Samsung Galaxy Note 2 arrived without multi-window, some international users report

by: Andrew GrushOctober 2, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

There is a lot to love about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. From its the massive and gorgeous display, to its great built-in software, or even the S Pen. Hey, maybe you just think it is sexy.

While some of these were also present in the OG Note, one of the most unique features making its way over to the Note 2 is known as multi-window. This new software feature allows you to run multiple apps in a split-screen mode, effectively taking multitasking to a whole new level. The only problem is that many European Galaxy Note 2 owners are reporting that the feature isn’t available on their new phablet.

What gives exactly? Normally, you long-press the back key to activate the split mode. Unfortunately, it seems that some international devices are running older firmware that doesn’t include this split-screen multitasking system. Reportedly, if you are running on N7100XXALIK and newer, you should be fine. Those with anything else are left in the dark for now.

Why not get all the phones running the correct firmware before shipping? Now that’s the mystery. It’s very possible that this was just an oversight on Samsung’s part. We also aren’t sure how many shipped devices are affected by this issue.

The good news is that firmware problems should be solvable with a future update, though it’s unclear when such a fix will arrive. Samsung has yet to comment on the issue, at least at the time of this writing. We’ll update this post as we learn more.

For those readers that already have an international Samsung Galaxy Note 2, is multi-window function working properly?

  • Wow that would suck balls, hope the one I ordered is of the H-version.

    • I got the N7100XXALIH and still don’t have it :/

    • Wade Fletcher

      Samsung announced today on twitter that the split screen will be coming soon to all Note 2’s :-)

  • Androidway

    Hope it gets fixed…

  • No, mine came without it. I heard from Three and they said the same – an upgrade is in the pipeline, but there are no details on when that may be. Oh well, it’s something else to look forward to…

    • Really? A down vote for sharing information? Imbecile.

  • TechGuy

    XXALIK onwards I think you’ll find have multi screen.
    Samsung have publicly stated this will be fixed soon with a ROM update.

  • easy fix on the upgrade

  • gaberosa

    And Google wallet doesn’t work on it. ):

  • Pop Qvarnström

    No multi screen on mine. Disappointed.

  • Covmatt26

    Is it true that the lte version is slower than the non lte version and I’m not talking about data transfer rates

  • Hugo

    and i had hope its come to my galaxy note 1 haha never…

  • Daniele D’Alessio

    I have this kind of problem with my Italian Samsung. I hope a solution as soon as possible

  • Daniele D’Alessio

    Today the Multi Window is arrived to my European Galaxy Note 2.
    Finally I have this multitasking! It’s awesome!

  • carlito bahsoun

    N7100XXALIH ….havent the multi screen and no update….hope it come soon

    • We (I) received an update today (20121018) to N7100XXALIH and the multi function works fine. Still no apps2SD though :-(

  • I bought the device from Saudi Arabia, I do not work I am very upset I bought this device for this service but now not working

  • Analkhanjari

    I’m running N7100XXALIH as well and it doesn’t have multi windows nor screen recording

  • Analkhanjari

    Just finished my phone call with Samsung tech support. They said that for a unit with out the multi windows, we need to get the update software from the service centre and they will manually update the software. Furthermore they strongly advised me that I should deactivate the auto update and never use it to avoid the phone from jamming, and all of my updates should be hard wired through a computer that is connected to the Internet via an ethernet cable and not via wifi, or update at a service centre.

    Thought I should share that information will all of you. Anyways my mission tomorrow is to visit the service centre.

  • N7100XXALIH received an OTA update this morning in Sweden :-D

  • Jeff Lim

    received an update in the 18th October to N7100XXALIH but the multi-window function still not working. Do you guys know what is happening? Is it the software or the phone problem?

  • note2 user

    updated to XXLIH but still no multiscreen :(

  • LIB has it. One question, does users know how to use it?
    To use this features was very straight forward. To activate the Multi-Screen bar, long hold the back option key. Open Internet or any apps listed in the Multi-Screen bar normally. Then click open the Multi-Screen bar, drag any one of the app listed to the main screen/over the open app. That’s it!
    New LJ3 has new Multi-Screen bar edit function which you can add new app listed at Multi-Screen bar extended screen at right side. Drag the new app supported the multi-screen function into the left screen and you’ve just added the new app to be use in multi-screen feature.

  • LASO

    Bought mine last Oct 20 hee in Hong Kong and I don’t have multiwindow either. I try to hold the back button since that’s what the demos say..but nothing multiwindow..

  • International S3 user

    It will probably only be available on us and korean versions no international, like with s3 international version users recieved only 1gb ram while more valuable costumers in 1st class countries recieved s3 with specs than almost similar to the galaxy note II… As said “samsung designed for humans” but this is not related to international version users, for us it’s “samsung designed for monkeys” ;-) will they again do the same trick as with s3? It is looks like samsung tests their products on Europeans than fix the bugs and releasing it to “real humans”

  • KarlosG

    The multiwindow hasn’t come to US note 2 yet … D=<

  • jea

    No multiscreen for me either! I got mine from Rogers in Toronto.

  • Sean Kelly

    I just purchased it from t mobile and it doesn’t work for me. USA Florida

  • Skip Stein

    Yea, doesn’t work on USA T-Mobile version either! Bummer!

  • Malaag

    same thing that is going on the AT&T note2 doesn’t have the split screen function.

  • note2 user2

    oh man! I’ve recently bought the phone but mutiscreen is not working :(
    I really hope the update comes soon.

  • Lakuzy

    Don’t have the multi window too

  • malfunction

    Am sure everyone but me knows this but to get the mutiscreen function to work you need to go to settings, display, then check the muti window box.

  • milonakispo

    I bought mine 2 days ago, it says i have the latest software, but nothing happens when i hold the back button. I’ve even held it for 2 minutes straight to no avail.

  • note2userrr

    Got mine on last december and it has mo multiscreen :'(

  • ashrafalzyood

    back batton not working how i solve it

  • andrej

    Upgraded to 4.3 and doesn’t sork anymore. It used to work before the updats… grrr…