Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hands-on image gallery


  • munkyboythethird

    Need this

  • patrik69

    My new phone!

  • Anna

    Always loved android from the start! Love samsung phones too. The two together can only get better with time. Have the original note and was amazed, until the note 2 came out. How much more can a phone do? Still get asked about what the note is capable of by strangers. Would love to own the newer version to experiment and explore the endless possibilities, advances and differences between the two!

  • AndroidBrian

    Think its about time I said goodbye to my galaxy nexus. Gs3 was semi difficult to let pass by. This phone is impossible, I must have it!!!!!

  • Jim Hemphill

    I would have liked to see some images taken rather than more pics of the phone. A shot over a crowd to see the depth and focus contrast would have been informative and some tests of it’s auto focus or at least descriptions as to how fast it adjusts as you move from a centered face to the distant background. I just don’t think I want to wait till xmas.