Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Let’s face it, smartphones are expensive. Even with carrier subsidies, high-end handsets can easily set you back hundreds of dollars. If you want the best, without paying top dollar, AT&T is now offering the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for $.99.

As you probably already guessed, there is a catch here. AT&T’s offer is for a refurbished model with a 90 day warranty. You also will be required to sign a two year contract. Additionally, the deal is only for today, so you better make your mind up about it quickly.

So is it worth it going the refurbished route? That’s honestly up to you, but keep in mind that refurbished handsets are brought back to original standard and often enough there is really no way on the surface to tell that it isn’t a brand new device. Of course some people just like the peace of mind of knowing they are the first person to use their phone.

AT&T is offering the handset in both white or gray, and is even throwing free shipping into the offer. This is a great way to get your hands on a quad-core 5.5-inch monster of a phone, without having to put hardly anything down upfront. Especially when you consider the normal price for a new handset from AT&T is $299.99 with contract.

What do you think, worth biting on this deal or not?

Andrew Grush
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