Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Prime) and HTC Rezound (Vigor) Show Up In Verizon’s Device Management System

by: Matthew SabatiniOctober 14, 2011
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Does all of the news surrounding the upcoming Galaxy Nexus (Prime) have you on the edge of your seat? Well, get ready for more. Verizon customers will be happy to hear that the device has popped up in Verizon’s Device Management system. However, the Nexus was not the only device slipping out of Verizon’s system this week. More specifically, the HTC Rezound, aka HTC Vigor, has made its debut and you definitely want to hear about this device that has been hidden under the Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Droid RAZR rumors.

Galaxy Nexus

All summer the Galaxy Nexus has been rumored and deemed as the “phone of phones”. Now, it is all coming to a close. After Samsung’s teaser video just a while back, we are finally given some legitimate confirmation. Verizon’s Device Management has revealed that Samsung will be releasing the “Galaxy Nexus” sometime soon. In addition, the phone will most definitely be 4G LTE capable with Verizon. Finally, this information gives us some closure on the actually name of the device. Although I myself was looking forward to Samsung’s Nexus Prime, the true name of the device will be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

HTC Rezound

Now that Samsung is really starting to look like it is running away with the Android smartphone manufacturer competition, HTC is trying to steal some of the Korean company’s spotlight. More specifically, HTC is rolling out a horde of devices that are infused with “Beats” and in some cases, include a pair of the headphones. Phandroid suggests that the HTC Rezound will be one of HTC’s new Beats phones. In addition, the device will feature a dual-core processor, HD screen, and have 4G LTE connectivity.


With the holiday season just around the corner and Apple’s 4S out of the way, Verizon customers have a lot to look forward to. Samsung, Motorola, and now HTC will all be sending out new super-phones” that will make you mouth water.

Excited much?

Source: Phandroid

  • Diegodebarbieri

    someone says there’s two different phones: nexus prime (GSM) and Galaxy Nexus (CDMA)… I hope so…

    • Anonymous

      i dont know if I hope so or not. That will depend on if there are other differences besides the name and cell tech. I’m on Verizon and if I find out that they not only passed on the GSII but also got an inferior Nexus or added carrier bloat and TouchWiz instead of pure ICS, I’m gonna be pretty pissed. The name ‘Samsung Galaxy Nexus’ really worries me since as far as I know, Nexus phones don’t officially have branding other than the Google name. I just wish they would announce it already really, tired of waiting at this point.

  • Brett Bailey

    So, is there any details on if this may be coming to Sprint?

  • hope to get this soon :)