Samsung Galaxy Note 2 updated specs, may come in September

by: Bams SadewoJune 29, 2012

Mock-up design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

We’re not sure if Samsung is trying to pull a Galaxy S3 on the Galaxy Note 2 – keeping all information about the phablet on a lock down until introduction day – but it sure feels like it. All we got so far of the Galaxy Note 2 are speculations that tech pundits have been throwing about, with Samsung seemingly staying quiet – save for one tweet. Here’s an update on the phablet phenomenon straight from the usual anonymous source.

GSM Arena has gotten in touch with an insider who said that the next-gen phablet will be out in September. This, of course, contradicts earlier reports that hinted of an October release. The September launch date of the phablet is apparently designed to fend off the expected arrival of Apple’s iPhone 5. Word has it Cupertino is prepping its latest iteration of the iPhone for an October release.

The insider also confirmed that the Galaxy Note 2 will boast a 5.5-inch super AMOLED display. Still unconfirmed are the resolution of the display, the use of a dual-core Exynos 5250 chipset, the 2GB RAM, and the 8MP rear camera.  Design-wise, the Galaxy Note 2 is expected to gain some curves a la the Galaxy S3 as well as a narrower body.  We certainly hope the extra 0.2 inches of the display won’t make the device bigger than the predecessor.

A September release means Samsung still has about three months to hype the device. But judging from the brisk sales of the first Note, we believe there’s already a pent-up demand for a sequel. It’s bound to be a hot item as well.

Do you think the possibly bigger size of the Galaxy Note 2 will make it even more awkward to hold and use? Or are you in the “bigger is always better” camp and hoping for a 6 incher instead?

  • Need Note 2 in my life so bad… Need S3 and Note 2 at the same time!! Poor iPhone never stood a chance. Muahaha….

  • Join

    Actually, insiders suggest Quad-Core Exynos 5250…now that would really be “WOW!”

    Can’t wait to feet some ;)

  • Join

    Can’t wait to get some!!!

  • steadywalking

    Give it a kick stand, HD screen, HD Audio and I am sold.

    • I agree a kick stand would be a great addition.

    • Chris H

      Kickstand is the best, most underrated, feature of any phone. I won’t get rid of my T-bolt because I love that stupid little kickstand.

  • Default

    Pls. have a Note 2 available with Windows8

  • Dominick_7

    Nice way to ask a negative question..:/ The Galaxy Note is as close to perfect as anything I’ve ever seen smartphone wise. Hope the Note 2 will be made with the same people that were behind the first Note. I think they’ll accomplish the extra sized screen by lessening the bezel, especially if they’re going to go thinner. The mind(s) behind the smartphone is/are genius(es), which is why I wouldn’t be surprised if some people didn’t get it.. but many have a clue. Hope Verizon gets it ASAP, if not I’m gone, even with a grandfathered unlimited data plan. Ive held out so long for them to get the Note 1, I’m not holding my breath anymore. Either they get it by September or I’m going to ATT or TMobile. Unfortunate because Verizons coverage is the best.. but the latest moves with the Shared Data Plans show how atrocious they’ve become.

  • mhz

    Well I can more easily use the Galaxy note one handed than any other smart phone out there so I guess I’m of the bigger is better camp. A smart phone should be big enough to basically do everything you need and of a size to carry around. The Note is of a size that is small enough to be easily carried and is big enough to use as a tablet if you also use a laptop more the better as it’s big enough for most anything you’ll need under 15 or 17″ laptop screen size or say a 27-30″ pc monitor or 47-80″ TV screen hdmi display for your PC.

  • rosco385

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for a quad core chip in the gnote 2. The S3 is as smooth as butter with that beast!

  • prince

    Is anyone else hoping that the extra 0.2 is to support software buttons without cutting in on the screen size we already know and love???

  • Alexander Sanchez-Lopez

    Yes, bigger is better. I can’t wait for this device. I have been waiting for it for so very long. I have no idea how iPhone people can enjoy reading on the thing. Its frustrating to read and browse on that insignificant screen. The Note 2 is what a mobile phone should have been all along. The question is about the release date. Will it be announced August 15 or August 30 ? WHen will it be available in the U.S.A. ? I WANT IT !!! ~Alex