Galaxy Note 2 coming to WIND Canada on November 1 – $399 on contract and $749 outright

by: AdrianOctober 31, 2012

The Gangnam Style Canadian launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 might have taken place according to schedule, but the actual release of the phablet… well, that’s a different story.

Samsung Canada has announced that “in-store availability is limited”, while Telus, WIND, Videotron and Sasktel, four out of the six carriers expected to sell the 5.5-incher, still have it listed as “coming soon”. Meanwhile, only Rogers and Bell are actually selling the GNote 2, though even the two are expected to have trouble shipping it in due time.

This might all look like a huge mess to all you regular tech lovers, but hopefully Sammy will get a grip on the situation soon and satisfy all those craving for the Note 2. The first step in the right direction is WIND’s release, said to happen tomorrow, on November 1.

The date hasn’t been confirmed by WIND or Samsung, but comes from an internal leaked doc picked by Mobile Syrup, and those tend to be trustworthy. The pricing of the phablet is on there too, but unfortunately we have no good news to report on that front.

WIND’s GNote 2 will start at $399 with a 3-year carrier agreement and a $40 monthly plan that includes unlimited national talk, text and data. 200 extra bucks will buy you the phablet with a similar contract, but a more affordable $25 plan including unlimited local talk and text, as well as 100 MB of monthly data, while $749 will get you the outright, contract-free Note 2. Pretty pricey, don’t you think?

  • I have been waiting since months for Wind note 2. but now am in confusion as the cost After taxes would be around 480 bugs thats wayyy EXPENSIVE….:(

  • Wow this is just too much. We should get the T-Mobile version and unlock it then. It costs only $650

  • Qasual

    Went to Wind first thing in the morning… Nothing.

  • bdpq

    I drove down to Buffalo and got one with 64gb microsd card + screen protector. paid only $700. it even came unlocked.

    I would have to fork out $850 (tax included) up here just for the phone

    • where, t-mobile?

      • bdpq

        t-mobile, but not the official franchise store, I went to a wireless shop.

        • Shay

          Which wireless shop in Buffalo ;P

  • i called mobilicity and they said samsung won’t ship canada the phones til at least next wednesday