Samsung has recently announced a new accessory for the Galaxy Note 2. At first glance this latest accessory appears to be a dock, say maybe, a charging dock. But in reality, this offers quite a bit more. The product is called the Samsung Galaxy Smart Dock and it brings goodies such as HDMI and USB connectivity.

Simply put, this means you can dock your Galaxy Note 2 and with the correct devices connected, use your phone like a desktop computer. Granted, things will not be exactly the same given you will still be using Android and the power of your device. But on that thought, you will be using it will a full-sized display, keyboard and maybe even a mouse.

The Galaxy Smart Dock is available direct from Samsung. It is priced at $99.99 and in addition to the HDMI (which supports 1080p video), it has three USB 2.0 ports and a 3.5mm stereo out. The dock also has microUSB for your charging needs. Samsung also stated that the Galaxy Smart Dock will work with your Galaxy Note 2 even if it is in a Flip Cover or a slim case.

Bottom line, this is certainly not going to be an accessory that everyone is looking to get. But hey, neither is the Galaxy Note 2. The price seems a bit high at $99.99, but I must say that I am a bit interested. I may have to set aside a few bucks before Verizon decides to ship my Note 2 and see how useful it proves to be.

Robert Nelson
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  • Amos

    Looks like it just plugs in via USB. Any idea if this will work with other devices? Would love a dock like this for my Nexus 7 (or 4!)

  • This qualifies the Note 2 as real NirvanaPhone !

    • Thanks for the term! I’m familiar with the concept having experimented with it and gotten excited about Ubuntu for Android.

  • andfan

    So what’s the difference between what you have and this in terms of functionality?

    • No usb?

    • Three USB ports.

      Thanks for the link there! Glad to see that works with the Galaxy Nexus. And it’s cheaper than the other Galaxy Nexus docks I’ve seen that used the pogo pins.

    • sthth

      You can’t connect a monitor with that. And you also can’t connect a keyboard and a mouse. With this, you can use your phone like a mini desktop pc.

  • wonder if this will also work with devices like the Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy S3

    • I wanted a Note 2 so bad, but I just couldn’t live with my Optimus S any longer so the day I was eligible for an upgrade I got the GNex for $49, and got a Nexus 7 too. I just wish I would have waited a month on the Nexus 7 so I could have gotten the 32gb version for the price I paid for my 16GB model

      • leoingle

        Thats what you get for being greedy and not practicing patience.

        • Calibrator

          Yeah, you have to be worthy to get a Note 2!

        • $299 is too much to spend with a 2 year contract anyway. If I was going to spend $299 I would just get the new Nexus 4 without a contract, and get a much cheaper pre-paid plan

          • Yeah, the contract price of a Note 2 on T-Mobile is awful. For me, it’s $370, which is more than a 16 GB Nexus 4 unlocked! I suspect Google is selling through at the wholesale price from LG, which means T-Mobile is probably making money even on the subsidized phone price and T-Mobile’s $700 unlocked is a $2-300 markup!

          • JayJay

            Just fyi…I recently ordered a GN2 inactivated from the Sprint website at full price. With taxes and everything itcame to $689. Now, it may be a mistake (I really hope not), but that payment of $689 is showing up as a CREDIT on my Sprint bill as if I made a payment of $689. So I guess now I got the phone for free seeing as I don’t owe anything on my bill for the next 2-3 months? I guess they’re giving them away! LOL

        • On a Clear Day

          Didn’t someone once say,”Judge not lest ye be judged.”, leoningle?

          Sometimes its hard not to fall victim to the siren song of the latest and greatest – seems to me that Kelly recognized that fact and most likely will never make that – fortunately not too terribly terrible – mistake again, and is probably the wiser for making it now on something small, rather than later, on something that could be serious.

          That said, what’s your excuse for being nasty?

  • That’s beautiful! I use my Galaxy Nexus with my 27″ monitor and a bluetooth keyboard and mouse on occasion. I’ve been wanting a dock like this for an Android phone or tablet for a while. The tablet UI in particular does nicely on a large external monitor, and the split-screen function in the Galaxy Note TouchWiz would be quite helpful.

    I guess I’m a weirdo, but I kind of want a Galaxy Note 2 now that I’ve seen this dock.

    • Calibrator

      With me it’s exactly the other way round: I have the Note 2 and want this dock – and I’m glad, that I didn’t buy the older one.

      Expensive like most official addons but definitely a clean and tidy solution.

      I’m curious how the built-in USB hub of my Eizo Foris will work with my PC and the Note 2.
      The Foris also has a picture-in-picture function so both could be on screen simultaneously. I could then play youtube vids on the N2 while being in a PC game (like walkthru or speedwalk vids) etc.

      • Oh wow, that’s great! Take pics of that setup when you get it working, please. :)

        I have a 2560×1440 27″ monitor at home (the Microcenter special, similar to the Korean monitors) and I’m hoping the Nexus 10 gets a dock like this with a displayport output so it can run full native res over the link instead of just 1080p.

  • Getting very annoyed waiting for Orange to get their finger out and sort out a Note 2 for me

  • Galaxy Smart Dock its mean I can use it on the Galaxy note 1 too ? eh ?

  • can it be used like WIACOM Bamboo, to draw design in the screen that shows up in the monitor ?

  • I am SAVING right now to buy it OUT-RIGHT.

  • Mario Irelan

    i am getting the note 2, in 2 weeks!

  • PiquePique

    If you are interested, the Note 3 definitely works with the Note 2 smart dock. I have two and they are working great – one for my Note 3 and the other for my Note 2; check out the demo on youtube: