Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs Apple iPad 3

Ever since the first iPad came out in 2010, tech companies around the world have tried to match its success, in about the same manner that many tech companies have tried to match the success of the iPhone ever since the first version came out in 2007. But, unlike the iPhone situation, and despite the abundance of Android tablets that have hit the shelves since 2010, Apple has managed to stay ahead of everyone else in the tablet market. But, as was the case with the iPhone, Apple is now starting to feel the heat from Android manufacturers.

With that being said, I find it very curious that Samsung was not able, up until now, to manufacture a proper competitor to the iPad. Basically, no Galaxy Tab model was able to match the experience offered by the iPad, despite the fact that some models are priced almost equally with the Apple tablet. Samsung is not only the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world by number of smartphones sold, but their Galaxy S line is also constantly beating the iPhone when it comes to hardware. In addition, they also manufacture both the CPU and the Retina display that Apple brags about when marketing the iPad. From where I’m standing, Samsung has all the resources needed to make a tablet that’s better than the iPad.

And then we get to yesterday’s Samsung announcement, one that confirms the previously rumored specs for the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. Could this be the moment that Android fans have been waiting for? Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 a decent competitor to the iPad? Are there any areas where the Note 10.1 is better than the iPad? Let’s find out, shall we? As always, we’ll break down our Galaxy Note 10.1 vs Apple iPad fight into five equally important rounds: Display, Internal Hardware, OS & Features, Design & Extras and Pricing and Availability.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs Apple iPad Round 1: Display

As I’ve mentioned above, Samsung is the company that manufacturers the best display currently available on the market, namely the Retina display of the new Apple iPad (third generation). At 9.7 inches in diagonal, the iPad three’s IPS LCD display uses an impressive 1536 x 2048 pixel resolution to bring up the Pixel Per Inch (PPI) density to 264. Under these circumstances, you would expect that the Galaxy Note 10.1 offers at least a 200 PPI ratio, right? Wrong, as the biggest downside to buying a Galaxy Note 10.1 is the poor resolution of its 10.1 inch display.

The Samsung Galaxy Note tablet uses a 800 x 1280 pixel resolution (actually, the same resolution used by the Galaxy Note’s 5.3 inch display), bringing down the PPI ratio to just 149, equal to that of the ASUS Transformer Prime (released back in October 2011). By comparison, the Google Nexus 7 has a PPI ratio of 216, while the ASUS Transformer Prime Infinity has a PPI ratio of 224. The original iPad showcased a PPI ratio of 132. If you’re looking for a tablet with a crisp display, the Galaxy Note 10.1 just isn’t it.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend any device featuring a PPI ratio under 200 PPI, and this principle is not limited to top-end smartphone and tablet offerings, but all the way down to cheap smartphones (can catch a list of the best cheap Android smartphones of 2012 here).

If you ask me, this is a very weird situation, seeing as Samsung is the ultimate leader in the mobile display market. The South Korean giant basically owns the entire SAMOLED market, and it also manufactures the best LCD display on the market (the Retina display). We talked about the reasons why Samsung will not equip its tablets with “Retina displays” here, but I’m sure a lot of us expected a better quality display for their top-end tablet. Are there any conspiracy theorists amongst you guys that can imagine some sort of an agreement between Samsung and Apple?

The picture below shows the iPad 2 display on the left and the iPad 3 display on the right. Notice how sharp the icon is? That’s why the new iPad wins this round by a couple of lengths!

Clear Winner: Apple third generation iPad

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs Apple iPad Round 2: Internal Hardware

The new Apple iPad is built on the Apple A5X chipset, one that packs a 1GHz dual-core Cortex A9 processor and a quad-core PowerVR SGX543MP4 GPU. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 uses the same Exynos 4212 quad SoC as the Galaxy S3, one consisting out of a 1.4GHz quad-core Cortex A9 processor and a Mali-400MP GPU. While the Exynos 4212 has a better performing processor than the A5X, the latter has a better GPU.

However, while the performance of the CPU is not influenced by the resolution, the video rendering frame rate is, meaning that although the iPad’s GPU is better, the Note 10.1 should be capable of maintaining more than decent frame rates, as the output is of lower resolution. It’s just that the level of detail won’t be there.

The third generation iPad also features 1GB of RAM, while the Galaxy Note 10.1 features 2GB.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs Apple iPad Round 3: OS and features

I’m going to be completely honest with you and tell you that this is probably the most difficult department to judge. From one side, there are surely a lot more good apps designed for the iPad than for Android tablets, but from the other, the Galaxy Note 10.1 comes with a unique accessory: the S-Pen, which is basically a pressure sensitive stylus, one able to recognize 256 different levels of pressure.

The S Pen is not worth using in apps that do not support it. But in apps that do support the S Pen, that’s where the Galaxy Note 10.1 shines. For instance, editing photos on a tab was never easier than it is with the S Pen optimized Adobe Photoshop Touch app (comes for free on all Galaxy Notes 10.1). Taking notes using Samsung’s S Note app, now also able to recognize mathematic formulas, is also something you can’t do on an iPad. In addition, the Galaxy Note 10.1 also uses most of the smart functions that have been introduced by Galaxy S3.

Yet another function that’s unique to the Galaxy Note 10.1 is its “Multiscreen” feature, one that allows users to use different applications side-by-side (for instance, you can watch a web page on half of the screen, and take notes with the S Pen on the other half), although just a few apps are currently supported. Although far from perfect, this is the best rendition of the multitasking principle that I have seen so far on a tablet, so I really hope that other tablet manufacturers learn from Samsung’s example.

Here’s an official video from Samsung showcasing all the unique features of the Galaxy Note 10.1:

As a conclusion, on one side we have the amazing number of high quality apps designed for the iPad, while on the other, we get a bunch of cool features that are unique to the Galaxy Note 10.1. I told you this is a tough one!

Winner: Draw

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs Apple iPad Round 4: Design and extras

Despite the fact that the Note 10.1 has a bigger display than the iPad by 0.4 inch, thanks to a very small bezel, the differences in size between the two devices are not as big as you would expect. The Note 10.1 measures 262 x 180 x 8.9 mm, while the iPad measures 241.2 x 185.7 x 9.4 mm, meaning that the Note 10.1 is actually thinner and less wide than the iPad 3. However, due to the fact that the new iPad uses an 11,560 mAh battery, I’m not going to hold its extra 0.5 mm thickness against it, since the Note 10.1 only uses a 7,000 mAh battery. Most of the extra battery goes to the iPad’s display, meaning that we should see similar battery life lengths. The huge battery is also what makes the iPad 3 a bit heavier than the Galaxy Note 10.1: 652 grams vs 597 grams. Both tablets are very slick looking, so neither wins in the design aspect.

Now to the extras, I must say that I applaud the fact that Samsung has decided to place a microSD slot on the Galaxy Note 10.1, something that the iPad does not feature. If you ever need more space, you can just buy a 64GB microSD card and you instantly get more storage than a tablet really needs, anyway.

Connectivity-wise, both tablets are equally prepared, as Samsung has announced that an LTE-compatible version of the Galaxy Note 10.1 will be available later this year, while Wi-Fi only and 3G versions will launch starting this month.

Winner: Draw

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs Apple iPad Round 5: Pricing and availability

At the present, the new iPad is available in roughly all corners of the world, in all its versions (Wi-Fi only, LTE). Pricing has remained consistent since the original iPad, so at least you know what to expect when you set to buy an Apple tablet.

Unfortunately, Samsung has not shared any details regarding the price of the Galaxy Note 10.1, so we’re unable to judge this category at the time being. However, Samsung has announced that their Galaxy Note 10.1 will become available worldwide by the end of this month, so we’ll soon update this section with pricing information for the Galaxy Note 10.1.


So… is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 the iPad killer that Android fans have been expecting? Unfortunately not!

And this is all due to the fact that the Note 10.1 has a poor resolution display. Sure, it comes with a few cool features, the quad-core processor is powerful, while the S Pen and the S Pen optimized apps are certainly something that will draw many customers, but tablets are really all about the display. And when you fail in the display department, the tablet cannot be deemed as better than the iPad. The Note is a different kind of tablet, and that might help a lot with Samsung’s sale numbers, but from an end-user perspective, in the summer of 2012, I expect all top-end devices to feature a crisp display (meaning that the PPI ratio should rest well above 200).

Feel free to disagree and share your opinions in the comments section below!

Mike Andrici
Growing up in my father's PC store, I was surrounded by and developed a passion for technology ever since I was in kindergarten. However, advancements made in the technology world continue to amaze me on a daily basis! I've been writing about the Android OS since back in October 2008, when Google and HTC launched the first Android smartphone ever, the T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream. Although I'm no company's fanboy, Android is the mobile OS I devoutly support.
  • How about Transformer Infinity vs Ipad?

  • iPad only wins in the popularity contest. But the Note wins when it comes to features and flexibility.

  • gad geek

    editor should give more credit to note for the s pen where it is non comparable with any device in the market currently. it should not be compare with the apps with stylus as both are different entities. no doubt apple apps is far greater than the apps in android but ipad does not have the s pen.

    the display for note is horrible i would say as the display is way below market requirement but ipad is setting the market benchmark.

    Internal hardware should be given a draw where ipad did outperform with its performance chip and did not slack in the performance although with 1 gb less ram.

    multi screen feature is somethign new in tablet, credits should be given to multi screen but the ability of the smoothness of programme running together is still a doubt. of course the supported apps you mention is one of the good points.

    battery life i should see ipad wil be given a longer battery life with its bigger size battery where android is well known to run data background.

    when it comes to tablet display ppi it does not play an entire big major role in deciding but it is still a point to look at. as you mentiong by the editor it should be something to look at.

    i’m looking forward to buy a note 10.1 over a ipad 3 which i would list below on the pros & cons.

    pros ipad 3
    smooth ui
    great display

    no flash support with some website no access
    restrictive usage of functions
    not work oriented

    pros note 10.1
    stylus for paperless usage
    work oriented viewing doc
    flexibility and full command on functions
    google oriented that contacts can be stored on email

    bad display
    slow or programs dont run smooth on android as far as i have used
    complicated menu which might take some time to adapt or to find the right function

    above are written base on personal opinion and not supported by facts and research. :)

    • Ryan

      I would agree with you for the most part. Android has not been very smooth in the past but I will say that the galaxy S3 and the nexus 7 runs very smooth. In fact my nexus 7 and S3 run smoother than my wife’s new iPad. But other than that you are right on. And I can not wait to get my hands on the note 10.1

      • Marsg

        when does it come to the U.S im wanting to get one too

  • Androidrules

    This was stupid, if it was all about display why factor in anything else? So far i think, minus the display, the note 10.1 is a better tab than the ipad. #fail

    • This is true, except that the display is the single most important component of the tablet. So for Samsung to fail on the *most* important piece is pretty bad.

      • flock

        the display res was probably kept down to keep it responsive, the pen input experience is very sensitive to lag. This comparison is a bit silly, this device is all about the pen, it makes it a content creation rather than content consumption device.
        Thankfully a major manufacturer has seen the need for that, I’ll happily put up with a lower resolution for the benefits the S-pen brings

      • buster brojeni

        functionality is the single most important factor in a tablet. do u even realize most people cant discern the new ipad from the ipad2? why because at proper viewing distance the pixels are not discernable. the fact of the matter is the note can do eveything the ipad can and more. the retina display is a huge battery drain not to mention the cause of the overheating. its a very smart choice on samsungs part to keep the resolution low to save battery and improve the response to the s pen. those of u who drink the apple koolaid believe the display is all that matters when in fact it doesnt matter that much. they didnt even go into the fact that the note has native text and voice capabilities with the 3g version. this article is so stupid when they clearly demonstrate more advantages to the note they call it a draw. how is it a draw when one device clearly has more advantages over the other? the only reason the ipad performs anywhere near the note is because of the retrictions apple puts on the cpu and using the graphics to make it seem like it performs like better specd tablets. not to mention the lack of true multitasking. how many apps were compatible with the retina display when the new ipad launched? none that werent preinstalled on the device. same for the side by side and s pen apps. once the note becomes the ipad killer its meant to be many developers will be using the funtionality in ways they never could before.

        • Marsg

          I agree with you, I previously owned Ipad 2, then i switched to the transformer infinity and the only times i would really use them was when i wanted to browse the web, as a student i always thought something was missing like a pen i even bought those crummy capacitive pens but they just dint work the same. This tablet from my point of view is awesome not only does it have the active digitizer pen but also that awesome split screen ability which is extremely help-full

    • I cannot agree more. I don’t understand why Samsung made us wait almost a year with the Note 10.1 and launch it with such a crappy display. However, it all depends on what you use it for. This tablet is 100% work oriented which means that you won’t be using it to play with your pictures and so on. I don’t see the display issue being a major factor when you will be using it for editing documents and other stuff. At the end it’s just “customer satisfaction”. As an example, I recently bought the original Galaxy Tab 7 (first gen) and used it at work. The display sucks big time but other than that, iPad owners were very interested in it mainly because of the size (a 7 inch pad is really comfy in your hands, easier to hold and use). But the problem was the speed. It’s very laggy. But when I showed them how I used it and how I had the menu screens set up with differente widgets and so on, they were actually saying it was pretty nice and better than the iPad (workwise). So again, at the end it depends what you use it for. Yes, we would all like a retina killer display, but I don’t see that being a major issue. Just like you, I look forward to buying it. And just as a side comment, I mainly use my iPad for gaming, specifically “Infinity Blade” since there is no game as good as that one in the Android Market. Other than that I can’t find anything better for work than a good Android Tablet

  • The digitizer is slick for certain applications. I see digital artists and designers falling all over this thing. It’s like a Cintiq that’s standalone, except the digitizer is probably a bit less sensitive. The display resolution isn’t as big a problem, as the 12″ Cintiq is also only 1280×800, so it has even less pixel density. A bigger problem is probably a lack of immersive apps like Paper to really draw people in. Hopefully Photoshop Touch will do the job instead.

    For anyone who *doesn’t* have a specific use in mind for a digitizer (or even know what one is), we can only hope there’s a full HD tablet in the pipeline.

    • SleepIT

      It’s great for Remote Desktop applications. No more trying to click on certain Windows UI elements with a sausage!!!

  • Cis

    thanks for this article, macbook was stolen and debating whether to replace of buy a tablet. i’m fairly tech ignorant and would like to see article on what you can/cannot do with either device for fun and work.

    • Chipper

      No problem most apple consumers are tech ignorant.

      • Cis

        thanks for your thoughtfulness in dissing my dead nana who left me her macbook containing a lifetime of precious family photos only to be stolen by lackeys from funeral home. thanks for ridiculing letting us know who thing sthose who don’t live up to your expectations of intelligence are worthless. you must be an outstanding parent, employee, husband and citizen unlike the rest of us here. oh wait was your comment meant to be sarcastic in a funny way like the holocaust? if so better luck next time.

        • Gman

          if you looked at the note 5.3 phone reviews, you might have an idea of what to expect with this tablet. The other option is to go to a shop and try out a floor model. Never tried the osx so cant give you any help on that

    • intocad
  • angry fanboy

    Seriously? A draw? One of the tablets has to be better than the other, or people would base buying decisions off coin tosses. Merely stating that they each have their own merits is lazy, even if you piss of android or apple fans it is still a better idea to.give a clear winner- the established fanbse of the respective OS’s will pick their favorite enviroment whether or not you support their tablet. Give a clear answer so that the truly undecided buyers can make better informed decisions.

    • Marvin Nakajima

      If you consider that the point of Android is ‘Choice’ you have to give the iPad its own group of users whose needs are totally met with the iPad. Call the new Note the tipping point where it is still a draw.

  • Leon Roberts

    I want to get the Galaxy Tab 7.7 which has a way better screen display than the Galaxy Note 10.1 and the tech is able to keep up with the Note 10.1 also. But the new features on the Note 10.1 is what I want. Does anyone know if I can hack the Note 10.1 and drop that onto a Galaxy Tab 7.7? If anyone has an idea on this just post it in comments.

  • bonezai

    The iPad 3 advantage is Music Productivity.
    + Garage Band app,
    + touch screen sensitivity,
    + Retina Display
    + Full HD Camera

    – No falsh
    – no charging when in use
    – heavy weight
    – warmness of display & unit
    – rear firing mono speakers

    – iTunes
    The Galaxy Note 10.1 advantage is Visual Arts, Education & Productivity.
    + Wacom S-Pen for drawing
    + Wacom S-Pen for script writing is fast, good substitute to keyboard
    + Multi-Screen Multi-Tasking
    + thin
    + light weight
    + front firing stereo speakers

    + no need for iTunes
    – Camera 720p only
    – no GarageBand (any equivalent on Android?- email me please)

    Order of importance:
    1 Productivity Applications
    2 User friendly ease of use
    3 Processing Speed
    4 Display
    ” It’s the User not the Machine. ” – Gundam Wing

    So I say wait for Apple to refine iPad 3 with iPad 4 …
    & Samsung to refine Note 10.1 with next 10.1
    or have both when prices drop down.
    Never have been an early adopter.

    • buster brojeni

      lol u mean wait for apple to copy samsung then try and sue them like they invented the s pen and all its functionality first? i do agree though that as much as id totally be willing to spend the 7-800 Dollars On the note id rather wait for the refinement of a note 2

  • kaytb50

    Have the samsung tab 10.1, chose it for functionality and ability to add xtra storage. Cost was also part of why I chose it over ipad and I am a photographer. I am planning to upgrade to the one note 10.1. My daughter has an ipod and i also have mac laptop, these devices are expensive and when you add accessories rediculous at the amount of money you spend. I will admit samsung has some work to do on their devices. App markets are over saturated with games and silly apps on both sides. My photos look fine on this tablet but I do want that s-pen.
    Extra storage as well. I will admit I do not like the way one has to move files around on the samsung devices and they could make that easier, but overall I will stick with them for cost and I hate the lawsuit apple brought against Samsung. Their complaints could apply to every market across the world and far beyond technology. Competition makes the world go around. Let the consumers decide!

  • Dips

    Hi, I am not very ‘techy’ and I am looking to buy a tablet.

    The order of importance of uses I want are:

    1. Annotating on downloaded pdf files – annotation will include hand writing and writing equations.

    2. Watching TV/ Films etc.

    3. General internet use

    What devise would serve me best? The stylus for Ipad don’t seem to work very well, however I can’t find much about this s-note program, can I upload my pdfs onto it and then annotate on them?


    • LaithHD

      Well, you can get a stylus for the iPad, no big deal.. watching videos on the iPad is amazing, the display and speed.. Internet use you have the “reader” which you can view your internet stuff without advertisements! iPad 3 user, Just amazing..

      • intocad

        the stylus for the note is by far better. its not a pencil with a piece of foam on it. This thing is like writing with a real pen.

      • sguyx

        No big deal?? Do you know the difference between “general stylus” and “SPen” with applications? SPen is more than having a plastic stick…

        For 3G version there is a SPen (sold separately) with a rubber (like in a normal pencil) and the best part… you can use that pen as a part of the phone, you don’t need another BT-headset for calling =)

      • AppleSucksForLife

        Did you even saw what he said? He said iPad stylus is not suitable for him.

    • carlisimo

      .pdfs are where the new iPad might come in handy. I find its aspect ratio to work better with 8 1/2″x11″, whereas most Android tablets seem to be a better fit for A4 paper used everywhere else. But in either case, with a lower resolution like on the Note 10.1 or the iPad2 you’ll have to zoom in and read half a page at a time. On the new iPad, if the small words don’t strain your eyes too much you’ll be able to read a letter sized page without zooming in.

      Probably not advantage for internet use, and an advantage to Android in video because the iPad is limited in the formats it can read. The native video app is VERY limited (and difficult to get videos into from your computer, imo), though there are paid apps that can read others – except maybe .divx. Check up on that, there may be one by now.

    • intocad
    • designer

      YES! you can. Just install regular pdf reader for android for free and voila. It works beautifully!

  • Dante2209

    i smell isheep. Draw on features and design? wrong, probably don’t have the resolution but mirror that 10.1 on a TV and run Sketchbook=Bamboo intuos (tablet experience with multi touch controls) Apple can’t do that no matter how many good apps are on the market.
    Best tablets of 2012: Nexus 7 price and gaming capabilities with Tegra Zone games and Note 10.1 for its size and versality.

  • Andrewhill

    You must be fucking retarded
    -_- the note has full stylus support a MUCH faster CPU higher ramb and an ir blaster to use as a universal remote. The iPad has a screen… Made by Samsung. Ya I call bias. I bet you smoke kamel reds and listen to gotye too you fucking hipster..

    • Marvin Nakajima

      The Note has an IR blaster? Will it accept IR too? It would be cool if they were able to support communication with older PalmOS devices. I would get it just for that. :D Add a PalmOS emulator and I’m totally sold on getting the Note.

      • SleepIT

        Google StyleTap. Their PalmOS Emulator for Android (and IOS) is out. $50, though :(

    • I’ve been doing a scavenger hunt and the only thing left on my list was a profane, low class douchebag. Thanks for helping out.

  • Alex

    I think that most people choosing a product in this price range would (or should) be more concerned about functionality rather than just what the display looks like.

    The article says much about all the iOS apps available, yet it is widely known that 90% of them are pointless apps which are not really used. Many of the apps exist purely because iOS does not support flash so users would not be able to access content without a special app to convert it.

    I have never wanted for an app on Android (has the author actually seen how many are available?) and having used both systems, am much happier with the customisable functionality of my Samsung 8.9 tab than with the baby-steps iPad. I use my tab for work and leisure, and think the split screen + S-pen combo would have to make the new Galaxy 10.1 Note a winner. I want!

  • HookedOnTabs

    I have owned the GNote AT&T since release day. Now they have upped the apps in an upgrade that included ICS 4.0.4.
    The fantastic display on the 286 ppi GN makes me smile every time I boot it up. The deeper then deep rich blacks, the bright exploding colors popping off the screen are the way all displays should look. But honestly, the old Asus, TF101, a149 ppi, I use for hours each day is really not that bad. I have decided to wait for the new Galaxy OLED 2550X1600 display on the 11.8″ display coming early in 2013.I am guessing the Galaxy Note 2 11.8″ will be the tablet of dreams. The fact that Samsung is bringing the Galaxy Note 2 cell only 5 months after the US version released gives me hope that my dream tablet is only about 6 months away.

  • It depends on what you want the tablet for. If you want a toy get the iPad. If you want a tool get the Note.

    I am sure the screen being lame is due to cost constraints. For me, I’d rather have a super functional pen and advanced software with an ok screen than an amazing screen with no pen.

  • Remember that the iPad’s display is a lot like bragging about a car that can drive 200 mph or a video card that can play games at 90 fps. Both are cool but utterly useless. I’d rather have a car that is comfortable, looks nice and gets great gas mileage, even if it does top out at 80 mph.

    As someone else mentioned, I am sure the screen resolution is a result of seeking responsiveness to the pen. A resolution at the iPad level would probably lag badly.

    • carlisimo

      I have an iPad2, and my wife has an iPad3. We’re both structural engineers and use them for work-related .pdfs, whether letter sized or full blown construction documents (the iPad is surprisingly strong in the building industry). The iPad3’s resolution makes a very big difference in either case. It basically means you don’t have to zoom in as much to see small text or drawings (any lines that aren’t in the two primary axes), so you can see more at once.

      For everything else I agree, low resolution works fine. I don’t really notice it in games or movies.

    • I take it all back. The screen sucks assuming it is the same as on the new tab 10.1.

    • relroy

      Bill Mitchell hit the bull’s eye!!

  • Marsg

    Not deemed better, lol in terms of multitasking this is a whole new lvl for tablets, the iPad does have a better screen but what are you going to do with that screen that you cant already do on an iPhone ? This is differentiating tablets from phones being able to copy from one page to another and take notes, its like a students dream. in my book the functionality of the split screens with the preciseness of the active digitizer pen not to mention Androids ability to switch between apps at a breeze through the new multi tasking window introduced in ICS as well as the file support and the ability to download large documents is just over the top, cant wait to buy it.

  • the note 10.1 is pretty much a Wacom Cintiq 12WX, I’m sure part of the reason why they have to limit the resolution is due to the wacom technology in the screen. Both the Cintiq 12WX and Note 10.1 have the same resolution of
    1280 x 800 a lot might have to do with the on screen sensors for the digitizer pen. the writer leave out that fact that the note is driven by wacom technology

  • ArminS.

    it is always easy to handle a comparison between two model, but then you have also to be fair and handle the Galaxy Tab vs. the iPad 2. Or maybe you have to wait till even Samsung give a new Model of the Tab 10.1 in the Market.

    So all your comparison means nothing, when you be true and honest. If you do some like this, then test two model of the newest generation, but for the new Samsung you have to wait.

    So your comparison Samsung 10.1 vs iPad 3 means nothing, renew this test when even Samsung has the new Model in the Market. It never clever to test a model 2012 with a model 2011

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    I think people forget that it is a bit difficult to see the difference between the ipad 2 and ipad 3. besides the resolution on the screen makes it hard for some of the apps to work like they are supposed to. The iPad has a good screnn, but fail at so many things. I’ll go for the note 10.1 anyday, heck i’ll even go for the galaxy tab 7″ with android 2.2 over the iPad.

  • John

    I have a galaxy tab 10.1 and have no problem whatsoever with the resolution of the screen. I am totally buying the note 10.1 as soon as possible.

  • Curtis

    I love all the homers that are so concerned with display. It’s a fricken 10 inch tablet for f*** sakes! Who cares?

  • john

    YEAH, Ipad is amazing. It is a fat and heavy tablet with gorgeous display, Apple needs to sell good graphics, but the productivity? The comparison hasn´t the real pros-cons

  • hoggleboggle

    As long as the colour gamut is class leading and the battery life excellent I would be perfectly happy with 1280×800 resolution in a tablet of this size. Choosing this tablet over the ipad 3 or transformer infinity is a complete no-brainer for me.

  • Chris

    Check this samsung website..

    check the “Display” part! HD SUPER AMOLED! Wonder why its HD SUPER AMOLED but 800p display. Maybe a new innovation by samsung.

    • AppleSucksForLife

      I looked at it and it said QXGA. Maybe a new innovation by iTrolling iSheep

  • Just went to Best Buy and looked at the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. If this is the same display as the Note version then my enthusiasm just died. I mean, it is honestly like a display from 2 years ago. The blacks look gray, the reds look pink and text is so pixelated to be almost unreadable at times.

    Why Samsung would do so much right only to fumble at the 1 yard line here is beyond me. Perhaps pen lag was a problem at higher resolution? Don’t know but if screen quality matter at all to you you will not be happy.

    I am very unhappy about this as I was prepared to buy this tablet.

    • intocad

      did you try reading the specs for both tablets????

  • Manik

    Why are most of the reviews on the net so biased towards iGadgets? Does Apple pay you guys for writing such reviews?
    I am looking forward to buying my first tablet and am totally sold over the features of Note10.1. Just waiting for it to roll out.

  • psionic156

    The thing that sold me was the pen. After writing with it on the S-Note it left me wondering why the iPad doesnt have such a thing. When I compared what I had written on the Note (using S-Memo) using the pen, and the same thing written on an iPad, the difference was rather pronounced, the pen definately beats any stylus I’ve used on the iPad. If Apple were to add a wacom digitizer to the iPad it would pretty much take the entire market in my view. But, since they’ve seen fit to not do this, I opted for the Note for my upgrade, and again I have to mention, that pen is slick.

  • jamie

    Why? why such a bad display? all samsung needed was a better display matched with a better GPU, and a bigger battery and they would have had an iPad killer

  • sguyx

    When you watch the display normally, do you eyes really see the f*cking pixels without a magnifier? Im happy that Samsung didn’t “make retina”. Less pixels, better performance! I have been using tab 2, and the display was excellent.

    What i need it is a good working pen. SPen is all i need for sketching and drawing with handwriting.

    And the speaker of ipad – can you hear it all? Quality is “good” if only you won’t always block the speaker… /sorry apple, but it would be nice to hear something too!) Note 10.1 has two FRONT speakers ;-)

  • Well, I got the Note 10.1 and the screen is very crisp and awesome for the eyes. This kind of articles are misleading. A normal person don’t need super ppi. Maybe if you are using a magnifying glass, or has your nose against the glass, but that is not how ordinary people use it. From a normal distance you can’t see the pixels at all!

    Screenshots that compare screens in magnified levels no one will ever use scares people away and gives a false view of the reality.

    I thought I was going to get a bad screen. Imagine my surprise when it was awesome!

  • HookedOnTabs

    I think the Note is too complex for you too grasp.
    Did you open the split screen, then run the pic in pic movie over those and then pull up all 7 widgets on the same screen after that?
    Did you mention that in the video section, all the movies run animated just like the photos in a Harry Potter newspaper, and 21 features I pad does not have? Oh and that is1024 layers for the pen to use not 256. My phone note has 600. I suppose you think an iPhone can match features with a GS3 also. 3rd graders can’t do high school home work, meaning, you.

  • SadState

    Apple fan bois go on and on and on about resolution as if to just regurgitate what they hear. You people never think for your selves which is ironic since apples motto is “Think Differently”.You do realize that there IS a point where more resolution will not make a difference. Well you won’t realize this until apple tells you to realize it i guess. People are just not capable of an unbiased comparison in tablets or phones or anything that has to do with apple really. Another good example the Galaxy 3 is by far point by point better but the sheep will continue to walk into the slaughter since apple told you to.

  • Bertha Bee

    I have to say, all reviews i have read on the galaxy seem biased. Its clear from the comments below and simple logic that the galaxy note is a winner by a long shot, they dont even compare on the same level because the galaxy note is marketed as a note taking tool not a tab. Its not called the galaxy tab with a pen.
    Therefore ipad does not even compare, let us have this discussion again when the ipad releases a device with an s-pen.

  • designer

    So… is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 the iPad killer that Android fans have been expecting? CLEARLY YES!!! It’s a game changer! and I am not talking about TECH. SPECS I am talking about VALUE PROPOSITION. After trying Galaxy Note10.1, Ipad feels like a fantastically crafted, beautifully designed, ultimate performance TOY for kids and SENIOR CITIZENS who don’t want to learn or work but have fun and enjoy themselves. Ipad is a display, output device that enables info. Galaxy Note 10.1 is an input-manipulate-output tool for everybody. It’s main VALUE PROPOSITION is that it inspires creativity and motivates people to do their jobs. And about specs… Well what does iPad do for me? What do I get from it? Retina massage? show off? I don’t even get what is this discussion about…Apple is turning into Microsoft… Cut the crap and start innovating again instead of suing and slavishly sticking to old-fashioned principles!

  • Prox Null

    The display dpi comparison is a weak argument because the Note was designed for Wacom technology which had a resolution limitation by the manufacturer. The screens, were designed for entirely different uses. The Galaxy Note and its pen are for content creators, and the Ipad and its high resolution are for content consumers. (Of course Samsung would have decked out the tablet with a high res screen otherwise; they make the screens for the Ipad)

    You are comparing the devices like you would compare two photobooks, when in reality its more akin to comparing a photobook to a sketchbook. Of course a photobook wins a dpi contest. But, I dont care how much dpi your photobook has. If I want a sketchbook, I’m buying a sketchbook.

    Just because I have something that looks like an apple doesn’t mean it is one. As they say, don’t compare apples with … samsungs.

  • marko

    Ipad is better than samsung

  • Mark Phillips

    The limitation is the Wacom digitizer that allows the S pen to work. However, a lower resolution also means better battery life. The contrast on the note 10.1 is good and resolution is something you don’t really think about much while actually using a device productively.

    For us oldies with poorer eyesight, the sharpness of some displays is probaby lost on us anyway :).

    The kindle (3rd gen) has a PPI of 167, which is in the same ballpark, and it’s great for text reading, just as the Note 10.1 is.

    I used to watch movies on my SGS2, and I was happy to sacrifice some PPI for a larger screen though similiar portable convenience.

    But it was the combination of productivety and media possiblities that made me buy the Note. It’s a worthwhile compromise, though clearly if you want to wait 12-18 months, then it will be bettered.

  • The iPad 4 has a ppi of 264, but the Google Nexus 10, which is about 50% cheaper than the iPad 4, has a ppi of 300.

  • ioiwtb

    I have the galaxy note 10.1. I was extremely excited about it until I realized there is no flash player. This was a major disappointment seeing how I catch my shows online. I found a way to put flash (even though adobe says device is not compatible) & most of the shows play now. The display is amazing, until I play video. The resolution on video is downright depressing in my opinion. After owning a Samsung smart tv, my expectations for the tablet were high. Outside of this one thing, I do love the tablet.

    • AppleSucksForLife

      you can download a sideloaded version of flash player by googling it. adobe stopped flash support for jb and above os

  • John Newman

    I had this two fu*king things. i prefer samsung galaxy note 10.1, I’am a graphic designer n this thing help me a lot. The new ipad doesnt make ane different with its old one except the resolution. For gaming i choose ipad but for bussiness use i think note is the best. cons : i think Mike is an Applefans boy Lol. Please give your full review of note dont just the new ipad.

  • DaEmph

    I sure the Ipad3 screen is amazing, but I don’t have a problem with the PPI and resolution being 1200×800, still looks good to me,its not like its showing block text or 8-bit graphics