Galaxy Note 3 display size possibly outed by Samsung’s new Game pad

by: Brad WardMarch 15, 2013

Galaxy S4 wireless gamepad galaxy note 3 display size?Not only did Samsung announce the Galaxy S4 last night, but the Korean tech giant also announced a truck load of accessories that will be available for it. One of those accessories may have unveiled the display size of the rumored Galaxy Note 3.

One of the accessories that will be accompanying the Galaxy S4 is the Game Pad, which makes game playing easier with an adjustable clamp and controller functionality. That clamp is able to scale up to 6.3-inches, which is interesting since Samsung, at the time of writing, does not offer a device that is 6.3-inches in size.

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Is it just a coincidence though? No it isn’t  When Samsung, or any manufacturer, makes a product, it goes through a heavy and thorough design process, which means that the Game Pad’s adjustable clamp can scale to 6.3-inches for a reason.

Samsung, of course, will not confirm or deny the rumor, but a 6.3-inch display on the Galaxy Note 3 does fall in line with other rumors. We’ll likely see a Galaxy Note 3 unveiling in August at IFA in Berlin, Germany, which is where the Korean tech giant announced the Galaxy Note 2.

  • lollicup04

    Is there any chance that they may announce it earlier at their own event since they announced the SG4 earlier?

    • That seems likely, since the Galaxy S4 launch was noted on the invite as “Episode 1” I imagine the Note3 will be “Episode 2”

  • sasmung

    its more likely the galaxy fonblet which will have a 6.3 inch screen, the galaxy note 3 is probably gonna have 5.75-5.8 inch screen. The odd part though is that even if they designed this for up to 6.3 inch screens, what about the following year when they beat it? so could this also signify samsungs maximum choice in screen size?

  • mrband

    Makers are crazy. The Note II is at the border of usability already, but they keep increasing size to insanity.

    • Faiz

      Well by some miracle if they manage to ridiculously thin out the bezel and borders so that it would have the same size as the current Note 2, it should be fine. If not, then I’ll pass.

    • AverageUser

      They can go bigger it would just change how we use devices. For example someone could come out with a 10″ phone that charges and holds a blue tooth headset.

  • A really good question is will it be compatible with the S3 or other Samsung devices? It’s too soon after it’s launch to run out and get the S4 to replace it.

  • they could do what they did on the s4 vs s3, bigger screen but smaller footprint, by reducing the bezel size on the note 3 so itl have a 6.3″ screen

  • Pera

    Will this work on other devices, like nexus 4?

    • MasterMuffin

      Probably not, it’s Samsung’s accessory for Samsung devices.

      • Faiz

        Actually I think it will. Samsung wouldn’t want to miss that market

  • lollicup04

    I just got an update for my att samsung galaxy note. I am currently running android 4.04. So I am guessing that they maybe just a very minor update since there has been no news about att officially release the update for it. As of now I have not yet update it. I just turned on my phone and a att software update screen just popped up. What should I do?