Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Software Features Overview

by: Mike AndriciSeptember 14, 2012

samsung galaxy note 2
The Samsung Galaxy Note 2, a smartphone officially unveiled back a couple of weeks ago at the Samsung IFA 2012 Unpacked Event, is currently the star of the Android smartphone show.

While its specs (1.6 quad-core CPU, 2 GB of RAM, 5.5-inch SAMOLED display just to start with) are surpassed only by the LG Optimus G, the Galaxy Note 2 is currently the only Android smartphone announced to arrive with the latest version of Android available – Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. But that still isn’t all there is to say about the Note 2.

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As some of you guys may well know, both the original Galaxy Note as well as the Galaxy Note 2 come with a unique accessory, named the S-Pen. While on its hardware side, the S-Pen is really nothing more but an overrated stylus (one capable of recognizing 256 different pressure levels) its software integration with the Galaxy Note 2 is really what sticks out and makes the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 a unique smartphone.

Throughout the remainder of this article, I will try to dissect the various S-Pen related software features available on Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Air View

galaxy note 2 air view

When you put the S-Pen to the 5.5″ display on the Galaxy Note 2, the software will automatically recognize it. In many ways, the S-Pen then acts like a mouse. But what’s really interesting about the Air View feature is that you can preview information (such as texts, notifications, etc) just by hovering the S-Pen over the item you want to preview. This means that you won’t have to switch screens just to view a text or read a notification.

Pop-Up Note on the Note 2

popup note galaxy note 2

What is there to do when, during a call, you need to write down some… notes? Well, all Galaxy Note 2 owners have to do is pull up the S-Pen from its holster and the smartphone will instantly allow you to write any info that you’d like to remember. Neat, huh?

Quick Commands on the Note II

quick command galaxy note 2

If navigating through the menus proves to be too much of a time-consuming action for your liking, the Note 2 allows you to quickly tell your smartphone what to do by drawing it! For instance, if you want to send an email to somebody, just write @Name and you’ll be instantly be taken to the email writing screen.

Easy Clip on the Samsung Note 2

easy clip galaxy note 2

If, at any point you would like to copy something from the screen into a memo or a note, all you have to do is pull up the pen and press the dedicated S-Pen button, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will recognize that you want to clip or edit the content you have selected.

Photo Note on the Note II

Remember back in the day, when we all used to write things on the back of physical photos? The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 wants to bring that back, as it will allow its users to write notes on the back of photos. Most likely, the notes you write on the back will only be visible on the Note 2, but it’s still a cool feature, wouldn’t you agree?

Improved S Note and Smart Functions

Although not a new feature per se, the S Note app has been updated to better recognize handwriting and add “more writing tools and note pad templates to always match your creative style.” In addition, Samsung has announced that they are are releasing the S-Pen SDK app to all developers, meaning we’re surely bound to see more S-Pen optimized apps get released for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 retains all the Smart Functions that were originally introduced by the Samsung Galaxy S3. We’ve analyzed them in a previous article here on Android Authority, so click this link to learn more about them.

What do you guys think? Are these new software features on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 useful, or are they only here as a marketing method from Samsung? Drop us a line in the comment section below and share a thought!

  • Nizo

    Spotted a typo :

    In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S3 retains all the Smart Functions that were originally introduced by the Samsung Galaxy S3.”

  • celia yovo

    pliz pliz pliz i need to win the galaxy note II am using this lg A340 and i need a better phone for school. (:

  • I wan to win this thing! =D
    Its an amazing phone with every capability. I need it. ;]

  • Millertime

    Samsung Note 2 Verizon . C’mon Big Red. Make it happen!!! My 2yrs are up on Oct 8th, so if VZW doesn’t offer this Baby I’ll be jumpin’ ship into the Blue Abyss………….

  • I would like to see a complete list of apps, both general & those specific to the Note 2, before I purchase one. Also, does anyone know who will be carrying the Note 2 in Canada & when it will be available?

  • Verizon will be offering the Note 2.

  • Finally my own personal iphone 5 killer. Thank you samsung for making this phone. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    • I feel exactly the same, bro ;)!

    • luvuyo mashalaba

      true. i never really saw what the fuss was always about regarding the iPhone

    • MrPham031

      me too, I can’t wait to get Note 2 on my hands. It will be very exciting to use it :)

  • This is wonderful! =D

  • JWolf_PDX

    The note 1 only supported 256 levels of pressure sensitivity. The note 2 supports 1024. Come on Sprint/Samsung take my money already!

  • even if its a marketing method…it dfntly works for me and for a hell lot of ppl..!! luv this phn..!!



  • Jim McDuffie

    I think it comes out the middle of Nov, seems like a year to me.

  • Altruist

    Anyone want to buy my iPhone and iPad? I can’t wait to get my hands on this baby!!!

  • Samsung rocks

    I will ditch any iphone for this!!!

    • Jacky H

      even my note 1

  • You know what having big hands means, right? You got it: Slow browsing and texting on touch screens. That’s why the big screen and stylus are useful features for me.

  • I have the galaxy note 1 and it is an amazing phone. I wouldn’t go back to any smaller phone now. I also don’t see whats so special about the iphone. Those of you getting the new note 2 will be amazed at how good these phones are….;-)

  • himyname mathisawesome

    let’s not forget true multitasking

  • Can I speak my text message on Note II

  • so if your on the sprint network can you talk and serf the web or download pics at the same time?