Samsung Galaxy Note 2 International Giveaway!

by: Derek ScottAugust 23, 2012

To celebrate the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at IFA Berlin, we have decided to give away one of the most hotly anticipated devices of 2012 – the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Hell yeah!

First things first, lets learn about the Galaxy Note 2 specs and features, then make sure you catch up on all the recent Galaxy Note 2 news!

For full contest details scroll down to the bottom of this post.


Galaxy Note 2 Review: First Impressions

Galaxy Note 2 vs Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note 2 vs Galaxy S3

Galaxy Note 2 vs iPhone 4s

Interview with Samsung executive discussing Galaxy Note 2

Contest Details

Entering our Galaxy Note 2 international giveaway is as easy a few clicks. All we ask is that you give us some social love and spread the good word! You can earn up to 11 entry tickets into the giveaway, by completing the different tasks listed below. Please guys and gals, no funny business – one entry per person, we will verify entries and only ship to the name entered in the contest.

Here are the ways you can get entry tickets to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 international giveaway! Good luck, everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for entering guys and gals, and good luck! Stay tuned on Android Authority as we bring you the best coverage of all things Android! Plus, we’ll be at IFA 2012 in Berlin, grabbing tons of cool hands on video of all the latest, hottest Android gadgets! Leave us a comment below to let us know how we are doing too!

And the winner is:

  • taduL


  • Justin

    I will win

  • done…. hope i win… so much like it…

  • I want one!

  • derekross

    You forgot to add over 9,000 entries for watching Android Authority On Air! …ok so we WON’T give you over 9,000 entries for watching us live, but we will give you a sense of self satisfaction knowing your watching the original Android Hangouts On Air Show on Google+! >:)

    Good luck to all!

    • Tejas

      I didn’t find any code :

    • MoogleStiltzkin

      i didn’t code either :[

    • Ginder

      neither i found the code :-/

  • i so want it…..

  • Great giveaway!!! Love it

  • i know i will win this time

  • Done :)

  • Lovely to see another “International” giveaway from you guys!. This is one of those things that I like very about Android Authority!. I enjoy every bit of information you guys share with us every day!. Like last time, have entered this contest once again!. Hoping for the best!, Galaxy Note 2 will rule the smartphone eco-system this year, leaving iphone 5 very far behind !

    • MasterMuffin

      I hate these kinds of ass-licker comments that every giveaway has…

      • maybe it would be your intention of “Ass-licking” everytime for commenting here, I participate much often here, so I say what I feel like saying no matter how it sounds like to anyone !

        • MasterMuffin

          I have participated in all AA giveaways this year and I don’t know how many last year and….. and every giveaway in every single web page has millions of ass-licking comments like yours…. and it doesn’t matter if you say that “I wasn’t licking ass”…

          • yup, it doesn’t matter what shitty remarks people have to give on other’s comments !.

          • MasterMuffin

            yup! wait…… :D

  • i never win this kinf of contest, but maybe this time will be different… or maybe not

  • This is awesomely awesome!!!!

  • Josanne

    Please, please, please I would love to have this!! It’s my birthday!! Y’all would have given me the best bday present ever!! Even if it will be a couple days late…. Is this working? :P

    • MasterMuffin

      I hate these kinds of comments in giveaways, you’re not getting it by asking for it, even if it’s your “birthday”…

  • Sads Sadded

    hope i win :D !

  • I’m gonna win :)

  • Alexandru Dragan


  • MasterMuffin

    everytime the winner has been in the usa….. or in americas

    • Actually the last Samsung Galaxy S3 we gave away was won by someone from India!

      • MasterMuffin

        how did I forget that o.O sorry :) but still, giveaway winners are often in usa

        • Maybe the majority of people on the site are…… Americans?

          • MasterMuffin

            Are you?

          • Nope, but given it’s an English language site based in the US, so it’s not unreasonable to assume most visitor are american,

          • MasterMuffin

            I’m not either, I’m finnish. And yes you are right, but I was also talking about every giveaway in the web, the winners are almost always americans + if the person that is giving away stuff is from/living in america, 95% of the winners are americans :(

          • lise

            well shipping would be expensive if the price were to be sent abroad, i suppose. i’m not american either.

          • MasterMuffin


          • Guest

            Am from India, and check this about 10 times daily ( even in office .. lol)

          • SECRETTTT

            I was always wondering about you MasterMuffin. Now I know your secrets…. mUHAHAHA

          • MasterMuffin

            Uhmm what? :)

          • Nah, not really. English is as close to a universal language as we can possibly get and coming from someone living in a third world country, it has been drilled into our heads that we need to learn how to speak and write in English if we want a better chance in life. Besides, English websites are the most accessible reliable news source about technology. Not a lot of people know how to read Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and/or Chinese that well.

          • I’m from Hungary. :-)

      • karim

        hi, i don’t have android or iphone so what do i do to subscribe on google currents ??? plz help PS: i have a samsung wave

      • I’d bet anything on the same happening with the Note too! :)

    • NumbNuts

      What an idiotic thing to say and imply …… by the way WHATS YOUR POINT???

      • MasterMuffin

        If you didn’t get my point, I think you’re the one that is an idiot…

        • The last winner was from India you smartass.

          • MasterMuffin

            Yea, my ass is smart! Also, read all the comments that are below and then come back to comment, ’cause I’m not in the mood to start “fighting” :)

  • Blaine Magee

    It would be awesome to have one of these.

  • Chandra

    hopefully the winner “international” person too…. lol


  • ..again…anticipation is killing me…softly…

  • Andrew Dubinin

    done. maybe this time… maybe this time…

  • Let’s see how this goes.

  • I really hope to win! Fingers Crossed.
    I have been dreaming of this phone for long.. ;3

  • andrew maude

    It would just about make my day. I’m with T Mobile but even it the frequencies arent quite in synch that’s why I have tethering

  • Tushar Doultani

    i want the beast :)

  • That would make my dream come true.. =)
    I did all 11 entries.. Im that desperate!!

  • done done :)

  • Alan

    winning it or not which I wish I do but yet I love your website and I’m a big big fan of you… I hope I can enter the great world of Android by winning it though

  • igor bordelais

    Want it so bad

  • Eric Townsend


  • TommyNYC

    Perfect bday gift for my brother, he’s been drooling over this since the day it was announced!

  • ZazzyTaco

    I’d lick my balls for the Note 2!
    Pweash gief it to meh :3

  • KevinR

    just convinced my wife to allow me to get it…hopefully I can just win it!

  • How to hear that android authority podcast in air?

  • in which episode do I need to hear that podcast?

  • awesome! i hope i can win this (^^,)b

  • hope i can m not able to find security code on podcast..i listen

    Android Authority On Air – Episode 25 – Google Play Gift Cards and CM10

  • ViGi

    The secret code from an Android Authority on Air Podcast is: Where Can i find this Code.

  • Charlie

    All my dreams will come to true if this happened. But good luck to all

  • The secret code will be given away on the next 4 Android Authority On Air podcasts, starting with the next episode. AA On Air is a live Google + Hangout that airs every Friday night.

  • Cole Dowden

    always a contestant…never a winner. (*fingers crossed*)

  • Ron Bailey

    Really could use this phone my old one died the other day. Been waiting for the Note 2 for a while, would really love to win one.

  • Ali AlAli

    Good luck

  • Richard P

    The new Episode of Android Air hasn’t been posted yet so i don’t expect persons to have the code.

  • Paul

    Nice try, I’m not doing anything besides give you my name and email address.

  • Edward Smith

    AWESOME! Successfully completed all 11 points. Ready to win :)

  • hopefully, the note 2 price will go to a worthy winner :)

  • i hope i win. :)

  • Patrick

    I’ve been dreaming and drooling (icky pillow) about the Galaxy Note II. Thanks Android Authority for keeping me informed of the news and rumors pertaining to the new Note and for a chance to win one too.

  • i want the note and this phone too. the note 2 is going to be the best thing that happened to me. i entered for the first note. even if i don’t win this competition, imma buy this phone cash. i must have the 5.5 tyrant.

  • wetech

    MasterMuffin 214 comments • 229 votes Full profile MasterMuffin • 19 hours ago • parent

    how did I forget that o.O sorry :) but still, giveaway winners are often in usa

    • MasterMuffin


  • Franz A.D. Morales

    Been saving up for the first note… but since the note 2 is coming out, will be saving for this one instead! haha. Stylus fan here all phones I had the past 5 years were all stylus phones. So the Note is truly a godsend!

    • scottredlich

      Just a note on the Note. This guy is sincere and knows what he’s rappin about. He’s an artist, writer, musician and talented dude who, if you notice, has his perspectives straight: is talking about saving up instead of putting weight on “winning.” If anyone deserves a gift, it’s him. Good luck Franz

  • concep19

    I hope I’ll be lucky. :D

  • wish me luck :D

  • I dont only want to win it.. I need it!
    I will give my soul for it! Please AA im desperate! :)

  • I have fortunately completed all 11 entries.. Ready Galaxy Note 2!

  • The
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 International is Mine!…lol

  • tomn1ce

    Send it my way…..

  • I want it … >.<

  • can it be in the philippines? :|

  • Alrite guys i followed u guys on everything, from my facebook to twitter but thier different accounts/emails does it matter? P.S I LOVE/WANT THE NEW NOTE SO BADD ITLL BE A DREAM COME TRUE :)

  • alrite guys, i followed you guys on everything! but there different accounts does it matter? P.S I LOVE THE NOTE 2 (from all the hype/info), I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR IT LEGIT! PLEASE I NEED THE NOTE 2! :)

  • dawid

    i must take a note about this giveaway

  • Jun-Jun Alonzo

    Can’t wait to see what Samsung has in store with the new note 2!

  • In the freakishly, heavily unlikely scenario I promise I will do an unboxing video and possibly a review.

  • I managed to complete all the tasks bar the last one. I can’t find the friggin’ Secret Code :(

  • DrCarpy

    This is AWESOME!!!!!!!! Thanks Android Authority!

  • Wes

    Hope I win!

  • Did I just entered the correct secret code?? I’ve spent for 1 hour to listen the recent audio.. but it seems that I can’t find the secret code there, and I typed the secret code in random, and that application give me +1 score. Did I do it?

  • slhope

    whew….got all the entries in!!! Took a few minutes while looking for the last one, but figured it out!!! I hope to win this!

  • I wish I won :D

  • MarkCohn

    My wife needs a new phone….

  • I can’t wait until this phone comes out and see what the specs are. I hope they will be amazing. :D

  • I’m realy interested to see next big thing from samsung. I was iPhone guy since 2008 and two month ago I decided to go with android and Galaxy S3. I love this phone! Thank you samsung for great device and also thanks Google for great ideas and for listening your customers!

  • Aaaahhhhh, finally I get to be one of the few people to own a Samsung phablet II, thanks to Android Authority and its partners.

  • Abanoub Mansour

    I wish i win I’m from Egypt and smartphones are too expensive to buy

  • It would be nice to get my hands on one of these bad boys. I missed out on the original Note, but the Note 2 on T-Mobile’s soon to be fully unlimited plan will be great.

  • shamalamadingdong

    LOL!!! We know that give away goes again to some of your boys ;) I even wouldn’t bother to see the check list :D

  • Long live Samsung!

  • I really love the samsung note 2!

  • im from India I really Hope i win this……….

  • mohan

    wow i Think i need to buy this haha

  • ShailaKrishnaraj

    I am from India. .. shaila krishnaraj I entered. Long live Sumsung .i want to win this.. :) :)

  • I did all 11 entries for my best chance at it! Hope I win because Im ready!

  • Thanks for giving me a chance to win this nice phone. Can’t wait to see it, and ofc can’t wait to see me win ^_^.

  • awesome

  • i hope i win…..

  • Send it to me :D 11/11

  • Nishanta

    Am from India. Have already subscribed to AndroidAuthority on FLIPBOARD and PULSE.
    And I use galaxy note N7000 to heck every new article every 1 hr ( sometimes even when in office.. lol)

  • OMG OMG I literally would DIE!!!! Please android authority!!! PLEASE!!!! :)

  • androidway

    Ahh, I can’t wait. I love the Galaxy Note.

  • Vyrlokar

    You forgot to add an entry for posting here!

  • Great
    Prize! I want to win!

  • tBs_Battousai

    This would be so awesome!! but I’m never that lucky :(

  • Ferrari Gtr

    good stuff

  • i’ve done everything and really hope to win this one my self… you guys as always in everything you do, you are really number one.

    dont change, just keep up the prime work you do…

    Best regards,

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2, give me already!! :D

  • It’s time I highly need an update to my Gadgets list. So definitely this one’s on my first priority :)

  • Tricia Ladiana

    I wat to win! Good luck to us!

  • Tramane Moulton

    YES… Me please!

  • reevester

    Let’s go!! I hope to finally win something!! #fingersCrossed

  • im gonna win this

  • Troy Phelps

    im due a winnin!

  • Ratul

    Oh my, never even thought anybody will give this away :O you guys are generous !!

  • Francis Scardino

    it’s gonna be the bees knees. i’m in, never know how long till it’s banned in the US. ha.

  • i think i may….

  • Roshan Ramessur

    Good luck to everyone ;)

  • Entered and will be keeping fingers and toes crossed!!! I would so love a GSIII

  • ultraman waks

    oh yeah.. bloody dying for that

  • chuck

    His will we know if we have won

  • achintha

    i’M ALSO IN

  • Gotta have it

  • BTC

    okay i just “followed” u on my Twitter. Does that automatically enter me in Giveaway? ty! BTC

  • GL everyone!! I love samsung..

  • i want to articipate in this giveaway but i dont hav an ios or android device so cud u stil include me in it >>>

  • Lets try :)

  • James

    Im in hope i win so i can give it to my wife she really wants a tab. but i cant seem to save the money all the time lol people need to stop boo hooing about things then we wont need to worry about things being banned!!!!

  • bmeeks

    I have the first Gen and love it can’t wait till GN2 is here

  • ali

    hmmm….nice,,,hope to win…;)

  • i Never win

  • I had been a iphone (first smartphone) lover until I started playing / using my grandson’s android phone. I love the big screen and can’t see myself going back to Apple. I was looking at the Galaxy S3, now I think, that I will go with the Note 2.

  • Klaus Debroux-Leftman

    I NEED IT !

    Please save me from the beat up Blackberry I have with a broken track pad…

  • cool24x7

    Hope that I’ll get it so exited!!

  • please let me win

  • hafidz sarpan

    Itzzz cummin!!!!!! Hope im winnin sumthin!!!

  • Ankit

    I recently lost my phone.. This is my chance to shine.. #MayTheForceBeWithMe

  • Yvonne

    Im freaking excited!!!!!!!!!!

  • note_lover

    Fingers crossed and hoping to win :)

  • I hope to win this amazing device, would make my year, not day! :)

  • Edward Smith

    OMG THE NOTE 2 IS A BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WANT SO BAD!!!

  • siddarth malik

    how do u get to know the secret code on air podcast????/

  • Note 2 looks awesome. Finally something worthy to look forward to.

  • Loooove this!


    Either way Im definitely getting the Galaxy Note 2 but since I just got the original Galaxy Note only a couple months back the only way Ill be able to get the G-Note 2 soon without the wifey jumping down my throat is if I win it here lol. So fingers crossed because its gonna be so damn hard not to have this beauty in my hands soon. -KID ANDROID

  • Marsg

    >.> I would walk into the nearest iStore and throw my Galaxy Nexus at the nearest employee while yelling out Samsung’ed for that phone >.>

  • I hope that I win!

  • Renson

    im gonna win this,!!,

  • ohhhhh awesome mann thats just sooo coool man i want one of these titanium grey is awesome best device ever woooooooohooooooooo daaammmmmnnnn i am soooooo happppppyyyy c’mmoooooon gimme one these plz yeah

  • Galaxy note 2

  • whoooooo hoooo hope to win!! Awesome giveaway you guys!!Thanks for the chance!!

  • I never expect to win never won in anything like this, But nothing bad goes from trying, Here it goes

  • waly ahmadi

    I am in. I hope to win though

  • Arghhhh! I have to have you Samsung Galaxy Note 2 :x

  • Leo16

    thanks for allowing us to day dream:-)))) the device is totallllllllly worth it.

  • ivan

    Thanks giveaway and great galaxy note 2 , i hope can win this contest. please count me in. Thanks

  • Monjurul Islam

    let’s see who win :)

  • JohnChew

    Galaxy Note 2 Smashed the world of andriod

  • Alex Alex

    Nice. when is it coming to US? I want one…actually 2 at least :)

  • jm grider

    hurry, I like want one now!!!!!

  • ajeet yadav


  • like it (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧hope can win


    i want galaxy note 2

  • Aditha Varma raja


  • I love this one! Galaxy Note 2!!!!!!!!! I want to win this….

  • Either way, I am going to get this phone, no matter what, but getting it for free is always nice :D

  • GOODLUCK EVERYONE~! I hope I win~! :D

  • Anonymous

    *fingers crossed*

  • Hasnat

    Its great. Lots of info available. Excellent !!!

  • Milind

    i wanna win!

  • Sandy

    I really want it i hope i win!!~~ =)

  • Good luck! (^^)

  • People keep taunting me that i don’t have an iPhone. I have a really old GT-S5830 (Galaxy ACE). This would be a huge upgrade if i won . Superb display . Fingers crossed !

  • Jonathan

    Hi I’m from Hong Kong:D I don’t have a phone:( I really want one:) Good luck to everyone and thanks Android Authority you are the best!!!

  • Good Luck!

  • karimalmia

    i don’t have an android or an iphone phone (samsung wave) to subscribe on google currents so what do i do??????

    • Eks

      Don’t worry. You will only lose 1 entry ticket; you can still earn the remaining 10 entry tickets.

  • done

  • oh hi

  • Mohamed


  • Monica

    Finally!!! Here’s hoping that I win this time!!!

  • ONLYoochun

    Support Samsung~coz i’m also a Korea Culture lover XD
    I need the Samsung Galaxy Note II as I’m still using a slide phone which always turn off itself when i’m texting or calling~T^T

  • Shahin Yavari

    trying to get this! really want it =)

  • Note 2 please!

  • I Hope to win!!! GALAXY NOTE 2 FTW!!!! :)

  • nuriko001

    I CAN”T WAIT!!!! I really wish they didn’t redesign the tablet phone to look like an s3..and perhaps be a bit more clever with their device names..

  • hope i get itt really like this sexoo phone..

  • Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine :-) Pleassssssssse??? Lol this would make the perfect gift. So in love with the SGN2….please pick me!!! Good luck to everyone else.

  • Lena

    O yes, I am getting it, the white one , please!:-)

  • Franchis

    finally done

  • Im desperately wanting the Note 2, Im one of thousands in the draw, I just want to be lucky! =]
    (Fingers Crossed)

  • Nitish Pandey

    Great Work

  • natashaleslie

    love my note, can’t wait for the 2! how about a sassy, blonde canadian winner? ;)

  • BenT

    finally a phone for the giants in our midst, I’m 6’7″ (204cm for our non-us readers). a phone that looks in my hand like most iphonies look in the average hand !!! :^)

  • Cool!!! :)

  • I joined :P

  • may I’m the winner in this time at least! ;) i have participated to many give aways on Android Authority. but still haven’t been a winner. however this time, I wish to be.. :)

  • zoreen yucor

    hope i can win a samsung phone! excited!!!!!

    • zoreen yucor

      hope i can win.,.. im from the philippines! :)

  • Finger crossed.

  • BenjaminMois

    I Love a good contest, especially when this AMAZING device could hopefully be mine! :)

  • Priyatosh

    this is the best site to view and know the first, about android gadgets !!!

  • I want one

  • aloha

  • Go Go!! I need this awesome phablet!

  • Irene Tan


  • Hope I win this … I need a phone after I lost mine

  • v

    Once I subscribed, tweet and everything else, do I have to leave my name, screen name and address anywhere?

    • Nope, all we need is your name and email address. We will email the winner and ask for all the details.

  • I’m 4m pakistan…………!!!!

  • Pick me Pick ME Pick ME :)

  • I really want to win this one! I’m dying to get it!

  • Struan

    I’m going to loose just like always

  • govan

    Good luck guys

  • Nice. I hope to win.

  • balal rasool

    i want one

  • Hopefully this time winner will fall at SEA country. XD

  • Ibthesam Ahmed Sakib

    I Hope to WIN :)

  • uros

    galaxy note 2 :D

  • Nouman

    Ohh i hope that this time i win some thing and i would wait for my prize !!

  • Ryu

    how many winners are there gonna be??

  • <3 yeeah buddy

  • Ronak Chauhan

    So out of the twenty two thousand, how many are you going to give?

  • Wow good luck !

  • valeria

    man i pressed the wrong buttons oh well. i am hoping to win a new cell phone but i might not happen since never won anything before …..sorry for any inconvience….good luck to all who enter……i would really love a samsung galaxy note 2!!!! i love samsung cells !! :)

  • heard the podcasts cant find the code :(

    • Tejas

      Same here !

  • Is the touch screen and interface of the Note 2 as fast as or faster than the 4s? And does it have better multitasking capabilities as well? As a college kid it’s hard to justify spending on a tablet when I have a phone and a laptop already, but tablet functions are extremely helpful, and the Note 2 looks like it’l fit the bill between phone and tablet. Would like to know if it does very well as a phone and a tablet(ish) as well.

  • nAmmy

    Anyone from nepAl?? :)

  • Hope I can be the winner this time ;____;
    I need a smart phone so badly~~
    And I really love Samsung Galaxy Note II, but I don’t have enough money to buy it…
    Please give and sent Galaxy Note II to my home in Indonesia T__T
    If androidauthority give me Samsung Galaxy Note II, I’ll love androidauthority F.O.R.E.V.E.R~~~~

  • Which galaxy note that will be used as the prize for this contest? The 10.1″ or 7″?

  • It would be awesome to win it..wont win it, but least i tried..

  • NMN

    anyone who uses his android like an iphone should not be allowed in this contest………;P///…….and the secret code was awesome

    • Tejas

      Where did you find the code ?? O_o

      • blah

        The podcast

    • Haha~ indeed. I thought it was going to be some generic word but it gave me a good chuckle.

  • starman

    i hope i win

  • vicenta oracoy

    my sister gave me a samsung GT-S5620 and i care this unit until now,
    .. samsung thank you!

  • Brianisugly

    24k entries and and still 21 days left. There goes my hopes of winning one.

  • Code? What code? I guess 10 out of 11 will have to do.

  • Elijah Archibeque

    i would love to win a phone,i have a 7 dollar phone,i can do calls but thats it,plus you can do internet search so its like a computer and phone that would be AWESOME

  • I hope i win to get Samsung Galaxy Note 2…..

  • G-Note Baby!!! Come to Daddy!!! Lol :)

  • rahul sharma

    i hope i got the code right..fingers crossed :)

  • the best giveaway so far

  • awsome video…but the code??

  • Fasee

    I Hope to WIN The Samsung Note 2!!!

  • Nabil Erfan

    I work at a Samsung production line where they do the warranty and everything.. And you know, everyday looking at new Samsung phones and everyday i hope they would someday give some away to the employees but that never happened and everyday i’m stuck just looking at the all the brand new samsung phones but never really gotten the chance to buy one cause its too expensive.. I really hope to win this galaxy note2.. Just need to find that secret code.. Grrr!

  • I’m still clueless about the code from the podcast. :(


    Hope I win :D

  • I hope i will win! :D Galaxy Note 2 <3

  • Brate

    Over 9000!

  • Hope I can win this…
    I need a smarth phone so badly ;___;

  • Manar

    im from bahrain . i hope i can win this awesome device . :D

  • n900mixalot

    Nice! You guys have some great coverage! Where have you been hiding?


    I truly need one my s3 has gone to rubbish its smashed an every thing i have also wanted the note now there is a noyr 2 i am so ecxited if i dont win it i will kill mt selh

  • Lewis

    Been saving up for a note for years and i’m not even half way there yet! :'(

  • Done with all
    entry tickets
    Hope I can get this big price Samsung Galaxy Note 2
    I’m from Indonesia~~~ Please sent it to my home Indonesia…. Never get an indonesian to win before…
    And I really need this smartphone.. And sadly I don’t have one smartphone at all now…


    So please pick me~~
    I LOVE YOU.. Handsome and Sexy Admins~~ Go Go Go ^__^/

  • Oh yes. Very nice comp ;)

  • Fasee

    Cant Wait….
    Hope To Win The Samsung Note 2…..
    I Always Wanted Samsung mobile….especially This one….
    completed above task….
    And Waiting for that Day to Come….

  • Lia

    Craving for galaxy note 2 for my upcoming birthday, this will be so much helpful to complete my tasks and schedule, I want to have one!

  • Amel

    Ship it to Indonesia please…

  • Hey im from Jamaica, i hope i win :)

  • Great contest. Hope I win

  • Samsung Note 2 is an Master piece and just wanna win this Samsung note2 cause i never had an android device…nor i neva won in Android Authority…hope i win this

  • I would eat a sock if i win this giveaway

  • lankyman22

    hii plz cn i win this hyuge phone

    thanks plez

  • ron_bailey

    One never knows how things will go so I’m hopeful my luck will change for the better.

  • This phone would be perfect for school.

  • Done, done, and done! Great podcast, was able to find out the keyword! Thanks again guys! I love what you’re doing here!

  • gmoneyglb

    I’ve got big hands and fingers this will be perfect in my hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i want samsung note 2

  • lets get them blazing! rawwr!! :)

  • vinay

    truely a masterpiece it is

  • Ginder

    wish i could win one…i don’t even have money to pay for fast internet connection and i’m unable to listen that postcad :( i want one badly…
    all the best to all!

  • doing great! and what about me ..hope I’ll do great to (if i win…)

  • Solus Kane

    Heres to trying. Hopefully someone with a bogus bot account or multiple emails doesnt win

  • Daksh

    Hope i win this

  • Aaron Weyhrich

    If I won, and I really hope I do, It would make my year!

  • Ok then New at AA but already Fan !!!! Great post, vids and awesome Giveaways Jajaja!!!! Cheers from Mexico!!! I’ll love to change my boring ios 4s for this freak beautiful peace of tech Androide SGN 2 !!!!! Yeah!!!!

  • wat is that code thingy??

  • Souvik

    Well done ANDROID AUTHORITY !! Giving Away is great virtue LoL !!

  • Done…PEACE 4 ALL

  • Hope I can win

  • doug75


  • James

    I would very much like to win this because the only namebrand android thing i have is my galaxy player….

  • ah man i have no chance of winning this!

  • great contest

  • done, just waiting for my winning notification

  • I NEED TO WIN THIS ITS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I’m a artist, & poet an this will add some more flavor into transitioning from traditional to digital, better marketing strategy be ahead with my talents

  • Myuji

    how i wishh they will choose someone who also commented here.. :))

  • excellent video i long for it even more

  • Schmdty420

    I wonder if the USA version will be quad core as well??

  • i just win this…once der was on youtube giveaway s3…spent hours doing the required thing many a times…failed…here i participate for THIS DEVICE…

  • i just win this…once der was on youtube giveaway s3…spent hours doing the required thing many a times…failed…here i participate for THIS DEVICE…
    i just win this….
    damn the life of a common man is so worse…
    inflation..luck never favors..n dis mobile prices so high makes one simply unable to even dream of having it..
    n here ur site is…i just hope u giving it away really…
    n i just win…

  • I just want one… that’s all plz.

  • Thanks for the chance!

  • good luck!

  • it made me reactivate my twitter account

  • patentwars

  • Jack Notman

    I want this sooooo badly XD

  • Hope I win this. I love the Galaxy Note. I hope the Note 2 will be even better!

  • rodluizpant

    I need a new phone, mine broke

  • Pls bless me wid dis smart phone beloved god!!

  • Got nokia x6…..fed up with it’s 434 Mhz processor….DAMN slow :P

  • vineeth janardanan

    Would be great to win ,although my chances don’t look too pretty with 29k entries already…good luck everyone..

  • that phone is lush!!

  • i have 3 phones i my possession all costing £20 or less none of which work for longer than 24 hours, this might just be a step up.

  • Entered as many times as I could using the social networks that I use

  • Another entry for me!

  • Josh Ticsay

    i love this phone!

  • Thanks for hosting!

  • Ken Staten

    Would love one….. bite me apple!!!!

  • fadilkarim

    i want it!!!

  • Hope i can win!!

  • Appz-

    Hope I’ll win xD

  • hope to win this

  • kat reyes

    let me win.. =)

  • Jay Lightner

    love the new note

  • yuvichb

    ~you’re doing good…! :D

  • Gabriel Pérez

    Doooone, please pick meeee!!!!!

  • cant wait for the results

  • Total guild plug here that’s me the guy who ran across Canada. One marathon at a time. I was raising awareness for Traumatic Brain Injuries and trying to show the world that we can still do amazing things. I suffer from short term memory loss (think of the movie Memento or 50 first date’s) I use technology as my prosthetic brain. My current smart phone is dying and I use it to know where to go, what to do when I get there, and how to get home. I am so getting this phone when it comes to Canada.

  • i hope i will get it

  • FionaLynne Edwards

    All done – fingers v much crossed x

  • I am lucky…

  • Martin “Lawliet” Amuesi

    Awesome! A really fantastic giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  • praveen

    Give it to me that’s mine…….

  • Charlie


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  • done everything lets hope for best !

  • Dhrexler

    God Bless Us All ^_^

  • simon

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  • Nyssa

    I want to win, that note 2 is so awesome, way to go Samsung.

  • FTW!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    I would love to win this amazing phone! My birthday is September 24th and I’ll be 20 so that would be a great gift hehe. Good luck to all entries :).

  • Haley Redshaw

    Would love to win this x

  • I realy like to win a Note 2

  • Sads Sadded

    hopefully i win T_T… could use a new phone !

  • T.Mulder

    awesome giveaway

  • Ginder

    how to get that secret code??

  • I wanna have it :-D

  • Jess

    I’m an iPhone user considering switching to the Note if iPhone 5 doesn’t impress tomorrow. Winning one would guarantee my switch. I’ve entered to win!

  • Ray Hamilton

    That is how you do it lol before the conference No one else can do good Android stuff.


  • Stefan Tischler

    Ok, i earned most of the ticfkets, you can send me the device now :-P

  • Hopefully am gonna win this thing ,I know am gonna win :D

  • Every entry says done and I cannot even cancel them -.- UK/Nepal here… Galaxy Note 2! saranghae yo! XD if u know what mean.

  • Pandu Bisnis

    cool contest, even cooler when I win this :)

  • puppet

    i need this!!! fingers crossed:D X X X X

  • Fasee

    I’m anxious to get my hands on that note 2…

  • Note 2 fan!

    I’ve listened to Android Authority live on air and can’t find the code. can anyone help?

  • Mitchel Errol Suarez

    Give it to me baby, ahah ahah!!!

  • techno freak

    love this mob

  • Very good site for info about android and good comparisons between android and other os

  • hope to win


  • still wondering , i am in ?(the code?)

  • I am looking for the note 1, but would love to win a note 2. Gimmie gimmie gimmie!

  • Mario Aviles

    Love this site! Always read the reviews and news! Great device in the Giveaway hope i get one! I never win but anyway a great opportunity to have that awesome device

  • this is great going…. first it was the Samsung S3 and now the Samsung Galaxy Note 2… you rock it Androidauthority…..

  • Jake

    Not sure if I already posted or not.

  • oh please let me be me!

  • Couldnt hear the secret code am i deaf T_T

  • awesome contest. May the luckiest win!!

  • David

    love this new note 2!!!

  • Hehe I just got a message that I won the Galaxy note :p

  • Anna Ramia

    My one and only chance to have such a smartphone XD

  • You all should forget about winning because I am going to win for sure :D

  • Ginder

    more than 35k entries! wish I could win one! :-/

  • I really need a new phone, Im stuck with my 2010 model.
    This would help me very much in school and entertainment at the same time. =D
    Please AA, make my dream come true.

  • Its wonderful.. I want it!! ;]

  • Emily

    Entered as well! :)

  • at last i found the secret code… now hoping the best…

  • I have waited more than 1 year for this phn..!!

  • i hope i win!

  • This new android phone will be mine soon. :)))) #AndroidAuthority

  • Lalalalala. Hoping that this smartphone will be mine soon. :)))) I’m from Philippines.

    • Mitchel Errol Suarez

      Same here Bro.. Kababayan! :)

    • i want to win this thing so badly… >: l grrr

  • very excited to see the actual note 2…. i already own the note 1 and am very happy with it, but note 2 seems to have a lot more improvements although the picture quality does not seem to be as clear even though one video says the pixels are not visible anymore….

  • the excitement is building…..

  • excited !

  • WOW! I want it! – Fingers Crossed.
    This will help me alot in school. =D



  • Pravas Kumar

    I’ve Won Nokia N8 & HTC One X in other contests. Hope My luck works here too..haha..

  • I hope this works… :D

  • it will going to be mine

  • Alex

    How will I get contacted if I win?

  • here’s hoping!!

  • Axel Lozano

    Will it blend?

  • dario

    hoping to have this one soon

  • spectremANDROID

    All done.

  • Dylan Sanchez

    I find it weird that all these people entered when in the terms it already said that i was going to win???!!!

  • nick

    love this phablet…:)

  • Dileep Devapal

    Looking forward to getting one soon.

  • Wanna get my hands on this note 2 so badly… tired of my iPhone 4!!!

  • sergioosh

    The code was easy. Tried the first thing that came to my mind and it worked! :D

  • Ruth Hedges

    All done! Thanks for the comp xx

  • MoogleStiltzkin

    Wish me luck :D

  • Skander Helali

    Hope i win something for the first time in my life :p

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    I need a new phone, and would love a Note 2!!!!!!!!

  • Espen Benoni

    Hope I win! Norway representing (probably the only one).

  • tallguyy

    looks very nice!

  • chicken

    i will be so happy if i win :D

  • So velly vellu sorry everybody… I’ve just had confirmation that I’m going to be the winner….. better luck next time.. lol

    • Edward Smith

      The way you said that sounds like you didn’t get a confirmation. Post a pic of your email otherwise I doubt you won.

  • good luck!

  • Edward Smith

    I want to win this soooooooo bad!!!! :)

  • i want to win

  • Ian

    The Galaxy Note 2 , the Godzilla of Cel Phones ! born in Korea

  • ali_plus

    11 out of 11 Done (With the Real Code) :)… Hope I win out of 3500+ contestants…

  • here i hope to win

  • Anna Ramia

    3 days Left

  • jonesin’ for this soooo bad… never had a smart phone before, and a note 2 would be a fine first for me! :)

  • just want this anyhow…..

  • i want

  • hope samsung galxy note2 missing me much…
    miss u darling

  • Marvin Bautista

    Hope I win, and this to be my first Smartphone. Thanks and more power!

  • pinoypasty

    I waaaant one..-___- Pretty please T___T

  • trixisalive

    I SO WANT A NOTE 2 !!! :D its SUCH A AWESOME PHONE BY SAMSUNG ! From Singapore !

  • I don’t have an Android… in fact i don’t have a phone !

    Anyways let the deserving person win ! :)

  • Hope I win this time. :-) Fingers crossed. From Philippines

  • Mitchel Errol Suarez

    3 days and 18 hours remaining.. :))

  • Kennethszky

    Iam from philippine and i want to win one. :))))

  • I dont even need to do the procedures to win since I have already done it all! This website is my fave website on Android updates ;D

  • sauly


  • I really hope I win!

  • Come to me babe ,come come note 2 :D

  • Lino Farinelli

    Android Authority Rules!!

  • Mandip

    Me me me :P

  • Entered. Thanks for another great contest!

  • i did everythin

  • This would be the best gift for me.

  • I love Samsung Galaxy Note 2 :)

  • entered…but can’t understand the secret code :((( i listened…but no way :(

    • Israel Lai


  • No need for a tablet with the Note 2 !

  • richman

    This Galaxy Note 2 is mine! am very sure ’bout that :))

  • Pick me!

  • I need this! ;D Hope I win.

  • Law

    This > Iphone 5


  • Olendo the BamaBuc

    I am currently a original SAMSUNG Galaxy Note owner and have no regrets but would love the opportunity to experience the NOTE 2

  • thing is huge!

  • AntBos76

    Would love to win this phone it’s awesome!

  • JasonM

    This phone will be mine!!! :)))

  • Cool

  • It would be nice to win for once…

  • Thabbin

    Just Hope I Win!

  • I want it …

  • 2 more days remaining!! just can’t wait anymore.

  • i really wanna win but i have the disadvantage of google currents.. i don’t own any android or ios device right now.. :(

  • 41.000+ entries sobs~~ Dear God, Please let me be so lucky this time~~

  • Great contest ! Hope I could win this awesome gadget !!

  • hayley wynn

    fingers crossed i could do with a bit of luck

  • Tablet and phone all in one = perfect! =D
    Hope I win.

  • 2 more days to go !!!

  • Allove

    I love this phone!

  • Ionized

    I ❤ Android


    im very excited entered into the contest :3

  • i finished all entries it’s surprising for me to know how interesting android authority on air is i will make sure i listen to all of them ASAP i’m sure now i can get that Samsung GALAXY Note II

  • Sebastian Quintero

    i hope i win!

  • Yuval A.

    hope I win!

  • Despyse


  • I’m on every mobile device site/blog almost all day everyday, I’ve become addicted with it to the point the wifey is getting mad because I surf the Web for the latest Android News More than pay attention to her lol. I have to get it down to checking out one Site & that becoming my only Site I check out & promote(I’m known for promoting my favorite sites & phone company’s to the point ppl always ask if I get paid for promoting them lol)

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m in contests for devices with many Sites like this so whatever Site I win a device from first will become my Site & I will only promote that Site.. I really love this Site & this is the device I really want to win so please pick me & we both get something great out of it (You get amazing promotion, Heck if you pick me I’ll even get your logo tattooed on me, you can’t pick a better winner than that) – KID ANDROID

  • Very informative on Android & samsung mobile devices updates.

  • Usman

    King of phones!

  • I want to win. ;D

  • Gurpreet Singh

    With over 42000 entries already… tough luck… But the specs are too good to let it go without a try. still hope to win this great phablet.

    • most people had 11 entries.. so technically it makes it like 4,200:1
      i guess…

    • Well, we all have .02% chance of winning. Better than the Ragnarok card drop rates which is 0.01% chance. lol

  • ooh i wants one

  • who would it be? so very excited! I hope its me.So pick me pls..

  • Harshal Lanjewar

    Phablet!!! You r mine!!!

  • Praveen

    Best of luck to all of you and to me too.

  • one more day to go!!!

  • Hanny Udayana

    Well,tough luck for all of us. It’s 11 (at most) against 42 thousand and something hundred. God..

  • yankeesusa

    Is the contest over?

  • Helder Martinho

    Could be me….

  • Jerry

    I need a galaxy note 2 in my life!!!

  • GRIM

    it seems every one want to win but no one found the code as yet …
    I want to win as well but the code is hard to get

  • I found that quite difficult to enter – left out a couple. Cross fingers.

  • Kalpesh Mulchandanii

    was the code too simple or did i guess it wrong?

  • Rickie

    xD Draw is soon, can’t wait!

  • Marlene Hullett

    I have wanted a Samsung Galaxy Note for a year now the Samsung Galaxy Note II is coming so maybe I can win this.

  • Let’s try to win… :)

  • small chnces but im in

  • Scott Norcross

    I’m in!

  • Leslie GL

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to enter this Giveaway! Much appreciated.

  • keno

    I wish that will be mine. #SamsungGalaxyNote2

  • argekay

    Keep on rocking guys.

  • awesome !! best of luck for all of us :D

  • tom

    im gonna win

  • Ginder

    fingers crossed !

  • please my god give it to me

  • Ixty Urendon

    I can’t seem to find the secret code T-T I really want to win this badly.. huhu
    good luck everyone, if we could just all win.. kkk ^ ^ this would really be a great gift for me for my upcoming birthday :D

  • I really hope that I win! Would be a great upgrade :)

  • Would love to win something like this… it’s time to retire my optimus v

  • chrriss

    Fabby dingdoddi Get my name in that hat sweetie pies love you loads, you’ve even made the sun shine this morning! All I can say is go to AA to win the day x

  • best of luck to all! this has been a great giveaway!!!

  • gs prakash

    Let the lucky one win good luck to all of us those who participated

  • Theres alot of people in for the giveaway, but I still have hope! ;)

  • Abdullah Naji

    I want to win! :)
    Theres alot of entries, but I still have hope.

  • Ilhom Rasuloff

    i hope to get this beauty! :)

  • Paul I.

    Super nice phone! Let’s hope I win :)

  • Brett Grosso

    I want the note 2 bad!!

  • I enter contests from all mobile related sites to win a new device but have never won anything, it never really mattered because I’ve never even liked those devices. This is the first contest I’ve ever entered where I actually want to win because I absolutely love the device & Im dying to get my hands on it. If I win I can die a happy man ;-) I’m so excited. – KID ANDROID
    P. S.. Is the actual drawing tomorrow or just the end of entering?

  • srinivas

    I am going to get it for sure..its my favourite phone..

  • Aryan Deep

    i Still have hope!!! that one day i can win.

  • Milind

    Here’s hoping!

  • Fasee

    Only 8 hrs left…still have some hope of winnig it from these 44562 entries…im so anxious to get my hands on the Samsung Note II…

  • At least I can say I discovered your AA On-The-Air if I don’t win. Good stuff!

  • Mark Pashmfouroush

    my bday on 28 september, would love to win, love the video interview you guys got from that samsung marketing guys. this is certainly a premium technology site.

  • Regular check to see if I won .AA you guys rock and I cant wait to get my note 3 sent to me

  • 1 hour to go!!!

  • I cant wait

  • Ginder

    just fer minutes left!!

  • Dylan Sanchez

    sooo close

  • Riley

    When are they announcing the winner?

    • not sure

      • MoogleStiltzkin

        o.o; hope i won … *cross fingers

    • Dylan Sanchez

      im thinking the same thing

  • Dylan Sanchez

    piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick the winner already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Riley

      I know right?

      • Dylan Sanchez

        where u from… eg us, canada

        • Riley


          • Dylan Sanchez

            meee too… i really want to win!!!!

          • Riley

            Yeah I’m gonna be soo stoked if I win

  • Fasee

    Still have some hope of winnig it from these 44543 entries…im so anxious to get my hands on the Samsung Note II…

  • Dylan Sanchez

    what are they doing????????????

  • WOW!!.. Its finally Over!! 45044 entries!!:o.. OMG!!!..Pretty cool!

  • Edward Smith

    Olds are better with 45044 entrees compared to winning the lotto. :) I wonder when they will announce the winner.

  • Guest

    So who won!!!

  • So who won?!!

  • Ginder

    when will be the winner announced????? :-/

  • Riley

    Holley shit I want to know who won
    It’s been 40 minutes since the contest ended

  • Any news on the winner?
    I hope I win
    I want to win so bad like everybody else

  • by the way if you have the 11 entries its about 1 in 4500 for you so be happy, ten times higher chance than if you had one entry lol

  • Edward Smith

    Most likely the winner will be announced on Monday.

    • Riley

      Yeah probably. I wish they would tell us tonight though

      • Dylan Sanchez

        that is soo stupid they really should have told us when they will announce the winnner

  • Send it to me :)

  • Balint

    Here is the comment.. :)

  • It’s 23rd. You should include this day as well. I cannot enter! :(

  • Jono

    Gd luck Everyone :) btw anyone’s entry earned gone down to 0?

    • Riley

      Yeah mine did

      • Jono

        i wonder wt tht does tht mean lol

  • Ginder

    every minute feels like an hour!

  • Daniel Jones

    11/45044 might have some hope

  • Whats going on? I the entries are finished, why arent they announcing the winner? :)

    • I guess they will be announcing the winner tomorrow or something. They’re probably verifying the entries of the winner and that kind of stuff at the moment.

  • When are they announcing the winner?

  • Ohhh I wanna win… I really want that phone O.o

  • Reginald Bowie

    They can take their time as long as I win :-P

  • are the results out..??

  • when are the results coming..???

  • Mitchel Errol Suarez

    Who will be the lucky winner of this beastly phone? :)

  • results not out yet?

  • Hi everyone, we have been busy with the iPhone 5 release, we will be announcing the winner sometime today September 24.

  • winner please,,,?

  • MoogleStiltzkin

    *crosses fingers

  • Navneet

    Fingers Crossed! Do it Already!

  • Edward Smith

    So excited!!! :-)

  • Reping from Africa

  • really excited now!

  • Boss Nova

    I’m not sure if I entered this giveaway correctly :-( whyyyyyyyyy…….I want to win this Galaxy Note 2….!!! I better WIN

  • I wantz to win!!

  • anoz

    when are they going to annouce the winnner???????

  • vinay

    who is d winner ?

  • dude

    when are the announcing the winner

  • We just completed the draw, we can say that someone from Pakistan has won the new Galaxy Note 2. I will post the winners name shortly.

  • results please…!

  • can someone please tell me when will they announce the winner for this raffle..

    • Derek Scott: “We just completed the draw, we can say that someone from Pakistan has
      won the new Galaxy Note 2. I will post the winners name shortly.”

  • Edward Smith

    CAN EVERYONE JUST STOP TALKING!!!! They said they will announce it today, grow up and just wait.

  • all hope is lost, atleast this contest was fair, other sites give prizes to people who post 12 times as one person!

  • .024420566% i might have a chance

  • Shivinder Grewal

    Well obviously it take a lot of time to count so may names and verify process. I am sure we will have our winner soon !

  • when will u send it to me?? waiting anxiously..

  • We have a winner, Mr.Taha from Pakistan is the winner. Congratulations Mr.Taha and stay tuned as we have another Galaxy Note 2 giveaway just around the corner.

    • Hanny Udayana

      Aw yeah.. Congratulations to Mr. Taha.. Next Note 2 shall be mine. :D

    • I didn’t win :(.. But Congrats Mr. Taha :)

    • MoogleStiltzkin

      i didn’t win, but at least it’s apparent that androidauthority is not biased in who wins :} unlike Engadget :p

    • Pravas Kumar

      Awesome..Congratulation to the winner. And I’ll be tuned to enter the next note 2 contest.

  • Edward Smith

    Congrats Mr.Taha! :D

  • congrats to the winner! these giveaways are just awesome!!

  • Tejas Ahobala

    Winner picked on 19th Sept ?? (as said above)
    But that wasn’t the stipulated deadline O_o

  • Tejas Ahobala

    It shows 39885 in the winner window, but 39886 in the Rafflecopter window!!
    How’s that ?? ;)

  • aww…. thought I could actually win something this time
    darn it oh well CONGRATS Mr. Taha!

  • Olumide Oyetoke

    Congratulations to Mr Taha M.
    I wish I won this giveaway.
    With all the knowledge I have on Android, I don’t have any Android device yet.
    I only experience the Android feeling on the AVD emulator while practicing how to write (program) apps in eclipse.

  • luminelx64

    Congratulations to Mr Taha M.
    I wish I won this giveaway.
    With all the knowledge I have on Android, I don’t have any Android device yet.
    I only experience the Android feeling on the AVD emulator while practicing how to write (program) apps in eclipse.

  • Draven

    Congratulations to Mr Taha!

  • So the guy who won only subscribed to Android Authority YouTube Channel & that’s it?

  • Anna Ramia

    Next giveaway will be mine :D

  • Guest


  • pick me pick me