Canadian carriers confirm Samsung Galaxy Note 2, no date or pricing details

by: Kristofer WoukSeptember 24, 2012

If you live in Canada and have been waiting for news of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 coming to you, here it is. Sort of. While three carriers have announced that they will be carrying the Note 2, there is no word as of yet on when or how much it will cost.

So far, TELUS, Mobilicity and Wind Mobile have announced that they will introduce the phone this fall, and it’s possible that Bell and Rogers may follow suit. The announcements released have been on the vague side, but with the Note 2 seeing the beginning of its European launch in the coming weeks and being scheduled for a November release in the U.S, it’s easy to assume that the Canadian release will be sometime this fall.

In case you need a refresher course on the specs, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 features a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1280 x 720, 8-megapixel rear and 1.9-megapixel front cameras, a 3,100 mAh battery, and up to 64 GB of internal storage, supplemented by a MicroSD slot that can add another 64 GB.  As if that wasn’t enough, it runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box.

As you can see, the Galaxy Note 2 is a lot of phone. So much that some users may see that as a down side; you don’t have a screen that big without a fairly large device, hence the term “phablet.” Still, if performance means everything to you, there’s currently no better choice.

Canadians, are you going to be picking up a Note 2? Which carrier?


  • greg

    oh yeah. Been waiting for this. Makes iphone 5 look like an antique rotary phone.

    • Guest

      LOL yes, an antique rotary phone toy!

    • note_lover

      LOL…Yes, an antique rotary “TOY” phone! Glad Canada is getting it for you guys. I’m in the States and will be getting it on day of release! Go Samsung!!!!!

  • samiam

    this will be so awesome. The Note 1 puts iphone 5 to shame.

  • The “Note II” will arrive just in time for my current phone (galaxy 551) to be due for an upgrade on my plan, hope I have some fingernails left by then….. NAH just kiddin’ …. I can wait…. really…. c’mon BELL, get it here already…..

  • robin

    Not wind/mobility i like being a able to get a signal anywhere i go…. Hopefully other carries will hop on board.



    • lol

      LOL Best comment ever

    • Yeah Rogers for sure!!!

  • Great! Im going to get it. ;D

  • Paradox

    Telus and damn yes ill be getting a not 2!!

  • KFed

    doesn’t matter which carrier, gonna buy the phone full price and unlock it anyways. :)

  • ebleyes

    I’m definitely buying it from mobilicity.

  • Dave McGuire

    I will by the phone unlocked when it comes to North America. I have an older Fido contract that I have kept grandfathering

    • You can’t buy a phone unlocked from a carrier, well only the Nexus. – KID ANDROID ( TEAM.ANDROID.CANADA)

  • Lonewolf83ca

    Whichever Big 3 is cheapest and then unlock it.

  • mrcheeks

    Telus baby!

  • mrcheeks

    Note 2 baby….take the stylus pen and shove it up apples iphone

  • Me

    Want it on BELL… NOW

  • I’ll be happily dumping my iFone for this when it comes. I hope Fido (rogers) picks it up so I can use my credits ‘ve built up, otherwise I’ll bail for another carrier.


    Telus website doesn’t seem to be offering the 64GB version of internal storage. Why not??? Doesn’t seem to make sense for the biggest phone on the market. I want everything BIG!

  • teaman

    I wish I knew for sure I’m done with my iPhone it’s on it’s death bed and am very disappointed with the iPhone 5 nothing new or ingenious there
    I’d like to look at the note 2 but the sg3 is free now and as I said my iPhone is on life support

    • walid

      mine too (3gs)

  • Walid


  • I want the international version but it’s not in my budget so I’ll have to get a carrier model that’s subsidized. I’m with KOODO & don’t think they will be getting it so it looks like I might be jumping ship over to wind just to get it. It sucks because I’ve loved KOODO service & never had a single problem with them but I’m dying to get my hands on the Galaxy Note 2. iI have the oiginal G-Note & its the only device I’ve ever fell in love with & the 2nd version fixes or makes better the only issues with the original, the Galaxy Note 2 is the ultimate device & I’d do anything to get my hands on it hell I’ve even offered Samsung or Android Authority to tattoo their logos on me as large as the device if they would give me one. iI want one that bad. (The offer still stands Android Authority ;-) – KID ANDROID ( TEAM.ANDROID.CANADA)

  • Naskapadia

    I want this phone from any Carrier and I have been waiting for a month now for this phone!
    I don’t should I go for GS3 or wait a month more?
    I am done done with my iphone now!!!

  • Naskapadia

    I should always go through with my comment before posting it, as it always contain a grammar mistake on first attempt!!

  • Unknown name

    I am going to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note from Wind since they have a $40/month unlimited data plan.

  • stats

    I want a firm date ! Can’t wait !

  • Avtarios

    Will Android Customers finally start lining up like Apple users lol…then apple can come out with ads mocking them lol… Anyways I will be picking this baby up as soon as Rogers gets it…minus the lineups…

  • Note2

    Rogers… Seriously? Are you guys being paid by them to say that?! More like any carrier BUT Rogers. You go with Rogers and you will be paying for a Change Fee, Activation Fee, Three way calling Fee, Pressing the 1 – 4 buttons free, Environmental Fee, Light Fee, Over the 40 Minutes Fee, Over the 4 GB Fee, Weight Fee, and whatever else they can screw you with!

  • anaconda

    Hey does someone know when should come the multiwindow update for GNote2