After being shrouded in mystery for so long, it seems we are nearing the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Korean news agency MK has reported that Samsung is going to debut the Galaxy Note 2 at the upcoming IFA 2012 in Berlin, a consumer electronics show that will be held late next month.

A source close to the development team has confirmed that the sequel to the multi-million selling Galaxy Note will indeed come with a 5.5-inch display, as reported a while back. And we hope you’re sitting down, because there are more juicy details on the Galaxy Note 2 below.

The Galaxy Note 2 is likely to come with the same quad-core processor found on the Galaxy S3, the Exynos 4 Quad. Although the display size has been bumped up, the phablet will maintain a similar figure to the original. If the buttery-smooth Jelly Bean has won you over, you’ll be pleased to know that the Galaxy Note 2 will ship with the latest Android 4.1 OS. And as for the unbreakable plane display that the Galaxy Note 2 has been rumored to feature, it seems the technology will be saved for Samsung’s next flagship product. It wouldn’t be too surprising to see it end up on the successor to the Galaxy S3.

One aspect of the device that is still being discussed is the camera sensor.  The insider said that, “There are also talks of improving the camera resolution to 12.0 or 13.0 megapixels, up from current 8.0 megapixels, but this may be changed depending on other factors.”

With a late August introduction, the Galaxy Note 2 is still on track for an October release. A lot can happen between now and October, so if you would like to see a kickstand on the Note 2 or any other thing on your wish list, better hit the comments once more and let your thoughts be known to Sammy.

Bams Sadewo
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  • True_Neutral

    Disappointed to hear that it will be the Exynos 4412, was hoping for the 5250 instead.

    • Luckily this is just a rumor. The way I see it, there is still a chance of getting the 5250. Since the Note is supposed to be a hybrid device it falls under the category of tablet, which the 5th gen processor was initially reserved for. Also, there are rumors of a bump in resolution (there better be with an even bigger screen). I’m thinking something in the vicinity of 1600 x 900. The 5250 is designed to run higher resolution screens. Plus Samsung knew that they let down a lot of fans when the S3 came out without the Exynos 5. I still have faith that they will use it since nothing yet has used it and it is now ready to be used (it wasn’t ready 2 months ago when the S3 dropped).

      While I’m at it, I hope they put 2GB of RAM a la the US S3 variants along with non-pentile SAMOLED+ at 1600×900, 2500-3500mA battery, one of those beastly sensors announced last winter with 30 fps rapid-fire, improved response time with S-pen, and most of all zero-bezel with front-facing stereo speakers as implemented in the Galaxy Player 4.2 and all the new Galaxy Tabs.

      • Galaxy Noter

        How can you have “zero-bezel” and “front facing stereo speakers”? What, do we put the speakers under the touchscreen??? Gee whizz…

    • cvgordo

      seriously samsung. i don’t care what the other specs are. if it doesn’t have the 5250 i’m goin go pass on it. don’t mess this up

  • I also was hoping for the 5250 instead.

  • Don’t really think the processor matters much here, quad core on any level is still overly powerful at this point. The screen and the camera will be interesting me more, and I hope they improve upon the design (as in not keep it exactly the same).

  • I’d like to see on both the International and the US variants, having a lanyard/charm hole on the device. It’s quite simple to add. The Asian market has this, why not everyone else. For customers needing it for security reasons it can be locked down. Others who like trinkets/charms, can be added to it.. and for those of us who like adding a lanyard to it.. it’s just an additional convenience.

    There needs to be more accessories for the US variant popular models.. like the international version.

    I would like a way to attach an external wifi antenna to the device

    OS Updates need to come out faster, even if the carriers need extra time to make sure it works with their software.. the carriers need to be more responsible to their customers and roll out the upgrades much quicker.

    Every Samsung US and International phone should come with 2 extra batteries and a separate battery wall charger with outlet prongs and USB input — If Samsung did this, they’d definitely sell more units and customers would be much happier.. They already do this for the Korean market, why not everybody else.

    • Dream on. Samsung only cares about world sales and competing with the iPhone. It doesn’t matter if the device is given away as long as it looks good on paper. And it’s just not samsung that believes in os fragmentation but Google, who is driving it. Samsung doesn’t care about their customers but apple does. That’s why apple has the best warranty and customer satisfaction just below Costco.

      • Justin

        Yes, Apple cares about it’s customers, thats why they sell crap products and charge you double the price of Samsung, and penalize you by not having everything sync up if you choose to get something that’s not an apple product. You, sir, are stupid

  • t.a

    A kickstand would be great to have on the galaxy note 2 to watch videos, tv, and movies on.

  • ogre

    I’ll second the request for a kickstand.


    Yes, I want a kickstand, and a recessed, retractable antenna. More comfortable stylus pen, 3GB of ram to help processing that larger screen, and since it’s Korean, lets go ahead and put KM Player on it

  • DrCarpy

    The Note is a flagship device now. As a Note owner, I want marked upgrades from version to version. I’m not interested in the S2 or S3, that’s why I bought the Note. 7mil others (Note owners) want dynamic upgrades as well. Marginal upgrades I thought were for Apple devices. Get it right Samsung, you still have time.

  • Galaxy Noter

    Samsung: Please upgrade screen resolution display, start with 2GB ram & add a kick stand. Thanks…

  • How bout for starters ics already for the note original and the note 2 should be 1920X1080 res.

  • excited

    Please get it right, Samsung. Imma be savin up for this or something :P

  • I’ve given up on samsung. I don’t know why more people don’t when they say they will. Could it be because they’re actually insane? you’re insane if you keep doing, the same thing and expect a different result.

  • LazPL

    Honestly, the Note is the best device I’ve ever had (once I flashed it with some fresh Android version!). The only issue I have with it is the really poor speaker volume. It’s almost impossible to use hands-free.
    I feel no need to up the speed. It’s smooth enough to use!
    The main reason for getting a Note is the s-pen (Wacom) system. That works well, but I’m lacking the option to calibrate the pen, like on “normal” tablet PC’s. But that’s a software issue.
    Hardware-wise, the s-pen is sometimes difficult to extract from the body of the phone, and it’s nearly impossible to find the button on the pen without looking at it.
    My recipe for the Note 2:
    * Better speaker
    * Better s-pen
    * Better s-pen integration + drivers
    Yeah, that’s it!

  • Connie Kohiba

    Man…they need to put a projector in it like the Samsung galaxy beam…

  • Hope it will have the S beam like the G S III and up to 32 GB of built in memory and expand up to 64 GB.