Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Jelly Bean update now available for those in the UK and Nordic countries

by: Robert NelsonNovember 27, 2012

If you happen to be living in the UK or any of the Nordic countries and are a Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet user — an update will soon be available. It seems Samsung has begun the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for users with the Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 (3G /Wi-Fi) model.

Anyway, if you happen to live in any of those countries — you have a few options to consider. The first being to take the casual approach where you sit back and wait for the update notification to arrive on your device. We suspect few will be willing to sit back and do nothing. That being the case, the next best option would be to head to the settings and frantically hit the check for update button.

Or lastly, take the get it now method by manually downloading and installing the update. You can download the updated firmware by clicking here or here. The build number for the UK and Nordic is N8000OXXBLJ2 and the update will arrive as Android 4.1.1. And while the updates are listed for the UK and Nordic Countries, opening either and we find the full list of supported regions to include; Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom.

All that said, the safest and easiest route would be to sit back and wait for your OTA update to arrive. Finally, we have yet to see a specific changelog for either of the updates, however they are expected to bring goodies such as Google Now with Voice search as well as the enhancements from the Premium Suite which Samsung detailed last week.

  • OskrSaSi

    Do you know something about the N8010 update?

  • How about N8010??

  • Yer, when is the N8010 update?

  • jerry

    Why is the USA not getting it. All we here is “coming soon” that could mean anything. Really Samsung USA pays the bills to

  • Will this update work on N8013 (US wifi only version)? or is it not compatible?

  • Putte

    We not get in Sweden yet.
    So not all Nordic country.

  • Gigi

    N8010? Someone?

  • djquest

    why the usa is the last to get it this is some bs the upgrade should be sent to everyone at the same time don’t it hits the stores at the same time come on if i have to wait till next year for this upgrade than dam i might as will buy the verizon one and go threw waiting for the upgrade .

  • anyone know when the UAE will get this update. i love this tablet but really some bugs are killing me

  • Andrew Giles

    Jelly bean update for samsung galaxy 10.1 got it at last Tamworth uk

  • Andrew Giles

    Yes sorry its in Tamworth uk. Samsung galaxy note 10.1 Jellybean N8010 update 4.1.1 yesterday 7am

  • Will

    Anyone know when NZ will get this update?