Mobilicity, who is among the many other carriers offering the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, has put a pre-order form for the device on their website. As appears to be the case with other Canadian carriers, Mobilicity will launch the Galaxy Note 2 on October 30.

As with the Best Buy pre-order we reported on earlier today, customers will have to pick up their shiny new Galaxy Note 2 in person. Unlike Best Buy however, Mobilicity customers are able to at least submit their pre-order request online.

To get the $50 discount, customers will have to jump through some hoops, such as signing up for Mobilicity’s “automatic monthly payments.” Here is what the email customers who pre-order are receiving has to say:

Thank you! We have received your pre-order registration request for the Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone at Mobilicity. You are on the list of consumers eligible to be the first Canadians to get this smartphone when it launches in Canada on October 30, 2012!

You can also receive a $50 hardware credit on the Samsung Galaxy Note II from Mobilicity if you are one of the first 1,000 people to purchase and activate your Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone on Mobilicity’s unlimited network and sign up for automatic monthly payments by November 6, 2012!

Here is your confirmation number:

Please keep this confirmation number handy and stay tuned for more information. We will email you more details on how to take advantage of this special launch promotion by October 20th.

We appreciate your patience and look forward to launching the Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone, and providing you with a smart mobile experience.

Thank you!

While the price for the Galaxy Note 2 through Mobilicity is currently unknown, customers who pre-order the device will save $50 on their order. As we noted earlier today, Best Buy customers are currently being offered a price of $149 for the Galaxy Note 2 through Telus and Bell, and $249 through Rogers. We’re not sure if either of these prices are accurate, but they give a small clue what the Galaxy Note 2 will cost for Mobilicity customers.

With a large amount of carriers offering the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which one are you going to choose?

Kristofer Wouk
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  • rick todd

    Mobilicty doesnt even support 4G speeds, and my friend has to go on his porch to send and receive texts so definitely wont be getting it through them. And of course Rogers is charging $100 more for the phone than any of the competition.

    • Alex P.

      1. Mobilicity sells phones with no contract. Expect it to be around $700.
      2. Why your friend is still with Mobilicity if the connection is so bad? I have both Mobilicity and Wind Mobile phones and cannot complain even though my house in on the edge of the city. Yup, there is no 3G, but I pay $35 for the first phone and $25 for the second one a month and have unlimited everything. The connection is reliable almost everywhere within city limits.

      • rick todd

        1) Even though mobilicty sells phones without a contract at full price, Rogers still has no excuse to sell it for $100 more than all the competition that sells them on a contract.

        2)My friend stays with Mobilicity because like you said, its the cheapest unlimited plan. And he doesnt mind being chinced on 3g inside his own home as long as it connects to edge. Also he bought a 4g phone and doesnt mind using 3g networks yet he brags about its 4g capability. What good is unlimited everything if it doesnt include the most up to date data speeds, or even the speeds advertised within your own home?

        • Alex P.

          I have full bars at home and in the office on both phones. I am OK with 3-4MBps DL 1-2MBps UL speed when I am outside. When I am inside I use my work or home wireless networks.

  • AndroidVesti

    Mobilcity is a no go from me, but then again we all have different experiences and expectations from service providers. However, I think they played this very nicely.


  • Anonymous

    Waiting for Rogers. I’ve been waiting for my Telus contract to end just to switch to Rogers, and I’m hoping they’ll get Note 2 before Dec.

    If not, there’s always the GS3, and I guess the One X+.

  • RealMadrid

    Anyone got any ideas if note2 has the same specs as those in europe? ( 2 gb ram and quadcore proccessor)??

  • Dave McGuire

    Any news on an unlocked seller yet? I have an old Fido contract that I just buy my phone outright for.