The big day is finally here! After months of hyping up the next big thing, Samsung has launched the Galaxy Note 2 in Canada. While theoretically the phone is available on most carriers in the country, finding one in stores may prove to be a tricky task.

As announced on the company’s Facebook page, Samsung is apparently still working hard to ship the flagship device to carriers and retail partners. Given its popularity and red-hot demand, expect in-store availability of the Galaxy Note 2 to be rather scarce for the next two weeks.

We can understand if you’re rather frustrated to hear about the news. To avoid more disappointment, it’s best to make some phone calls before you head to the store(s) with the hope of picking one up. If you’re thinking of buying it online instead, here’s what can tell you after our little investigation.

Rogers has the Galaxy Note 2 up on its online store for $200 with a three-year service contract and $699 off-contract. Unfortunately, it doesn’t list the delivery time frame. The phone is offered at the same on-contract price at Bell, though you’ll have to shell out $730 to get it outright. It will be shipped in 6 to 8 days. Meanwhile, TelusWINDVideotron and SaskTel are still showing the Galaxy Note 2 as “coming soon” on their websites. Lastly, the S Pen-equipped phone is offered off-contract only on Mobilicity for $660.

So, have you had any luck finding the Galaxy Note 2 in stores?

Bams Sadewo
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  • SGN2

    fuck the canadian custom….you guys want to promote iphone 5 over SGN2….FUCK YOU AMERIACAN GOVERNMENTS

    • SGN2’s a loser

      Grow up punk.

  • MC

    Went to bell this morning to pick one up and they had no idea what I was talking about and said it was releasing next week. Then they looked it up and said launch day is today….ship day is tomorrow….they will actually have it late this week/early next. Point of a launch day without having any phones available?

  • Rikimaiu

    A big disappointment on the delay in shipment. The release date was known weeks ago and they should have been more prepared to get the product in on time. No point in announcing the release date and there is no phone on sale.

  • LovePink

    Went first thing in the morning to pick one up. Having “scarce” supply is such an understatement. No one has ANY stock because of the delays. Huge disappointment. This was really pathetic.

  • Sebastian

    blah! I went to the Samsung store and they said that shipment has been delayed and it will arrive in the next 2 weeks. They’ve put my name down for reservation at no cost. I also asked them if there was a huge waiting list for the phone and they said not really.

    • Dave McGuire

      It’s nice that they don’t charge you to be on the waiting list to buy there product. That was thoughtful.

  • Nossly

    Pathetic deployment. And they wonder why they can’t get the same traction and publicity as Apple.

    • JustinS

      THIS^ Launch day for iPhone is what, 20, 30, 40+ units in every store. I’ve literally called 35 stores within 100km of my house. Not a single phone. Half the reps had no idea it launched today. Saddening and pathetic.

  • Jim

    Same thing in Calgary, while I wanted it on Telus I curiously called stores from the big 3 carriers and the Telus main office, the bigger retailers and telus main office said shipping was delayed and that they would have it Friday or Monday. Smaller ones said call back later today.

  • when I call Bell stores they tell me they will start selling it tomorrow. Can anyone confirm this? most of the people here say next week. which one is that?

  • Pathetic, first off you should never have your ship day as the release date exactly for this reason. When say the iphone 5 was release they had it in several days (at least a day) ahead of time that way when stores open in the morning they are good to go. So disappointing to be honest, called a bunch of places in Vancouver today, they seemed the think it will be later today or tomorrow but judging from what some of you are saying I probably shouldn’t hold my breath.

  • Csent

    What a brutal launch. Like someone else said, you know the launch date ahead of time and should have had the inventory to meet at lease some of the demand. In Winnipeg, no stores have the product or even know when they will get it. It’s not “scarce” it not there AT ALL. Why launch and build up hype when you don’t have the product to sell? This is pathetic and makes me second guess moving from my iPhone to the note 2.

    • Vitalic

      I returned my iPhone 5 just to get the Note 2. Now I have no phone. Samsung really fucked up. I might just wait for the next phablet to be released. I bought a Samsung phone 3 years ago and it was crap, so I started using iPhones, loved them. The newest iPhone wasn’t great, so I decided to take a chance and go back to samsung. What a mistake!

      • lol i’m very, very disappointed in this whole blunder as well but it’s not making me second-guess my decision to get the note 2

        i want it for the specs, not for the flash (or lack thereof) of samsung

        my point is, though this was a huge mistake on their part, it doesn’t affect the specs of the phone which should be the primary reason of someone’s buying a phone

  • Marc

    I agree totally ridiculous, I went to telus first thing this morning and the guy looked at me like he didnt even know a Note 2 was being released. I then told him to go check the telus website which of course October 30th was the release date. Telus has since updated the site and it now says “coming soon”. Get your shit together samsung…

  • gera

    Read in MobileSyrup that some guy that works for Bell has his and loves it. What a jerk to have posted that when the rest of us have to waaait.

  • Yup checked Moncton NB with every carrier (Bell,Telus,Rogers) store as well as Future Shop none of them received any as of 12PM Atlantic. Ordered one through my carrier Rogers and they also have no stock. Gonna wait until they drop one on me thinking this is my best option…

  • Mike F.

    I pre-ordered at future shop, i called them this morning and said i was the only person to pre order at their store. He said there were 3 in transit which means it could be a day or a few weeks,he has no idea. But i would be the first to know when they get them in. So what exactly does launch day mean if there are no phones to launch lol.

  • Dave McGuire

    Same here in Vancouver went to Samsung store at opening and two staff members stating the phone will be released in “a few days or so”. Went to Best Buy and Future Shop no one new what i was talking about. I actually showed the Future Shop clerk the add stating it would be available in there store. You can buy it online@ Bell but no shipping date given

  • Kayser Soze

    Called TELUS customer support yesterday they didnt had any idea about the Note 2 when I told them it suppose to lunch Oct 30 he said highly doubt it as he hasn’t receive info and cant find it in the system.

  • smrtgirl

    Does anyone know if Mobilicity’s Galaxy Note 2 is capable of LTE? The phone description that was on their website didn’t list any LTE frequencies. Does this mean that the phone they are selling doesn’t have the capability to receive LTE signals or does it just mean that Mobilicity does not have an LTE network? (BTW I think they have taken down the phone description since this morning. I don’t see it anymore.)

  • GBK

    That is the main reason I went for an international unlocked Note 2. Getting the unlocked version will not make me wait for any update that Samsung releases like they did for the SII. Had it for a week now. Honestly this is not a phone this is a beast. Cannot be compared to any phone out there in market. Best performance, Battery life is amazing, ….etc.

    • Alex P.

      The international version will not work with Wind and Mobilicity.

    • wino

      Are the international version’s LTE band compatible with Canadian LTE band??

  • lazycanada

    tmo launched note2 on time, look at Canada… another disappointment on my suck Canada list

    • lolwhiners

      Canada hardly sucks just cause Samsung has a late delivery.another prime example of a spoiled clearly know where your priorities lie. Is there a ‘stupid’ virus going around on this site??!!!

  • Called about 10 different stores today, they all told me different things. I went to a store and the lady looked at me like I was crazy and offered me the note 1. I was like… yeahhh…. no. I don’t want that phone. I want the Note 2. No one knows what’s going on with shipments. I talked to 3 different people at head office who all told me the phones were already available. The last person I talked to “Assured” me that there was phones already in stores. Imaginary phones I take it. I love Samsung products but this pissed me off. I’ll wait for the Note 2, but I’m definitely not impressed.

  • Dave McGuire

    Did anyone actually pick one up? Besides employees?

  • Park

    someone drove 4 hours to get to the Samsung store in Vancouver and he found out that the phone is not yet here. LOLOLOL

  • LOLScrewyou

    visited all the carriers everywhere around the city, could not find a single god damn thing. I am deeply frustrated with Samsung’s poor delivery commitment. I have been waiting for more than 5 months and I hear my Korean friends already enjoying their phones in Korea. This is an unaccpetable situation. Samsung at least should have produced enough amount of phones before the advertisement or notify such inconvenience. They are so lazy and dont consider Canadian phone market as “important”. Since I already have note10.1 I guess im going for LG’s Optimus G. Bye bye samsung. And carriers please dont tell me to blame Sandy. She’s got nothing to do with manufacturing process since all Samsung phones are from Korea. :) Fuk you Samsung. I was a fan of you and now I am no more. Dont fuck with my life. Dont fuck with my time.

    • more2life

      Pretty sad that your “life” revolves around a phone……

  • danzo

    went to futureshop because i preorder delayed shippment

    went to bell and telus delayed shippment…. wtf seriously ?

    i knew they were going to be prepared they never are

  • danzo

    i knew they weren’t** going to be prepared

  • Android Joe

    Here people know more than sales persons. I have tried so many places in calgary. One sales idiot tried to sell Galaxy NOTE insted of galaxy note 2, Still we are try to keep away from iphone but Samsung is tring to fool their own loyal custermers. Its so Sad Samsung!

  • LJ

    I went to BestBuy and they said they will have some by thursday. And they said 4 of each Carrier. SO… Hoping to get one.

  • Ali Rakie

    I tried calling all of the Rogers stores in Edmonton and some are saying tomorrow or November 1st. Others are saying sometime next week. I’m just going to keep calling and checking.

  • pffft

    Hah. And they had Psy over here at some lame-a$$ club for the release party…

  • Wait’n ona note2

    I left apple for u you bastards….get your shit together.

  • david

    why does a few more days make any difference in the grand scheme of things – such a petty group of whiners. i find that a good movie watched 2 weeks after the madding crowd has finished being hysterical is still a good movie. Surely a great phone is still a great phone a week or two from now?

    • Missy

      It is not just about waiting. We waited patiently for the 30th Oct release date. We looked forward eagerly, anticipated with enthusiasm and longing to hold a unit. Finally the day arrived and what do we have ? Nothing ! I am sure ppl in Samsung knew about the delay and they could have put up a notice a day or two before the release date to inform us of the shipment delay. At least it won’t make me look like a fool, taking a day off from work, rushing to the Samsung store. The person responsible for this product launch in Canada ought to be fired for the lack of communication to the public.

      • david

        a day off? for a phone?? surely you jest!

      • lol i didn’t go to class (good thing lectures are recorded) to get the phone on tuesday, but that is entirely /my/ fault, and likewise is your situation

    • i agree, i tried to make the same point earlier – the phone is great whether or not there was a lengthy, accidental delay in its release

      sure, /someone/ made a mistake and kept us all waiting. but am i gonna give in, downgrade to a shittier phone because the good one didn’t come out when i expected it to? that would be ridiculous (unless a phone was urgently needed..)

      i’ve been waiting since september because it’s a great phone – i’m ready to wait more, and would be whether the delay was due to a mistake or not…

    • lolwhiners

      No shit, totally agree. I wish my main problem is I can’t get a top of the line phone on release day!!!!! I know there’s a lot of pathetic whiners here,but reading some of these sob stories is too f*cking funny!!!! I’d hate to see what some of these people would do if they actually had a REAL problem.

      • I totally agree I mean where else should people vent there frustrations when a company does not honor it’s commitments. I called the Samsung store the day before the release to purchase the phone and I was told it was in stock. I am sorry to be excited about a new “toy” however I went buy what the store told me, I also contacted Samsung and was told two days, then one week, then back to a couple of days, then up to “next month sometime” for me I am not waiting for just any phone, I am waiting for an “off contract” phone to purchase. I am frustrated because there is no date given by Samsung and it seems that the people receiving the phones are Samsung employees. As a consumer I don’t have any issue with there being a shipping problem. However Samsung has not informed those that per-ordered it why there shipment has been delayed.

        The fact that they took my money and did not provide me my product or a significant, consistent answer as to the delay and we are expressing our concern is 1) non of your business, 2) completely within reason, and to be honest anyone that goes on a website and bitches at the people bitching I am sure has laid out worse statements online over much less concerns.

        Do you suggest another forum to express our discontent? or would should we just bottle up inside and go on websites and criticize other people like you seem to be doing?

        Oh and yes Samsung did tell me they had in stock, then they when I went there I was treated with dismall customer service and given wrong information, then when I contacted Samsung I got no response, then I was told the shipment would be 2 day’s. Then two day’s later when no phone call was made to me and I called back I was told 2 weeks. Then my wife tried to locate the phone for me to buy for my birthday and was told a month. Then I saw some Samsung Rep on a chat board talking about how they were shipping to the carriers first instead of the Samsung store.

        Do you have a larger understanding now instead of when you made an assumption that people were just whiney? Or do you still think that people should not be concerned and do no research or planning when spending several hundred dollars and signing binding legal contracts?


    Called Rogers, early this morning (Customer Service). They knew exactly what I was asking for. Placed an order for a white one. Said, it was out of stock, but periodically getting stock each day, and mine is reserved to ship as it comes into inventory. (10/30/2012). Rep knew all the variants available, had specs in front. Even agreed to waive early upgrade fees :D

    • superduper

      BS. LOL. Rogers doesn’t do that. I know a Rogers rep. They’re all c-unts. I know someone that called, and said the complete opposite. So you’re lying, and you work for Rogers.

      • slimysnot

        some reps have the ability to. depending on how much you are paying per month for the past years and how much many months you have left on your contract, you may have full or part of the upgrade fee waived. mind you, the monthly prices are much higher than the wind/mobi/pub mobi so going with rogers is obviously still more expensive.

      • CTIMES

        Not lying, and I do not work for Rogers. Have to speak with “Customer Relations” ask to be directed to. Only had my Bold 9900 for 14 months. Maybe you should verify your facts before throwing allegations around.

      • Kev

        He’s definitely not lying. If you do even a sliver of research into phone plans, you’ll discover that anything listed on a phone company’s website doesn’t even come close to the actual deals they’ll give you. I also called and got waived upgrade fees, and I already got the shipping confirmation for my grey note 2.

        • superduper

          Okay guys, I know all this, of what you said. They’ve clamped down on their policies significantly. I myself have a retention plan. I’ve been with rogers for 12 years, and my bills are high, plus 70. They still charged me a partial % of HUP fee. And, I my friend called, and they didn’t have a clue on launch day. So, how is it, retention will wave hup fees, on 12 months into plan, when I’m into 24. BS. You work for Rogers.

          • kev

            Nah man, it’s just a matter of keep calling back until you get what you’re after. It’s not like you get a good retentions rep every single call. If I get a crap rep I just hang up and call back immediately after and say I was disconnected. What it comes down to is A) getting the right rep, B) your attitude towards them on the phone, and C) what you use as your ammo. I told them I wanted an iphone 5 really bad (in truth I didn’t, but they don’t know this), but since they didn’t have any they were willing to make it worth my while to go for a different phone. And I definitely don’t work for Rogers lol. I’m a trader.

          • kev

            And if you’ve got a retentions plan, you should know all this already. You’re already probably getting a better plan than most people, so how can you be surprised if other people are getting a different and/or better deal on certain things than you are?

    • superduper

      Roger, Telus, and Bell are all dishonest business companies. Why? 3 yr contracts. How much is 2 yrs? same as 1 yr. How much is 1 yr? The price of the phone! Crooks.

  • superduper

    fu-ck samsung

  • superduper

    …and Rogers, unlike Telus, they kept there’s up, and it’s still up.

  • sargeincharge

    I understand the Note 2 phones were on the subway in New York ready for shipment and then they had a little bad weather or something. Purly legit I’m sure.

    • david

      no reception in/from subways :)

  • sargeincharge

    A NOTE-worthy form of compensation that might lighten my frustration could include a $izable discount on the actual date of launch. An ode of apology to die hard samsung fans.

  • sadcustomer

    I went to different stores yesterday to check out the phone and found myself stupid, got home then I saw the Nexus 4 better spec with Google 4.2 newer os for $359 only, no contract buy it straight from Google… Samsung and those carriers like big3 shown careless about the launch of note2 not even giving an excuse or blame the weather like they never stated on web by taking off the “Coming on Oct 30” which is very unacceptable… totally turned off all my stupid hype.. too late, I go for Nexus4, I saw how Google setup, prepared their product, cancel event but still have them announced on the web, they sell the N4 unlocked pentaband with very reasonable price, I mean I don’t give a shit to big3 and Samsung is old enough to be a kid, but they just cant be no.1… bye note 2 not your fault.

    • David

      If the Nexus 4 better suits your needs, go for it. If, on the other hand, you believe the Note 2 is a better piece of equipment (but are merely upset with Samsung for failing to instantly gratify your emotional need), get over it fast.

  • JC

    Same here in winnipeg. I’ve been checking about 5 different stores since yesterday and this morning for availability and yet non of them even vaguely knows what im talkin about, all with different stories to cover themselves up. Pathetic disappointment to the retailers. I’m not sure if Samsung is the one to blame here, since the delay could’ve happened during or after the shipping. Anyhow i’ll wait for the gnote2, but i wont say that im all that impressed.

  • Jon

    Was just on the phone with Best Buy and the lady said that they had none yet but were expecting to have some sometime this month hahah

  • Jon

    Just talked to a guy at future shop and he said that they are having an issue with manufacturing for the Canadian edition and that they are going to be updated by the end of the week.

  • LoveTech

    Anybro know any news about Note 2 yet???? I am a fan of apple. But Apple is not fun anymore. I decided to go to Android world. However, Note 2 been delay and make me disappointed.

  • Mernt

    Storm Sandy caused ships to change course. They will most likely be delayed for a week. It happens, worth the wait. Wait and see. ;-)

    • david

      ships from where?? Isn’t Korea the other side? (I didn’t do so well in Geography)

  • thanks to the delay i had to be responsible like and buy snow tires… i had it all saved in cash too fml

  • greg

    Called a bunch of stores in Edmonton today. No luck. But hilarious to hear different stories. Delay due to hurricane. Delay due to legal problems between Apple/Samsung. Delay due to backup at Samsung factory. Delay due to U.S. election. Delay due to PSY hoarding all phones Gangum Style!

  • Want Note2

    Looks Like you can place order now @ TelusMobility

    Stock / Shipment delay may still be a reality but that we can yell at Samsung

  • Aaron

    Victoria has now gotten two at the downtown Telus store

    The Bell store says Monday

    No idea on Rogers

    Its a fantastic phone, it took a hit not being here but all is forgotten for now, but I will remember not to assume it will arrive on time for any Samsung products in the future

  • Shūji Kiritani

    Had just picked up my at my local Mobilicity store and the phone is just too awesome!

  • jef04

    went to check the stores in west edmonton mall, rogers had 1 left, but theyre only selling on a 3yr. commitment, bell,telus out of stock, i saw one as well on wind mobile but not really a fan of wind mobile

  • Vixen

    so i have a business account with bell… on oct 30th apparently it was delayed everywhere… fine… on the 31st my account manager called me to say it’s available… so i ordered mine by 10am!… its not november 5th – no phone… i contact bell today and they said its out of stock!! um, how when i ordered it on the day of release and there was no way to pre-order according to my rep??? ridiculous.

  • Dave McGuire

    There is a Bell Kiosk in Pacific Center that has several Note 2’s. However he will not cell them “off contract”. So if you want the phone and you don’t mind a contract he has several phones. He is the tiny store in the middle of the mall walkway between the Tim Hortons and the Liquor store. There is a sign for the Steve Nash Gym on the column in the middle and I pass it every morning when I get off Skytrain. His hours are weird but he does a couple of phones currently. I tried to bribe him last night and he told me that Samsung has a deal with the carriers to allow the carriers first access to the phones. There was an actual shortage of the phones because of the storm so Samsung and the Carriers are playing catchup. While I think this is crap, I mean I am buying the phone outright, it gives me a better understanding on why the phone is in such short supply.