So it’s finally here – the sequel to the smartphone that has launched a thousand “size” jokes and debates on what to call it, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Especially for you, we’ve compiled everything we know so far of the Galaxy Note 2’s availability on several U.S. and Canadian carriers. Happy hunting!

U.S. carriers

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 is already up for sale on Sprint and T-Mobile. While Sprint is selling the smartphone for $300 with the usual two-year contract, purchasing the device from T-Mobile will set you back $370 on contract (after $50 mail-in rebate). If you want to purchase the Note 2 outright without the hassle of a service agreement, both carriers are offering it for $650.

As for AT&T and Verizon, the phone is only up for pre-order for now, where both are offering the Galaxy Note 2 for $300 with a two-year contract. Buying the AT&T variant outright will cost you $650, while Verizon charges $700. You can expect a faster shipping date for AT&T’s Note 2 (Nov. 7) than Verizon’s (Nov. 27).

Over at U.S. Cellular, the pen-equipped smartphone will hit its brick-and-mortar stores on October 26 for $300 with the mandatory two-year contract. If the idea of being stuck to paying monthly payments bothers you, you can pay $800 just for the handset.

Canadian carriers

The Galaxy Note 2 is coming to all major carriers in Canada – a list that includes Telus, Bell, Rogers, Mobilicity, Wind, Videotron, and SaskTel. We know that Samsung is planning to throw a big launch party for the phone’s arrival on October 30, but we’re not sure if it’ll go on sale right away for all seven. As for its price, it’s likely that you’ll have to pay $199 with a three-year contract and $729 unlocked – though the Rogers variant might come $100 more expensive on contract.

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  • Mike
  • Khanh

    It’s hilarious how little information there is on the web about the Galaxy Note II’s 32gb and 64gb offerings. It seems North American carriers (or Samsung) want us to suffer with 16gb. Some of you reading this are gearing up to retaliate and tell me “get a microsd u moron” but for these ignorant ones, you can’t install apps to the microsd on Jelly Bean. Sure you can root it and do some fancy magic to get it to work but the fact that you have to resort to that is just stupid (especially on Samsung’s part)This thing better come to Rogers with at least a 32gb offering (or mention of it coming VERY soon) or I’m buying an iPhone 5 64gb!

    • Gary

      Are you serious? You are suggesting that you would go from a 5.5″ SAMOLED HD screen and houses 2GB RAM with a blistering 1.6GHZ quad core processor to a 4″ dual core with 1GB RAM just because 16GB isn’t enough internal storage for your apps?? Thats like saying “if that Ferrari only comes with a 3.6ltr engine then I’m going to buy a 6ltr Dodge” Sure it has a bigger engine, but come on.. if you were even remotely interested in the GNII you wouldn’t choose something with such tiny screen real-estate that the iPhone has as an alternative. What about the Blue GSIII with 32GB and Micro SD?

      • Cartes

        I would replace the “bigger engine” with “bigger gas tank”… ;-)

      • John2

        That is one moronic comment. A good comparison would be saying you have an Avantador with a 2 litter gas tank and a R8 with a normal gas tank, it would make sense to give up the awesomeness of the Avantador since starting the engine alone would empty the gas tank.

        In this day and age, it is ridiculous to even consider manufacturing a phone with less than 32gb of internal storage. When I see phones like the nexus 4 offering 8gb of internal storage I can’t help but think “what kind of brainless moron would ever buy that phone?”

    • just an FYI, on telus, it is specifically saying 16 & 32 gb

  • Zaid Shakil

    729$ unlocked from what carrier in Canada ?

    • sean

      Expansys or Newegg .ca

  • man

    I dont think the rogers version will be $100 more considering on the best buy website they are offering a rogers version for $199.

  • Quryous

    When do the Black Friday sales for the 64GB versions begin?

  • Bell

    can have chinese handwriting in note 2 ? like the Asian model ?