Samsung shows off the Galaxy Note 10.1 as an education device

by: Robert NelsonOctober 16, 2012

If you take a look at the website for the Institute of Play you will likely understand why they have been using new technology as education devices. The beginning of the about page starts off by saying how they “design experiences that make learning irresistible.” And well, putting a shiny new tablet in the hands of a student sounds pretty good. Maybe not irresistible, but certainly much more entertaining as compared to learning from a book and a teacher lecture.

This post stems from a video that was recently posted by Samsung Mobile. The video shows how the Institute of Play has been using the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet as an education device. The Institute of Play noted that thanks to Samsung and the GALAXY Note 10.1, they are getting a “glimpse of the incredible impact the Institute’s revolutionary methods are making.” And perhaps more important, “how potentially bright the future is for students everywhere.”

The video is interesting to watch, though on the shorter side at just a little over four minutes in length. To sum this up in a simple form, it sounds a bit like trying to trick the kids into learning. You know, by making learning fun. Listening to the narrator in the video, it almost makes it seem as if the kids are playing a video game and trying to get to the next level.

Of course, while the Institute of Play and the Galaxy Note 10.1 are the subject of this video, it seems to offer a bit of insight into what other students can hopefully look forward to seeing in the future.

  • olbp

    Maybe after the next refresh, if the build quality is better, I might consider it for education (or anything else), but right now I consider the build too fragile for anyone, much less school kids.

    Apps need improvement, too. S Note on the Galaxy Note 2 looks pretty fair, but am looking forward to many more sophisticated apps, as well as better multi-tasking of ALL apps. When all that is on the larger Note, then I will re-evaluate it.

    • Gary

      olbp, While I agree that stuff like Gorilla glass might make it tougher, it is pretty good now. Plastic will take ding or two and spring back – the metal case, not so much. If Samsung would jump on some apps that people are looking for, ones that really highlight the S-pen, I think it will take off.

      I used to have an iPad and while it was great, it was not the panacea to education that Apple ads portrayed. I saw countless iPad users try to use the device as a group-shared whiteboard over the Internet – a very high demand function. Many wanted to help students with tough math problems, etc., that required readable writing/drawing. The number one complaint was that writing with your finger was like trying to make post-it notes with a large magic marker – just not enough granularity.

      Samsung has the granularity – they just don’t seem to have the vision of what to do with this S-pen that will drive the market. Note that even in their video everyone was using the pen for the simple tasks that you could actually do with your finger.

      Just a thought. Gary

    • what u guys do with your devices,, wrestle around? I have been using various plastic devices for year and no notable scratch at all (most got no scratch at all,,, forget notable ones)..when i hear people microscoping for steel cases, i wonder if these people use their devices as hammers or something similar

  • Stephen

    I do not know why people are riding the “it’s more fragile than the Ipad” wave over and over again, I own an Ipad and since 4 weeks a Note 10.1. I have to say. Its great, I don’t have any negative feelings about the tablet and yes I agree with many other Note users… it is a pleasure to use. I absolutely love it.

    As a creative person… IF i would have to decide to buy a tablet AGAIN? I would buy the Note 10.1 again.

    • I agree. Mine does not feel fragile or cheap. I take it with me everywhere. I shove it in my bag everyday. I use it for graduate school, work, and pleasure. I use it for social media, and I’ll read a book on it. Great job Samsung.

      • Mel

        I want this tab to replace old fashion pen and paper. Which app do you use for notetaking? I love Snote but the fact that I cannot “add” pages to a note is not appealing.

        • That1guy

          If you open the actual app (not the little pop up) and make a note there is a button on the bottom right (when in edit mode not view mode) to add either plain or template pages.

  • columbia

    I seriously want to bring a device like this, that’s already built around a stylus, to my gradschool classes but I’m a bit hesitant to with its plastic build. I want a device that I can shove into my backpack. Otherwise, I am pretty sold on the Note 10.1.

    • I use it for my graduate program. Taking notes on it is easy and I would say enjoyable in that I can change font colors for emphasis when I want. I put cases on all my gadgets so that’s an easy solution in portability.

    • V

      I use it every day to take notes in all my classes (5 days a week, 18 credits). I have a ‘book’ cover for it and have experienced zero problems with the build (it doesn’t feel cheap to me at all). It’s an amazing tablet and has replaced my bulky notebooks.

  • nehapatel

    I seriously want to bring a device like this, that’s already built around a stylus, to my gradschool classes but I’m a bit hesitant to with its plastic build. I want a device that I can shove into my backpack. Otherwise, I am pretty sold on the Note 10.1.

  • Roberta Nadine

    I do use the Galaxynote 10.1 2014 as an educational device, the advantage of this device is the active pen it have, and combined with the real time shared whiteboard at, I am able to explain math problems to my students online and in real time! It’s just a great combination.