Android fans already know that a new super phone from Samsung is heading their way, the second-generation Galaxy Note. The device, which has been the subject of a variety of leaks and rumors so far, is going to be unveiled on August 29 at IFA 2012 in Berlin, Germany. But we’re still lacking press images of the Galaxy Note 2, even though there are plenty of mockups out there.

After seeing a photo of the purported front panel of the phablet a few days ago, we’re now going to show you what seems to be a leaked photo of the device, although we’re advising you to take it with a grain of salt, as there’s no way to confirm it at this time.

Know Your Mobile reports that it has received the image above from a tipster who also confirmed that the device will come with a larger 5.5-inch display – which is something we’ve known for a while now.

The front side of the device shown in the top image is rather similar to the front panel we saw a couple of days ago (see following image): we have the same small bezel, the same round and elongated Home button and the camera and sensors are located on the right of the top speaker alongside the front-facing camera that’s placed on the same side with the sensor.

Naturally, we’d assume that if the photo leaked a few days ago shows the real thing then today’s leak is almost certainly featuring the real Galaxy Note 2.

We’ll be back with more Galaxy Note 2 news in the following days, as we get closer to this year’s IFA trade show. In the mean time let us know what you think of the image above, would you buy such a Galaxy Note 2?

  • zhihaoquek

    Not bad looking. Judging from the fact that the front panel is black, they might have a black variant at launch. Really hope to get a black colored phone (it’s one of my favorite colors and it’s also more smudge-proof).

  • walloftext

    Its messed with grain in the BG does not match up to the blackness of the screen. Also the glass shapes do not match up with that other photo dimensions are all off. Spacing around the screen, spacing above and below the button layouts and proportions of the cut outs on the top. The table does look like a similar one to the other photo. It could be real if they are doing something odd to the glass after making it, like forming it to some odd organic shape and it continues to the edges under the outer silver bezel. Or the image was altered to hide something in reflection.

    All of that besides the point. The phone looks how I imagined it. Maybe I expected a bit more GSIII style to seep in like a larger curve at the top and bottom. But with such a large panel in it there is not much you can do except fiddle with the edges of the phone. The home button is whatever, if it has capacitive buttons, whatever. lol Given it is a pen based device you might need those buttons to access stuff in app? My SIII is helpful to wake to the lock screen. The physical button at times is nicer than capacitive too since Im not bumping it all the time. Arguments about onscreen are either way, both arguments about space are valid. Though I doubt your really loosing all that much to a button and capacitive controls. Not like there is a huge void with just those bits of hdw in the bezel.

  • SammyBoy

    This is epic!
    It looks very slim and modern.
    Its a must-have device! :)

  • bobF

    Holy crap .. it’s a rectangle… who would’ve thunk-it. Anyhoo … I’m a big fan of android, but it sure would be nice if Samsung does release a Windows version of this handset – it could really help me with my work productivity.

  • Nazir Khan

    I can’t wait