We are expecting the Galaxy Note 2 to come available with a wide variety of U.S. based carriers. And well, it looks like one of those carriers has come forward with a release date and price. This of course, comes ahead of the Samsung press event that will take place on October 24. That aside though, the carrier is Sprint and the release date is coming later this month.

Sprint will have the Galaxy Note 2 available on October 25 and the handset will set you back $299.99 on a two-year agreement. We suspect that price may be a bit higher than some were hoping for. And it may also give a clue as to what we will see when the pricing is officially confirmed by others such as T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless.

Otherwise, Sprint will have the Galaxy Note 2 available in two colors — Marble White and Titanium Gray. The features are what many have already seen before, but just to give a recap — they begin with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, 4G LTE connectivity, a 5.5-inch 720p HD Super AMOLED display and the S Pen. Some other goodies will include a quad-core 1.6GHz Exynos processor as well as a 1.9 megapixel front-facing camera and an 8 megapixel rear-facing camera. The camera will also have a few features that were first introduced back in June with the Galaxy S3 and include Buddy Photo Share, Burst Shot and Best Photo.

Now that Sprint has made this official, we are curious to see how well the Galaxy Note 2 is received. Anyone considering one of these, with Sprint, or even with another carrier?

Robert Nelson
Robert Nelson can be described as a technology blogger, a new media junkie, a distance runner as well as a proud husband and father. More to the point though, he is just an all around geek who loves to write about Android.
  • Quryous

    Why so expensive. The GNote original is under $150.

    • leoingle

      Good lord ppl, its a year old phone too!

  • Rico Suave

    The pricing makes sense if you think of the GN2 as a small tablet with voice capability. Sprint currently sells the GTab 10.1 for $499 and the Xoom for $399.
    The price may also be initially high to milk the ZOMG-gotta-have-it-now crowd. Expect to see a “Special Holiday Price” announced for Black Friday [just 5 weeks from now].

  • Wes

    Pretty sure most top tier smart phones start at 299 now

    • Olivier Boss

      Yes, here in the US. In Switzerland (known as an expensive country) the exact same smartphones (Samsung Galazy S2, S3, HTC One X and all others) are FREE with a 2-year contract for a service plan of at least $25 a month (only)!!! Why? Because there is competition: at least 4 major carriers (national) + many other international + thousand of electronic stores. Smart phones are sold by ANY electronics store – carriers are irrelevant. All phones are world phones (=GSM) where you can swap SIM cards at will.
      There is NO competition in the US smartphone, carrier space: only 2 GSM companies (using different frequencies) T-Mobile + AT&T, and 2 companies using local CDMA technologies, Verizon + Sprint (necessitating their own, customized, non-GSM phones).

  • brad ross

    $299 w/a 2 year contract is BS! the note 1 is only $99 w/at&t…

    • leoingle

      It’s a year old phone too. The Note 1 was also 299 when it came out.

  • Jon H

    Hopefully ATT releases it as quickly. And for the price… 199 is what I really expect to pay for 16gb. If it had more storage to start with I would feel better about the higher price. Still going to pay the 299 since I am so tired of my current phone though.

  • Ajones

    GNote 1 was also $299 when it was first released.

  • lean6

    Getting the Verizon version. Sprint can’t be taken seriously yet until it establishes a broader LTE market.

    • yarrellray

      You guys on Verizon crack me up with this lte market junk. Your entire network have devices that are unstable with poor reception and dreadful signal strenght. Ask Verizon Galaxy Nexus folk how they feel about there devices. Bigger market means nothing when your the poorest carrier in the game when it come to updates for handsets. Paying more doesn’t always mean better and in Verizon’s case they fall right into this category. I kicked them to the curb for tmobile in June and sold my dreadful cdma Galaxy Nexus and haven’t looked back since. Here in New York City T-mobile kicks Verizon’s ass senseless..

      • Alfonz

        Verizon has more coverage and I constantly get >30 mbs…on my Nexus. You lose.

      • roach

        I must say urban wrong cuz my s3 is great I just hate the fact I got to wait for jelly bean so I’m just buys g the note when it come out and give e my wife this fine and put not 2 on my account t

      • GT

        Hating ain’t attractive. All Lean6 did was stating facts. He didn’t even insult T-Mobile to even warrant this rant. Seeing as your hate spans the web, Tmobile needs to put you on payroll, bro.

  • johnathan

    well…. lets hope this is the 32 gig model!!! i’ve been saving my upgrade since may 1st for this phone!!!!

  • Twisted247

    Hells yea, my update isn’t for 5and1/2 more weeks. But I’m happy too see that it will ge available for me if any rush comes or anything it’ll be back n ready for me.. they damn well better have the multi window installed/updated for the states models.. Remember everyone activate your device I store open options and check the version, it needs to be J1 or higher (correct me if I am wrong but I’m pretty sure H1 and lower do NOT have the update, where as J1 and above DO posses it)

  • yarrellray

    I am happy for Sprint they have spilled the beans on the exact date and now my folks on T-mobile can rest knowing that the stated October 24 date will be the launch for tmobile. Now I just hope tmo can stay with that 299 price instead of the expected 350 I think they will sell the Galaxy Note 2 for.

    • squiddy20

      I love how you think that, just because Sprint has officially announced the availability date, means T-Mobile’s is practically the same day, even though T-Mobile hasn’t said a word.

    • kervation

      How’s that Jelly Bean update going for you? I’ve been running it for months on my GNex. As soon as your GS3 with crapware gets it I’ll be on to the next NEXUS device with the Qualcomm S4 PRO that will absolutely crush your already obsolete GS3 and the weak Exynos processor in the Note II that is only an A9 quad core. Wonder when you will get Android 4.2.? Haz Root?

      • al

        Jellybean is nice I’ve also had it for a couple months on my galaxy s I. The s3 will eventually get jellybean, when will you get removable storage?

      • nemesys06

        You can have your s4 pro and the newest version of android. The note 2 is not only hardware, but software. This phone gives an unprecedented amount of options even the nexus doesn’t offer. Vanilla android is overrated with today’s hardware anyway. I been there, done that. The note 2 is my device. And since I’m a business owner, this is by far the best suited for me!

  • crema56

    Our friends in the North (Canada) are paying less from the news releases I’ve read… hmmm, is it possible AT&T will turn down the price a bit to secure some customers? :)

    • justin

      I’d rather pay 300 on a 2 year contract, than 250 for 3 years. Canada’s still getting screwed.

  • Olivier Boss

    Can’t wait:
    Samsung Galaxy Note II White from T-Mobile (subsidized with 2-y service plan or, possibly, at full price with no contract) for me.

  • joselyn

    I hope tmobile don’t charge 299 with contract cause tmobile will not have LTE like other companies. Tmobile should take that in consideration, when they price this phone

  • how much out right price for AT&T because i need this in my life..it does so much that apples iphone cant do..it’s amazing…in every way possible…

  • nemesys06

    The original note is $99, yes. But it is also a year old. The sgs3 is $199. The note 2 is bigger in every way shape and form. It packs more features and technology, therefore it’s only natural to charge more. I expected $299 on contract. For me, I’m buying it outright. no contact for me and Sprint here had gotten s little better at times. Still waiting patiently for the lte here, which is estimated by the end of the year.

  • kenster

    In the past new device prices with 2 year contract or always 199 dollars this new 299 dollars bull s*** is ridiculous the only reason to stay on contract is the decent prices for new devices otherwise you may as well go to prepay what is no contract and get unlimited talk text and data for around 50 dollars per month

  • Prices should stay at 199 for new devices on contract the only reason to stay on contract is to get new devices at 199 instead of full price otherwise why not go to prepay and get unlimited talk text and internet for 50 dollars per month with no contract so at the end of the day this new 299 dollar bull s*** is ridiculous