Rumors: Samsung working on 6.3-inch Galaxy Note 3, prepping to launch the Galaxy S4 at MWC 2013

by: David GonzalesDecember 13, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note II
Some interesting bits of news about the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 3, as well as the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4, have surfaced online courtesy of a recent Korea Times report.

The report discusses Samsung’s upcoming display production plans. Apparently, the Korea-based electronics giant has decided to pare down production of LCDs, and throw its weight behind OLED technology and flexible screens, with plans to allocate a “mere” 1.8 trillion won (nearly $1.7 billion) for LCDs, out of its 6.6 trillion won (about $5.9 billion) total investment for display panels in 2013. This gives credence to some of the rumors floating around about the flagship devices Samsung is expected to release next year.

And this is where the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes in. Near the end of the aforementioned Korea Times report, it’s said that Samsung is currently “developing the Galaxy Note 3 with a 6.3-inch screen using an OLED display” based on information from local parts suppliers. So the Galaxy Note 3 will feature a 6.3-inch screen as one of its highlights. Now, where have we heard that one before?

The Galaxy Note X incarnated


Ah, yes! Back when the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was first announced, we told you about an interesting concept for a future device called the Samsung Galaxy Note X. Its designer, Erica Yusim, envisioned it as a 6.3-inch 1080p screen-toting phone with a 2GHz quad-core processor that runs Android 5.0 by default. Its other features include 3GB of RAM, up to 128GB of internal storage, a 16MP camera, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, and a 4,000 mAh battery. Specs Nirvana!

It might not be as crazy as it sounds

Currently, very little is known about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It’s really only the screen size that’s known (well, suspected) at this point, and even then, it’s not a feature that has been confirmed by Samsung itself. But you know what? The Galaxy Note X concept might have gotten some of the features right. Or, we’d wish it did. Who wouldn’t want over 100GB of flash storage or a 4,000mAh battery on their next phone?

There’s also a possibility that someone read about the Note X concept, and misinterpreted it as the real, upcoming Note 3. We can’t tell if that’s the case, but hear this – another Android manufacturer is prepping a 6.3-inch phone. Huawei has promised a phablet that will “dwarf” the Note 2 for next year, a device that could be the rumored 6.3-inch Ascend Mate. So, if Huawei can do it, what could stop Samsung?

Galaxy S4 to debut at MWC?

The Korea Times report also threw in a bit about the Samsung Galaxy S4 before wrapping up, revealing that it will be introduced at the Mobile World Congress in February 2013, just as expected based on earlier reports.

While Korea Times does not mention when either of the two upcoming devices are scheduled to officially hit stores, it’s good that the report gives some credence to the rumored Galaxy S4’s launch date.

And we now know at least one aspect of the Galaxy Note 3. Of course, the info we’ve got is not Samsung-official, but it’s the closest thing we’ve got — for now.

  • And I thought the Note 2 was large, even for my hands.

  • Bad idea. Tablets are 7 inch. Not much difference.

    • john

      Walking down the streets in Seoul, seeing so many ladies talking to phones larger than their heads…

      At first, I thought what a strange town and strange people, but you get used to it. I think it will trend. I mean with ladies and their obsession with bags, they finally have something useful to put in it.

      Lads, on the other hand will probably have to hold it in hand like a man, or invent a Note 3 sized pocketed jean. Note 2 on the other note fits snuggly in my jeans.

      • AL-Bara’a

        I got 5 min laughing on your words .. I hope add u and accept me one of ur friends

      • couldnt be any worse off then these BOYS wearing pants and the seam is at the crack of there buttox, sometimes the seam is right at the cheecks of you boys, and that is just totally bad, and now i guess you boys will have a palce to put the gn2,if your pockets are to low, just put it in the crack of your buttox… so this is saying,, pull up your pants and become a man! at least our purses arent hanging that darn low!

    • caribe

      stop hating please

    • cutter

      no GREAT IDEA, who needs a 7 inch tablet, when you can have a phone that does the same thing AND makes phone calls. I hope the Note 4 is 7 inch.

  • Guest

    if this is true then i won’t follow the Galaxy Note series anymore. It’s too much for a phone size, really and obviously. Note 2’s 5.5 inches is the biggest acceptable for a phone. Beyond 6 inches is just ridiculous.

    • Well if it looks anything like the picture I don’t thing there will be much difference in size from the note 2 they simply are eliminating the bezel. I much like the note 2 has a bigger screen than the note 1 and has almost the same size

    • MasterMuffin

      people said that 4.5″ is too much and now they say 5.5″. soon it will be 6.5″ and soon you will learn that you can never predict the future

    • cutter

      I cant wait for a 6.3 inch phone, MILLIONS of us will buy one, hell give me a 7 inch smartphone, something practical to use and view. I wish you people would stop your crying if you want s smaller phone get an S3 or S4 or something else and quit your whining. Are you a little girl? There are plenty of little girl phones out for the masses.

  • mike

    Im still going to buy the note 3 no matter what

    • caribe

      that what im talking about

  • khalil chikhaoui

    I read a rumor somwhere, the galaxy note 6 will be released in 2016 and is expected to have a 16 inch. display…

    • caribe

      thats so fucking stupid

      • MasterMuffin

        that was the point…

  • Woah

    I feel like this site is just pulling stuff out of their asses lately.

  • I have X10, but I would go up max to 4.5 inch

  • Tom

    YOU IDIOTS! 6.3″ is the new 5.3″. After all the bugs gets sorted out, I’m definitely picking one up when the price drops six months after the launch.

    1080p Screen, Six Cores, 3 GB RAM, 128 internal, 128 ext sd, 4000mAh, 13MP and have the ability to run phone.apk, it’s game over for 2014.

    Only Huawei is smart enough to challenge. HTC, LG are playing catch up with 5″. Sony and Motorola are lagging behind. Nexus is just only about Vanilla Android.

    Apple only cares about making the longest phone.

    RIM BB10 is DOA.

    Windows 8 sales are dismall.

    Can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring. No bezel bendable screens? Maybe a replicator? Phasers set to stun?

    • Guest

      and with an unbrakable display

  • wooties

    I would buy this. I’m absolutely LOVING my Note 2.

  • Edward Smith

    It anything they will make it a full sheet of glass if they come out with a phone that big.

  • Bree

    Too big for a screen, even 6″ is way too big. There’s a limit. Why not just buy a 7″ tablet and stick phone features in that! I predict the note 4 with a 7″ screen

    • cutter

      maybe its too big for your little girl hands, not everyone is a little girl, alot of people love the new larger screen phones and want EVEN BIGGER. I would love a 7 inch screen, better to view, type on, browse etc. Samsung is doing very well with the note series and will continue to do so, cant wait for the note 3, all you haters need to go to bed and shut the hell up

  • Awal

    Nokia Lumia 920 is the best phone out right now by a mile

  • chapel07

    +1 for the specs but for the size i will stick to the note 2’s current size! who needs bigger phones? i need best specs/feature for my phablet else i’ll just buy a laptob or a tablet :D

  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is on my wish list for 2013 when my contract runs out at Verizon Wireless so I can upgrade from the Droid X 2 and the Galaxy Note 3 will be my next cellphone if it comes out.

  • vkj

    The Galaxy note 3 will most likely come with the latest version of Android Os pre installed, and if it does not it will get it pretty soon after it becomes available.

  • you sure wouldnt call that a phone or a phablet!!! thats totally out ranged!

  • fins a six inch ruler, put that in your hands and then think about how that would really feel in your hands,, and tring to text on it one handed (WOW), there is no way i would buy the gallaxy note 3 being that big, the gn2 would be the one i would have to go with, just the right size for my big hands im 5’2″ and i have some what big hands. i have put the gn2 in my hands and it feels really nice, but having the 6.3 gn3 ,well like i said find a six inch ruler and put the in your hands and see from there!

    • cutter

      who cares about texting one handed? i happily use both hands on my note all day long and cant wait to try it out on the 6.3 inch screen. maybe your problem is you took that six inch ruler and measured something in your pants, dont want a phone thats bigger than what you got in your pants lol.

  • hell’o DS! say the gn2 is it the off contract price $599.99 and where can i find one with this price? and also, does this gn2 need to be rooted for the bloatwhere on it or how does that work?i have been doing my readin and all but not sure if i understand why people have been rooting this ph! plz help. thanks again ds

  • Random Rumor Troll

    I read a rumor somewhere, the Samsung Galaxy Note 1337 is going to have a GTX 650 TI.

  • Galaxy Note 3 rumored specs include, Octacore processor, 6 inch full hd super amoled display, No flexible display, No metal frame, 13 megapixel back and 2/3 megapixel front shooter