After the unexpected first generation Galaxy Note sales hit, Samsung seems to have understood the huge potential of “phablets,” and so the Korean firm has big plans for the GNote 2.

With only one week to go until the 5.5-incher’s special New York City launch party, reports on the beast’s releases outside Europe — which has already got a taste of the Note 2’s speed — are piling up. It looks like Sammy is really trying to conquer the entire world this time.

We’ve heard news and rumors on the device’s launch in the US, Canada, Japan and even South East Asia lately, so very few pieces of the puzzle were missing. Now there’s one less, as Australian details have been leaked, too.

Despite what earlier rumors claimed, it seems that the Australian LTE-enabled Galaxy Note 2 will find its way to three carriers instead of only one, and this will be in November instead of December. According to Ausdroid sources, Optus will get the honor to stage the release first, on November 5, with the carrier’s exclusivity ending just two weeks later.

By November 19 it will be Vodafone’s turn to offer the Note 2, while Telstra, Australia’s largest wireless service provider, will actually come last to the launching party, on November 26.

Both the white and grey models will supposedly go on sale at those dates with two-year contracts, but right now everything about pricing is still foggy. There’s also no word about whether or not the Galaxy Note 2 will be offered in unlocked SIM-free flavors as well, though considering Australian carriers’ usual M.O., that’s unlikely.

As for the phablet’s specs and features, we don’t expect any differences between the three versions. However, Vodafone’s model will have one important downside upon launch, with the carrier lacking 4G LTE support for now. The high-speed network should be up and running in “early 2013” but until then you’ll have to deal with 3G connectivity.

Who’s ready to explore his creative side in Australia with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

  • sleek881

    Can’t wait for this phone !!

  • Samsungsucks

    Typical Samsung. This is the reason why i am fed up with them. My Galaxy S3 will be sold as soon as the LG Nexus will arrive. Samsung cant release one phone with one version like Apple for example. No, they have to butcher the Galaxy franchise. Take for example the Galaxy S3. Now they are releasing the 2GB Version with LTE and Quad Core. The customer who has bought a S3 last week is fucked up with the 1 GB Version.
    Samsung sucks

    • Thats not a problem limited to just samsung. That problem is with multiple OEM’s after they release a device: Motorola look what they did w/ the razr and razr maxxx, now 1 year later the razr m and razr maxxx had. HTC one x+, LG optimus 4x now optimus G, the Sony xperia line, Asus transformer then releasing the transformer prime,

      I understand where your coming from. We all do in the android community. I have and S3 myself and would love a quad-core. however we can just look at samsung. Thats a cultural change that needs to take place in the android community.

  • SGN2 fan

    Ready??? Why would you wait so long? You can buy it from overseas right now for less than 700!!!unlocked and ready to go. Got mine 2 days after release and will be looking at “what’s next” by the time Australia finally gets it.

    • Bun

      Have fun with your crappy 3G Note 2 bro. And not only that, but the 3G model will have a lower re-sale value as 4G becomes prominent in the next couple months. All because you have no patience.

  • Bun

    God, finally! I have literally been waiting since May for a solid release date. Only a couple more weeks, so god-damn excited :D

  • Charlene

    I went to a Telstra shop yesterday & asked a sales rep he said “the s4’s just been announced, the note 2 is at least 5 months away”. Geez I hate salespeople, they typically don’t know crap!

    • shuttingupdumbarses

      Sales people in Telstra and other stores dont get notified by their complany, when the handsets are officially out. Dont speak, if you dont have the knowledge

  • James

    I really hope it comes out to Telstra first. There’s no point with going with another network, they all suck compared to Telstra. Just going to have to wait if this is the case lol.

  • Android

    Rumors was wrong. Optus doesn’t have it available from Today. doh!

  • Jas

    Any source on this? No one else is reporting this. Would love for it to be true.

  • Eran

    Well it’s the 9th of Nov and still nothing from Optus…

    I’m not holding my breath for the other 2 carriers in Nov either :-(

    Very disappointed. So ready to throw my nearly-dead iPhone 3Gs against a wall but the dang Note 2 isn’t out yet (4G on a plan)…

    Any useful authoritative updates on this?

  • kron777

    If u were a Twihard waiting for breaking dawn and given as many fake release dates for the movie u prob wldve shot yourself. Hypothetically speaking about gnote2.!!
    All any aussie can expect is secrecy regarding release and PRAY that software gliltches arent a problem which seems to be the case with All sequel phones.
    Its like samsung are punishing australia based on sales figures worlwide as to how they will release…..smartphones r the new scam…..jus watch a 3g version then wait for 4g lte version..electronic candy for a must have world…