August 13, 2012
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With the summer Olympic games behind us (and what a spectacular closing ceremony yesterday was), it’s time for British folks to start looking for a new muse. If you’re into taking notes and drawing sketches on your Android tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is definitely the one to get. The good news is the 10.1-inch tablet with S Pen should be available for purchase in the UK as early as this Thursday.

Samsung Mobile UK has spilled the beans on the Galaxy Note 10.1’s UK availability on its Twitter account. As seen below, the next of kin to the phablet phenomenon will be up for grabs at Samsung’s Westfield Brand store in Stratford starting from August 16. It’s apparently the same place where the Samsung Galaxy S3 made its retail debut.

Aside from the information above, details of the UK release of Galaxy Note 10.1 are still rather light. Samsung hasn’t mentioned how much the slate will be going for in the UK. We do know that the 16GB WiFi Note 10.1 is expected to cost €599 (£470) in Germany, with the 3G model to go for €699 (£550). They’re pretty steep compared to what Expansys UK is listing the 16GB model (£399) for those looking to pre-order. In lieu of official confirmation, these prices should give some heads up on how much the Note 10.1 will be retailing for.

We’re also not sure if there’ll only be a handful of Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets available for purchase on Thursday. Unless we hear more from Samsung in the next couple of days, you may want to go to the store early to beat the crowd.

Bams Sadewo
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