Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 pre-orders canceled, release date and specs again uncertain

by: AdrianJune 14, 2012

One of the most anticipated Android-based tablets of 2012, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1, is still making rivers of (virtual) ink flow, while remaining wrapped in mystery. Unveiled way back at the MWC in February, the 10-incher underwent several technical changes, and, just when we thought we knew its final specs, things went dark again.

A pre-order page for the Note 10.1 went live on Amazon yesterday, but before we could even wrap our heads around the (supposedly) official tablet’s specs, features and prices, the page vanished. Quickly after that, Samsung came out with an official statement on the matter,  claiming that the listing was just another mistake in a long line of such foolish errors from Amazon.

“The Note 10.1 is NOT available for pre-order, and in fact we have not yet announced final details, timing or pricing for this product. The information Amazon published is also not entirely accurate. Samsung does appreciate all the interest and excitement about this upcoming offering and we will have more details to share soon.” said one of Sammy’s spokespersons in an exclusive talk with SlashGear.

The first thing we can say after reading Samsung’s statement is that we’re pretty much back to square one, we still don’t know what to expect from the Note 10.1 and, most importantly, when to expect the tablet. Amazon listed all of the 10-incher’s specs and features yesterday, but right now, it’s hard to tell which one of those were “not entirely accurate”.

On the other hand, the fact that Samsung has quickly come up with such a statement to refute the tablet’s “final details” can mean one of two things, both of which being good news. Either Sammy is still busy upgrading the heck out of the 10-incher we saw back in February, or the tablet is ready, but some of its specs are not on-par with those listed by Amazon and are in fact superior.

If any of the two scenarios proves accurate, at least part of last month’s report could become reality. We can thus hope to see the final Galaxy Note 10.1 featuring a 1.5 GHz quad-core Exynos 4412 processor and a Mali T-604 GPU. The pricing might change from what we saw on Amazon’s listing yesterday, but you’ll most likely get what you pay for.

Before getting too deep into speculation, let’s wrap up today’s report by telling you to keep in touch with our website over the next few weeks, when we hope to finally find out something definitive on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1. In the meantime, tell us what you hope the 10-incher will feature and what would be the right price to ask for it.

  • Stratostrophic

    Well, I think it’s great that Samsung is taking the time to revise the Note and make it the best it can be. Only problem is that were waiting for our tablets! I sure hope Samsung is using this time well, maybe upgrading screen reso and screen protection. Wouldn’t it be something to have the tablet be smudge proof?

    • I’d have lived happily with an old Galaxy tab sporting a proper stylus. Folks just don’t understand what a difference it is for productivity having a stylus.
      For a student – no more notebooks and most serious tech books can be found in different E formats. One device to carry around means all you need for school is a light messenger bag with room for an extra keyboard if you need it. An exec can sketch notes during a meeting…designers can do their thing wherever the muse shows up…

      But since no such proper device yet exists( those chunky ones who do have their myriad faults) I got me an Asus Prime( With dock). The Galaxy tab 10.1 was a contender, but if it had a stylus I’d take it any day of the week, dual core n’ all.

      Already spent like a 100$ on finding a good capacitive stylus…oh silly Sammy…

      //End of rant.

    • Stocklone

      I’m actually hoping they don’t upgrade the resolution. That’s more pixels to push. The CPU and GPU will have to work harder. The backlight will have to push more light to get the same brightness. More battery needed which makes it heavier and thicker or it will have worse battery life. I hate Apple for starting the PPI wars. It’s not always a case of bigger is better. There are tradeoffs.

  • Quryous

    All this is well and good, but we had hoped that they would have a better screen, Full HD, like on the new LG screen, full 1920 x 1080P in an OLED, but NOT Pentile. And, completely water-proof and drop-proof, as well.

    We would also like to see them make their screen truly superambiphobic (that is: VERY water (hydrophobic) and oil (oleophobic) repellant, to cut down on smudges and fingerprints).

    A superambiphobic screen is able to keep itself completely clean of smudges, smears, water spots, oil stains, fingerprints, etc. Let’s get it on, Samsung! Recently I saw a friend’s phone after he signed in with gestures. From several feet away I could see the pattern he used smeared on the screen, even after several minutes of use. That is NOT secure, we NEED better glass, superambiphobic glass, to be exact.

    Face Unlock should be available.

    It should also try to be a bit more future-proof. 2GB of RAM and 32GB Internal storage these days is an absolute MINIMUM! We’d actually like to see 4 and 64, or more, standard, by the end of the year.

    For expanded storage it should have a microSD card slot able to handle at least 64GB, and a micro-USB3 port for external access and drives.

    The latest iteration of Bluetooth goes without saying, but so many aren’t paying attention, so I’ll say it. And for goodness sake, update and simplify pairing. Gracious what a mess everything seems to be, needlessly.

    Further, it should have Dolby Mobile 3 with support for 5.1 sound via HDMI out.

    Then, make sure it can play full HD for at least 10 or 11 hours, minimum.

    Let’s not forget an updated, more useful Stylus. The stylus should have a finer point, and the stylus INSIDE a full PEN-sized adapter should fit inside the case of the unit. It should have less lag. The current stylus is just too small to handle well, and the point is too broad for fine work.

    Voice control is a must, and must be MUCH improved.

    NFC is a MUST! And you should include some of your own NFC TecTiles as a sample, too, say 5 or 6 of them.

    Don’t forget, Android 4.1 should be loaded out of the box, with NO bloatware.
    Then, of course, you can make it a Nexus device, to avoid bloatware and speed up updates.

    Then, bring it to all carriers, as you did with the S III.

    NOW, Samsung, you would be getting somewhere.

    Perhaps on the Galaxy Note 2 or Galaxy Note 10 ver2.

    • Antonius0809

      My God, you are so picky and noisy. It annoys just by reading your post. Maxing out everything is easy, but they must also balance it with the associated costs of doing so. Why don’t u be Samsung engineer or something and maybe we’ll see what you can do with that big mouth of yours.

      • For a premium device, these sorts of specs should be standard. The cost of these parts and software at this point in time and where the devices are manufactured should not add that much cost to the purchaser. Totally agree that bluetooth 4 should be a must…..especially given Androids hunger for battery power. If someone tells you they don’t make much money on the devices, thats crap……car dealers say the same thing!!! iPad buyers pay much more for a lot less hardware wise!! Something specced up that will last a few years easy would be a good option. Manufacturers are obviously just pumping out low spec hardware to keep people upgrading on a yearly basis.

  • hutz

    bine adrian ai scris frumos…! bravo…

  • Leo

    So, is Lenovo thinkpad the only way to get an active digitizer in an android tablet today? I like the looks of the 10.1 Samsung Note but not sure if I can wait for it to actually launch. I’m thinking I may go ahead with Lenovo Thinkpad.