May 23, 2012
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When the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 was previewed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, it raised a few eyebrows in that  it is not only a 10.1 inch tablet with a stylus (the S-Pen) but that Samsung forgot to put a slot in the chassis to hold the pen when it isn’t being used! Meanwhile, we found out that the tablet we’ve seen at MWC was actually a temporary design that Samsung whipped up in a hurry in order to be able to show something newsworthy at the show.

Now according to visitors at a Samsung event in Germany, the redesigned Note 10.1 includes a slot for the S-Pen. However there is one “little” problem. To squeeze the S-Pen into the side of the chassis, Samsung had to make it smaller. But for those who want the pen to be bigger, Samsung will be offering a separate extender kit. The S-Pen Holder Kit is already available for the 5-inch Galaxy Note, and it is expected that the 10.1 variant will have the same type of accessory.

Photos courtesy of Eraser112

In terms of performance, we already heard from a leaked benchmark that the Note 10.1 will use the quad-core Exynos 4412 processor with the Mali-604T GPU. This new configuration will double the performance of the preview version seen in Spain.

The device seen in Germany came with Android 4.0.4. There is no confirmed word on pricing or availability, but you can be sure that the Android Authority team will let you know as soon as any details emerge!

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