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Given that the Samsung Galaxy Note was one of the biggest bestsellers for the South Korean electronics giant, the recent flood of rumors regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 doesn’t seem unfounded at all. But to be frank, the only bit of reliable info is the 30% official confirmation from Samsung Arabia back in mid-July. Everything else is based on rumors, logic, and industry knowledge.

We know it might be hard to keep up with all these rumors, so we’ve compiled all the information we have covered about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in just one article, divided by spec rumors and release date rumors. Hope you’ll find it useful to have everything in one place, without having to go into too much detail!

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release date

Before we dive in all the Note 2 release date rumors, it should be mentioned that Samsung tends to stick to a certain yearly schedule. Samsung has announced the original Galaxy Note at IFA 2011, before actually releasing the device in October. The Galaxy Note 2 might follow the same pattern, albeit some changes could occur given the dynamic nature of the market. Also, we can expect the Galaxy Note 2 to be priced similarly with other high-end devices from Sammy, so a $600 off-contract price is very probable.

One of the most recent rumors was ignited by a DDaily post that claimed Samsung will host another Samsung Unpacked event to reveal the Galaxy Note on August 30, a day before the start of the IFA trade show in Germany. No word on a possible release date was mentioned by the Asian publication. This followed a report from Korean news agency MK who has originally claimed claimed that Samsung will officially unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at IFA 2012, on August 31.

As far as actual release date rumors go, GSM Arena claims that an industry insider has confirmed the Galaxy Note 2 for September, while other sources claim that the Galaxy Note 2 will arrive in October (thus competing directly with the next iPhone) Mock-up design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 specs

Display & Design

Multiple sources confirm the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will feature a 5.5-inch SAMOLED display (most likely PenTile), with most of them mentioning that the size of the device will not be increased by a whole 0.2 inches when compared with the original Note, thanks to a smaller bezel. While they have originally announced that display on the Note 2 will feature an unbreakable plane (UPB) display, the Korean news agency MK has more recently announced that Samsung is expected to roll out the new display tech starting with the next major device after the Note 2.

Processor, GPU and RAM

While all sources point, as expected, to a quad-core Exynos SoC, I personally believe that rumors about the Note 2 featuring an Exynos 5250 SoC seem a little far fetched. It’s far more likely for Samsung to use the same Exynos 4 SoC, as you’ll find inside the international version of the Galaxy S3.

Android version and camera

Logic, as well as most sources, seem to point out that the Galaxy Note 2 will be released with the latest version of Android available, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, although in the past, we’ve seen manufacturers going for “not the freshest” Android version.

As far as camera specs go, words have been flying regarding a 13MP camera, although it has been mentioned that Samsung might keep the resolution consistent with that of the original Note’s camera and improve the image sensor (which is actually a lot more important towards the quality of the photos taken with the camera).

So there you have it folks, all the Samsung Galaxy Note rumors in one place. What do you guys think? Are the rumors painting the image of a phablet you would buy? Let us know in the comment section below!

Mike Andrici
Growing up in my father's PC store, I was surrounded by and developed a passion for technology ever since I was in kindergarten. However, advancements made in the technology world continue to amaze me on a daily basis! I've been writing about the Android OS since back in October 2008, when Google and HTC launched the first Android smartphone ever, the T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream. Although I'm no company's fanboy, Android is the mobile OS I devoutly support.
  • Hayden

    Is the screen the Sam as the note

  • Quryous

    Fine, fine! All
    this is well and good, but we had hoped that they would have a better screen,
    Full HD, like on the new LG screen, full 1920 x 1080P in an SAMOLED HD +, but
    NOT Pentile. And, completely water-proof and drop-proof, as well.

    We would also like
    to see them make their screen truly superambiphobic (that is: VERY water (hydrophobic)
    and oil (oleophobic) repellant, to cut down on smudges and fingerprints).

    A superambiphobic
    screen is able to keep itself completely clean of smudges, smears, water spots,
    oil stains,
    fingerprints, etc. Let’s get it on, Samsung! Recently I saw a friend’s phone
    after he signed in with gestures. From several feet away I could see the
    pattern he used smeared on the screen, even after several minutes of use. That
    is NOT secure, we NEED better glass, superambiphobic glass, to be exact. That
    on a flexible screen would be PERFECT, as it would be essentially unbreakable.

    It should be, naturally, Enterprise Ready, and
    certified Samsung Approved for Enterprise (SAFE).

    Face Unlock
    should be available. And, the whole phone should be UNLOCKED, completely.
    Bootloader, everything.

    It should also try
    to be a bit more future-proof. 2GB of RAM and 32GB Internal storage these days is
    an absolute MINIMUM! We’d actually like to see 4 and 64, or more, standard, by
    the end of the year.

    Don’t forget the
    wireless charger, with at least a 12” charging range, 5 feet would be better.

    For expanded
    storage it should have a microSD card slot able to handle at least 64GB, and a
    micro-USB3 port for external access and drives.

    The latest
    iteration of Bluetooth goes without saying, but so many aren’t paying
    attention, so I’ll say it. And for goodness sake, update and simplify pairing.
    Gracious what a mess everything seems to be, needlessly.

    Further, it should
    have Dolby Mobile 3 with support for 5.1 sound via HDMI out.

    Then, make sure it
    can play full HD for at least 10 or 11 hours, minimum.

    Let’s not forget
    an updated, more useful Stylus. The stylus should have a finer point, and the
    stylus INSIDE a full PEN-sized adapter should fit inside the case of the unit.
    It should have less lag. The current stylus is just too small to handle well,
    and the point is too broad for good work.

    Voice control is a
    must, and must be MUCH improved.

    Again, don’t forget
    wireless charging. It should be able to handle 2 units at least a foot away
    from the charger. Five feet would be better.

    NFC is a MUST! And
    you should include some of your own NFC TecTiles as a sample, too, say 5 or 6
    of them. A buck a piece, though, no higher.

    Don’t forget, at
    LEAST Android 4.1 should be loaded out of the box, with NO bloatware.

    Then, of course,
    you can make it a Nexus device, to avoid bloatware and speed up updates.

    Then, bring it to
    all carriers, as you did with the S III.

    Last, but
    certainly not least, make a nice dark Garnet color available on opening day.

    NOW, Samsung, you would
    be getting somewhere.

    • You do realize if a phone came with ALL that stuff, it would be well over a thousand dollars. And that’s on the low end

      • Doodles

        Yeah, I would say just go buy a laptop if you want all that. Just use a VOIP for calls then.

    • cxm

      And how much are you expecting to pay?

    • Monboy08

      dam.n why dont you just ask for a i7 cpu with 12GB of ram AMD Radeon HD 7970 with alien battery technology…..sammys not about are not about to put all there best s.hit in one phone even if they did how the f.uck is anyone pay for it( my guess 1000 and up)….and OMFG MINIMUM!!! you want to know what MINIMUM is Motorola DynaTAC thats a MINIMUM( the lowest you can go)

    • MPop

      I can sell you my laptop! It has all that and more, only $2900! It even has a long lead on the charger and if you buy it I will throw in a 30m extension lead for free! As far as the note 2 is concerned, if I can play games and music smooth, do my business stuff on the fly and occasionally stream porn without stopping to load like my i4 it will tick all the boxes for me. Well almost, seeing as its a Phone, I want clear calls, mp3 ringtones without having to do an annoying iTunes workaround. Judging by the rumors and specs it will give me all the things most people want.

    • I agree most of those features ar wayyyyy over the top (sure would be nice, tbo : ) but ABSOLUTELY the Note2 needs a fatter stylus…. Found the first one wayyyyy too skiny and as a result’ rarely used it, a shame cuz its almost its best feature

      • jinn

        Carol, your wish has come true. The stylus is longer and has a wider diameter. You can even get a bigger version as an extra assessory if the original is orignal is still not comfortable enough for you. Enjoy!!!

      • jinn

        The stylus now also have 1024 pressure points , up from the 256 in the original Note. Enjoy once again!!!

  • steve

    can’t wait for this awesome phone, apple needs to take notes.

  • The previous Gnote was a win for me so the second Gnote is a must. Thanks in advance samsung!

  • ITPC

    apple, are you learning anything

  • Someone was saying you can’t play mp4 and avi files on the Note. Is this true? If that’s the case, then aside from the screen size, wouldn’t it be better to go with the Galaxy 3?

    • jhaps

      It plays mp4 and avi. And flv. :D

    • Meedz

      Plays every fIle type there Is. EspecIally vIdeoa.

  • I have a galaxy note. but I can not buy galaxy note 2. so what can I do now ?

    • akash

      sail your note to me and buy note 2

  • GALAXY NOTE IS EXELENT. SUPER DUPER HIT (((((((((((((((((((::

  • Samsung if it weren’t for the fact that I love this note so much, u wouldn’t get a penny from me. But since I do……. take my money!!!!!

  • Clifford Fajardo

    I also can’t wait for the Note 2 unveiling. My brother got his s3 yesterday and I have to say I’m pretty jealous >_ Apple ( restrictions and same old boring iOS that hasn’t changed much ). I hope Google now kills Siri lol. I hope the Note 2 speculations are true about the screen getting bigger while still maintaining the same or smaller form factor.

    • illy

      The restrictions is what woke me up from the iphone coolaid

  • Roland Rat

    Hope they up the RAM to 1.5Gb with the .5Gb going to graphics and leaving a proper 1Gb for apps and processing.. 2Gb would be even nicer!

  • Jimmy

    I certainly wouldn’t title an article ‘specs’ if you don’t give battery size. None of these things are useful if they toss in another tiny 2500 maH battery. My note is dead by 1PM every day…I get to carry around an external charger FULL TIME.

    • DarthStrawberry

      It’s mAh and what is this nonsense about 2,500 mAh being tiny? What do you do to your phone for it to die so quickly? Does it have battery drain or do you get up ridiculously early? 2500 mAH, tiny? Ludicrous obviously you have a piss poor phone and/ or know nothing about the tech industry. Only the Droid MAXX has a battery over 2500 mAh at 3300 unless you get an external battery case or replacement battery. (Still fuming).

  • ChuckB

    definitely would buy if it comes to Verizon

  • Rex Bartleby

    I have dreams of this phone. ha, phone. It is no phone, people! It is a devoce for the Gods! But, in all serioisness, I bet many are like me, waiting patiently in tye shadows for this epic device to be released. Android Authority, you giys seriously rock and are alwaus right up there with the latest rumors. Can you give us a release date, and specs, and price? Pretty please? GALAXY NOTE 2 4 LIFE!!!!

  • Dannyjayfuller

    Quad core Exynos, bigger screen and newer OS version? I already wanted the Galaxy Note 1, now I’m drooling.

  • Sherry

    I have been an Apple fanatic for six years, but as said by someone before me: Apple. Just. Isn’t. Cutting. It! I’m purchasing this phone as soon as it is released, go Android!

  • Dkdkdkfkd,d

    Does anyone no wen sprint will get the note

    • RoC1909

      Uh….most likely when chickens grow lips. AKA..NEVER!
      I am on Sprint too, and they NEVER get exclusivity on anything anymore!

  • jalpert42architecture

    Had been waiting for the Note 1 to come down in price, but now I have been keeping and eye on the Note 2 rumors and will get it when it comes out. As an Architect, I think this will be a very useful tool.

    • Doodles

      I was looking at the Note 1 too, but when I saw the upgrades and realized how fast new versions are released onto the market I figured it would be worth the wait. I want to use my phone for work so bad! I know what you mean by calling it a useful tool. I’d love to be able to work from anywhere at anytime! I wonder if there will be any other colors aside from the white or dark blue.

  • I was considering a 7″ tablet, but I think I’ll get the Galaxy-2 instead.