Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SIM-free will cost you £546

by: Simon HillSeptember 5, 2012

If you’re in the UK and you’re keen to get your hands on Samsung’s latest “phablet” release then you’ll be interested to hear that online retailer Clove is taking pre-orders now. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will cost you £455 plus VAT which amounts to a total price of £546.

It is expected to be in stock starting from “mid-October” and so far they only have the 16GB version on offer, in Marble White or Titanium Gray color options. There’s no word on when the 32GB and 64GB versions will be available, or how much they will cost.

Clicking through the order process reveals that the device “is currently unavailable and its final price is unknown” so they won’t actually take payment until the final price is confirmed. The Clove blog reveals that they have “received indicative price and availability details” so the quoted price is liable to be accurate, but it isn’t set in stone. They are also quoting £6 or £7 for UK delivery, but they will ship elsewhere.

On the off chance that all the excitement of Samsung’s Unpacked Event at IFA 2012 in Berlin passed you by, you can follow that link and find the full video along with all our juiciest coverage of the new devices. That includes this Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review and first impressions article that has a video of the Note 2 in action which is bound to whet your appetite.

What do you think? Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 too expensive? Is it going on your shopping list?

  • TechGuy

    I’m waiting for the 32Gb and 64Gb pricing and availability. In the meantime I’ll continue with my Note 1. Can’t get exited about the new Nokias and I think the iPhone 5 will be severely lacking compared with the Note 2. Will be interested to see what HTC and Motorola announce in the next few weeks but I’m pretty sure there won’t be anything to match the Note II

  • WOW Thats expensive..
    But worth it! :)

  • 868.41 USD is not a high price when you have that icrap at a higher price than this, stop it.

  • Michael Paul

    I’ll be replacing Note 1 for Note 2,but I’d rather have a larger phone ..

  • yarrellray

    Gotta have 32gb at least or 64gb at most. Then I will add my 64gb class 10 card. I already have 80gb on my current Galaxy S3.I would love to have 128gb total with the Galaxy Note 2..