or the hard way. The choice is yours

    • Mateo Klocke

      Sometime in my fucking life I’m going to win??

    • Camy

      I’m a 64 year old lady from Venezuela, we do not have the posibility to buy this wonderful cellphone for our son, who is a System Engineer student and he would be very happy to be able to win a smartphone. Please ! My Youtube username is:

    • KM Llave

      My fingers are crossed for this giveaway :))

    • Dilip Pandey

      finger cross for THE BEAST(Samsung Galaxy Note 3)

    • Cornelius pang

      I just join for fun. I dun care if i really got the note 3 or not.

    • James Zacharia

      would love to win this phone josh! always loved the galaxy note line :)

    • sommiah belliappa

      Hope for the best…….

    • Ben S

      Damn! I’m so annoyed that I entered with multiple emails before reading the terms! Crap!

      • Syed Askari

        lets hope for the best

        • Ben S

          Yeah I spose

    • Martin Philip Mwapy

      I hope I stand a chance to win your give away although far away living in third world country(TANZANIA) in (AFRICA) #AndroidAuthority rocks need,asking,begging,pleading and hoping I will receive the awesome (GIFT) give away of the one the only THE BEAST Samsung Galaxy Note 3


      Hope hope hope ‘all day long ;)

    • hamza shazib

      may i win.
      i haven;t a single phone in my life.really.

    • budi suparwongso

      I share this Good News to my friendS and hope to get one Galaxy Note 3. The Multi Windows function is really cool.

    • dnano91

      i participated lots of times and only won something like 2 or 3 times.

    • Aditya Raj

      I really really want this, hopefully I win. Thank you Android Authority for this awesome giveaway :)

    • Zack benson

      Please pick me i’ve been subcribed to your youtube chanel since 100k i love all your drop tests and reviews. Please pick me coz i always wanted to own a smart phone. Plz plz plz i love you chanel so much and i enterd every give away please pick me. Please. Thank you.

    • jcoralde

      Auguri! Mabuhay AndriodAuthority.. More subscribers to come! Benvenuti Samsung Galaxy note3! ciao ciao samsung champ.. Can’t sleep to have it..nyahaha

    • Saharsh Bhatia

      I’ve never won a prize before

    • Ashish

      496 have already left commemt i.e are already in line….Hope I’ll get it this time

    • kronus05


    • Wandi Cute

      In life we need to be patient and hope ;) Ntg is hopeless . Cause we will get one day ! I love note 3 :(

    • syamsul syazwan

      hope I win :)

    • jitu

      My grand mother and me are waiting to take the first experience of famous samsung and android. i wish that my grand mother and me get this to get experience.

    • jitu

      And i subscribed to you on youtube already before this giveaway.

    • Anand

      let’s hope that i win this beast :P

    • Janmayjay Siradhna

      can i get it plz……..

    • Aarg

      Please Android Authority..!!

      I Know Everyone Is Saying The Same That Please Pick Me Or Let Me Win This Time..!! And I Am Also Saying The Same..!! Please Android Authority I Have Shared It With My Friends , Subscribed To You Tube And Google + , Subscribed To Android Authority Newsletter And Also Downloaded The Android Authority Application But I Have Not Won Yet..! I Am Not Complaining But Saying It Because This Is My Dream Phone ..!! PLEASE Choose Me..!! I Don’t Have Enough Money To Buy This Phone Please Let Me Win..!! Please Android Authority..!! Hope That I Would Win This Time..!!I Know It’s Not Possible And You Have To Be Fair And You Have To Choose One From More Than 26946 People..!!

      Thanks For Letting Me Participate..!!

    • AljedKeane

      I hope i win that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 since I have been dreaming of that android phone for months.

    • Gloria Vall

      I’m am full of hope ! :D

    • IIF


    • Ranger_Cez

      Ranger_Cez i want one c:

    • kronus05

      ME!!! :D

    • ed mund

      Still praying to get this phone…god bless me…i still have hope!

    • Liberty Floro

      Nice giveaway! hope to win this wonderful phone!! :)

    • kodrutz

      I hope I’ll be the one to win this, my wife would be very pleased, since I’ll give the phone to her. Not that I have a high-end handset already, I simply don’t need one. :)

    • Assadollah


    • mu5a5hi

      I sure hope I entered successfully! Google account and youtube account integration are weird.

    • Thomas Beaver

      id love to win this ,but i have never won a thing in my life but i live in hope good luck all :)

    • Autumn

      ( ._.)

    • Ñapa Pedro Castro Alvarado


    • Umran Jack

      I never in somthing in my life

    • Zamo Mhamad

      Select Me Please!!!!!!

    • I S GILL

      I want this awesome phablet. I wanna win this.

    • paul neal

      Please please please, I have a sluggish sony xperia u and have been admiring the s800 since it came out, please please please

    • shah rasool

      wow black my fav color i want it come on josh send it to me :)

    • Natalie phat

      Hope i win did everything.

    • Lazlo

      Good luck peeps, and well done AA. Cheers!

    • Thorbjørn Nielsen

      Hope I win!

    • tedbeined

      tedbeined is my YouTube username

    • Samantha Hancher

      Am 13 and dont have a phone

    • I S GILL

      I hope i win this device, i can not pay £ 600 to buy this device.

    • Falco Ixer

      It would be lovely to win a note3 for my birthday :D

    • bembol

      My Steelers got their first win. I’m happy.

    • Russell Ridley

      Want it

    • ibrahim talha

      Please pick android authority I love samsung products and specialy note family
      And I am sending to you fro my Samsung galaxy Note 10.1 n8010 and I ask you is there a software update for this tablet
      And thank you

    • Linda Meranda

      love the necklace, informative. this granny needs to win so i can come out of the stone age

    • joshua iannucelli

      I want to win this for my dad because he deserves it and he never had his own smartphone so the note3 would be the best! :)

    • roy miller

      More power guys and godbless. Note 3 ihope so.

    • afzal Mohamed

      Android authority is the best at what the do… hands down.. dont know if ill win but I hope so.. this phone is my dream to have.. dont know if it can even be shipped to my country. .. even if I dont win.. you guys give me great info everyday. …thanks

    • Senja Kena

      Samsung Galaxy Note 3!!! The ultimatum for android

    • Mikhail Zepeda


    • fany

      My next phone!

    • Daniel

      Hope i win this awesome phone

    • Feliciano III ♪♫ [+]

      Hoping so…

    • Paul Gilbert Ananayo

      Happy giveaways! “AND MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN OUR FAVOR”! :-)

    • Flavio Rosales Serrano

      This is absolutely awesome to get the chance to win one if these beauties! In my country we can’t buy this due to currency crontol.

    • Moayad Al-Natsheh

      To be honest i want to win this so i can sell it and buy nexus 5 and nexus 10 hahahhaha i hope that i can win this because i am saving money from along time

    • Manmeet Singh

      Note 3 !!!!!!!!!! awesome smartphone till date

    • deangonzales

      i hope i can get this one as my graduation gift :)

    • Smykodub Andrey

      I would like to get it

    • Rubeshkumar

      i want this

    • Alex Higgins

      higgs508 i want this so bad!

    • Craig Lawrence

      it would feel good to win

    • Kandybank

      I love this phone. I was at the verizon store on Saturday and it was great to try out. Many others were buying it.

      • Kandybank

        If I don’t win it I’m still getting it.

    • Kenneth

      I wish!!

    • Sandesh Gurung


    • Saiprasad Prabhu

      Hope I Win!

    • Fern

      I wish everyone the best!.

    • Adarsh

      Don’t tell me *O* . . .holy shit !!

    • Lewis Bohannon

      Fingers crossed!

    • Walter

      Well, the reason I entered is because although Ive entered many giveaways and I never win, I still have faith that someday ill win. my income doesnt allow me to buy smartphones because i have to work in the morning and take care of my parents at night and i never get enough to make ends meet. Hopefully ill win so I dont have to keep on using this kyocera red flip phone. Thanks

    • Ahmed Al-Gendy


    • Kiran Saravana

      Note 3!!!
      My dream phone.
      I know that I won’t be getting one from my parents so that’s why I have come here. But I know that even if they give away a bunch of note 3, I might not be the one who is lucky enough to get one. But still I have a hope left.
      I swear but if i had one I would take care of it preciously and would never let a single scratch come on it and it would be my greatest gift ever.
      No problem of I don’t win one as android authority keeps me updated about the latest news everyday which makes me happy : )

    • Sauveeek Sahu

      Give it to me

    • Saif maharmeh

      It would be such an honor to win samsung galaxy note 3 from my favorite youtube channel. Please select me because i have been dreaming of this phone ever since it came out.

    • Varun htkaur

      I can never afford note 3 in my life but this giveaway is my only hope
      God help me Please “Jai Boley Nath”

    • Izwan_Rosli

      owh my dream phone!

    • Adarsh j

      first time participating annd i will get it

    • Wilson john

      hope hope hope

    • Khushbu

      This is first time I am entering a contest on any platforms lets see how true this is sharing a beautiful picture I came across which was clicked with a samsung phone.

    • Dipanjan

      Winning a Samsung note is one of my dreams come true…and this galaxy note 3 is simply amazing.It would not only fulfill my general requirements of a smartphone but also let me express my creativity on the huge and gorgeous 5.7 inch canvas,save my precious moments through a enhanced 13 MP optics,meet any emergency or perform any action in a smarter,better and faster way through the new air command menu…and a lot more,in a nutshell it would open a whole new dimension before me.The device simply makes me feel,what Samsung advertises “Design your life”…

    • pavitra singh

      Never won any prizes in my entire life,
      nothing to lose though, and i’m already subscribed.
      so i decided to give it a spin

      • Copy_paste

        Copy paste…!!

    • kretex

      Let’s pray for SGNote 3 give away…amien

    • gora

      i hope me

    • ahmed

      finaallllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i willlllllllllllllll wwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiin plsssssssss

    • Will_win

      I don’t wanna lose this time also:(

    • Emmanuel Espinosa

      Give me my smartphone now, jejeje

    • Dehaha1

      Soo… A friend of mine used my link, but I still haven’t gotten my extra entry?

    • Sensi Nmc

      I Hope …………

    • Nitin Kumar


      I hope i can get this device and make review for it. Along with the other reviews i have made

    • Yvena Roses

      i really need to update my phone

    • Techandheck

      May the best tech enthusiast win. Good luck everyone

    • Dave Cn

      Honesly I do really like Samsung device. But never have any ability to have ir. Just wish some day I have a budget to buy it:p

    • Areeb Choudhry

      Winning would be awsome, if i win this me be the happiest person in the world :):):)

    • Malachi Clark

      To think that we all refer the note three to being our dream phone. We do that because we all no Just how amazing it is, WE ALL wish we could have just for that reason. We just have to have hope because one day we might win a big international contest, so this best thing to do is never lose hope and to just think we can win.

    • jes say

      hope I win!

    • Alyshan

      Wish me luck gentleman.I would like to win the luckycoupon price.

    • fliu9

      Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is my dream phone. please, come to me! Come to me!

    • Adarsh

      Am i dreaming *O*

    • Anthony Tran

      Let me win this so I can sell it and buy a N5 >:[ haha, but seriously, I’d custom ROM the shizz out of this phone!!!

    • iAjayIND

      Having big hope… :)
      And i will win defiantly… ^_^

    • Yingjie Zhao

      I got the LTE-A Galaxy S4 but an Note 3 would be better.

    • Adib Isa


    • technick

      win note

    • Fatima Balaoro

      hope to win this Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    • Argelo N.

      pre xmas gift to my SELF. HOPING:) GODBLESS US ALL

    • gapistrue

      You guys at Android Authority are THE BEST!!!

    • Jens Ken Lundstrom

      Thank you for this amazing giveaway!
      I cross my fingers!
      Good luck to everybody!

    • Okus Pokus


    • Moeun Yoeun

      Its mine

    • Faizan Jamil

      I have not used an Android version later than 2.3, that’s how much my phone sucks, combine that with a 600 MHZ processor and hardly any storage, and that amounts to wanting the note 3, good luck everyone. :)

    • katherine

      the prize is a phone costing 400,000? what else?

    • Maribel R

      I wanted a samsung galaxy for so long and it is my dream phone. I’ve been entering giveaways but have no luck, so I hope to win the it. Thanks for for the opportunity.

    • Parivesh Rakesh

      hope to win this one.

    • Vikas

      hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies.


    • BlackFisters

      i hope win the smartphone because my old smartphone lg e610 is a 4.1.2 phone and i downloaded new apps because of the version . ihope i win or the other guys
      i wish good luck to everyone :)

    • BlackFisters

      i can t downloaded this new apps

    • Ruth Margareth

      If I’ll get the chance to win the phone, I will give it to my dad because he only have an old nokia phone and because of eye problem he can’t see the small texts clearly and because he needs and deserves a new phone. Thanks for having giveaway like this!

    • Giovanni


    • Hazeem

      I use a Nokia 3500c since 2008, if i win this device awesome, if i don’t it ain’t the end of the world either… So to all the people who don’t win stuff, like myself, it ain’t the end of the world… Everything is gonna be alright… Cheers to all who entered the contest.

    • Hazeem

      I use a Nokia 3500c since 2008, if i win this device awesome, if i don’t
      it ain’t the end of the world… So to all the people who don’t
      win stuff, like myself, it ain’t the end of the world… Everything is
      gonna be alright… Cheers to all who entered the contest.

    • MrAman Dahiya

      Hoping to win this extremely awesome device!!!

    • Asaf Kurtzvail

      Please – just one time – to win something ….

    • Alyshan

      I want to win.
      I would be happy if i will win.
      Dearest Android Authority,
      Please select me in 15 lucky people
      I got a believe that i will win this price thank you for those who appreciate my feelings
      And very very thanks to Android Authority.

    • Jalyn Jordan

      Really hope to win this phone !!!!#needanewphonebadly , tired of having a cracked screen

    • Gavin

      What the heck? The box for entering the contest just says loading, no matter what I do! My internet connection is fine and I have tried refreshing the page, but nothing works! HELP?!?!

    • akshith krishna

      Hey pls allow me to win this I would like to create some youtube videos and also help u get more subscribers by mentioning u in my videos . Thanks bye and looking forward for my prize

    • Ruth Margareth

      I hope to win it! Good luck to all participants! :)

    • Martin Philip Mwapy

      Is this give away international because I live in (AFRICA) yo be exact (TANZANIA)

    • JiTeng Vang

      getting closer everyone no worries just pray :)

    • Manan Adhvaryu

      This is soooo awesome, you guys are the best!!!

    • Darren Hizon

      Goodluck to all of us guys :)

    • Vincent

      its over!!!!!!!!!

    • Azazel

      Ok reality check guys. No sense in hoping. Cause hoping dont do diddly. Its all about probability and pure luck.

    • Alex

      I’m praying I win! I Love all the note devices! I Never had one but I Love the look and screen size!

    • Azazel

      Yea this blog is awesome……

    • Danny Hutabarat

      why…why i keep doing this??

    • Mauritz Van Zyl

      LOL 35k entries…I feel like no one is going to win thats how slim the chances are

    • Manan Adhvaryu

      dont lose hope guys yolo

    • Manan Adhvaryu

      The probablity of a guy with 2 entries is just 2/34396 i.e. 0.00581462960%

    • Michael Marcarian

      Only one person is gonna win , Good luck everyone !

    • Alyshan

      4houRs ;))) that’s feels crazy and excepting

    • Faizan Jamil

      4 hours and 25 minutes left, everybody cross your fingers :D

    • KimberLy

      Im gonna win this im gonna win this WOOO WOOOO WOOOOOOOOOO

    • Jibin

      only 3 hours is left.I’ll keep my Fingers crossed..

    • tenzin dorjee

      Please pick me!!
      ,, I am using samsung galaxy young for 4 years and I need a new phone…. thank you!

    • tenzin dorjee

      I am entry number 34632 please pick me!!!

    • Anton Duane Nocum

      Gimme that beast! :<

    • Prince Nerd

      This is the ultimate Phablet and winning it from Android Authority would make sunday feel so holy.

    • Alyshan

      Me win meeee ;()

    • Roderick Monroe

      I want this for my wife!!

    • Manan Adhvaryu

      The probability of a person with two tickets is 0.00575572694% #geek

    • Sonny Grasso

      Heard great things about this device would be nice to one up my own girl who I bought a note 2 last year and as a artist the note 2 is nice phone wonder how great the note 3 is

    • Faizan Jamil

      Half an hour left, so suspensful

    • AAnas22

      GOOD LUCK!

    • Kiwi

      Everyone has a chance of winning, just got to BELIEVE! :D Good luck

    • Alyshan


    • Alyshan


    • Alyshan


    • Manan Adhvaryu

      If I win this android authority then I will be so grateful to you, I want this phone so badly, Holy Sh*t, This is Amazing

    • Alyshan


    • Alyshan


    • Alyshan


    • joey b

      THis phone would be amazing to own, the snapdragon 800 doe

    • Alyshan


    • Alyshan


    • Alyshan


    • Alyshan


    • Manan Adhvaryu


    • budi wongso

      This contest is over, now comes the hope

      • MadCowOnAStick

        i bet it’s not me

        if you entered twice you get a


        chance of winning

    • JiTeng Vang

      let all pray :) maybe the best he/she win :)

    • raju

      i hope too win

    • raju

      i hope too win

    • budi wongso

      Congratulations to the WINNERS

    • Oscar Yu

      sad dayz

    • Muhammet NumbberOne

      Congratulations Yuk H. and Xavi

    • Adib Isa


      • carmen

        Theirs aiways hope think positives of winning!!!!!

    • Gerome Ocfemia Nebab

      it’s over and again i didn’t win. hope i win next.

    • rko

      Going to unsubscribe…from ur channel

    • akshay jain


    • Derrill Fox

      Today is Suspenders Day!

    • Lovelyme916530 .

      i would love to win a Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    • brutalpanther

      I dont think anybody really ever wins anything

    • Des

      so who won???

    • dream

      i hope to win this. . !

    • Naftali Indra Prasta

      wish me luck hahaha

    • Keiah Billingsley


    • vishnu bose

      pls give me this awesome phonee

    • Shreeyanka Naik

      The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is big, but that’s not why you want it. You’ll want it because it makes reading things easier, because it makes watching things more fun, and because it’s got some fun features that will make your life better! :D

    • Shreeyanka Naik

      Anyway, when is the last day to the giveaway?

    • Nikhil Dv

      plz pick me,……..i am from india ,,.i had just lost my nexus 4 .and it was not even a week old …..plsssss..
      thx to andriod authority..cheeers…

    • Simphiwe

      This is an amazing and i would really love to win this for my dad as a birthday gift

    • hinoo

      Aww I would luv to win this

    • hinoo

      Em subscribed to the YouTube channel and my user name is hina khan

    • Khadija Choudhury

      awesome giveaway!..keeps us all hoping to win!

    • Hadia Djigo

      I am not rich and have little money but i still want a phone. I have been asking for a phone that calls for a year. I would really love to win dis. I never won anything in mylife but i still 2 have hope and strength. I will believe as hard as i can…. i just hope i win. I will be the happiest person to ever live.



    • patricia colston

      I definitely need a new phone. So I’m keeping a positive attitude. and hoping for the best.