One of the main selling points of all Google Nexus branded devices, if not the point, has been the “continuous software support”. We always thought that meant rolling out timely system updates, starting with the major new Android versions, but that doesn’t always translate very well into reality.

Nobody was that “crazy” to think that all North American Samsung Galaxy Nexus versions would get Jelly Bean upgrades in the first month after the new OS version’s release, but surely two and a half months would have been enough to bring the pure Google experience to the GNex, right?

Well, yes and no, because we are now two and a half months away from the unveiling of Jelly Bean at the Google I/O conference, and there are a lot of Galaxy Nexus users still left hanging. The GSM version of the highly popular phone got the official update way back in mid-July, but things slowed to a crawl since then.

Sprint GNex users got their tasty update last week, after a couple of frustrating delays, while Big Red customers are still waiting in line, despite a pre-release version of Jelly Bean getting out at the end of August. Things were even worse in Canada, where no Galaxy Nexus version was officially updated until a few hours ago.

According to various fresh reports flying all around the web, those of you living up North should be filled with excitement by now, as the JB update has begun to roll out to various Galaxy Nexus models. Yeah, that’s right, various models all at once, go figure!

While we don’t exactly have a very detailed and up to date official situation of all the Nexus carrier branded versions in Canada, based on Mobile Syrup user comments it seems that Jelly Bean has started to roll out to Telus, WIND, Fido, Rogers, and Videotron GNex adopters. That leaves only Bell and Sasktel’s devices in the dark, although things could change any moment now.

If you’re living in Canada and own a Galaxy Nexus, but you are yet to receive an automatic prompt message to install the OTA (over-the-air) upgrade, you might want to perform a manual check for system updates. You can do that quickly by accessing the “settings” menu of your phone, and then tapping on “about phone” – “system software updates”, and “check now”. If this doesn’t bring up anything new, you might still be on the waiting list. I’m sure you already had enough waiting, but a couple of extra hours will certainly not hurt you (that much).

Now, if only Samsung got a move on Jelly Bean updates for other devices, too… Who’s got sweet Jelly Bean on his or her Canadian Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

  • ClapperclawMegilp
  • Ragunator

    Nothing yet for GNex owners on Mobilicity, hopefully that will change by the end of the day

    • Bob

      I’m on Mobilicity and I got my update this morning.

  • Jorge

    I’m with Wind and nothing yet for me. Hopefully sometime later in the afternoon…..

    • Same here, I was told it was supposed to come out last night. still nothing. Im on Wind in Toronto, if that means anything..

  • Bell Canada in GTA nothing yet. Got 4.02 on Friday…hoping JB is soon

    • HB

      I received the update too although my texts are displayed with wrong names and my phone is lagging.

    • dh

      Got mine this morning

  • tinsar

    Fido in Edmonton, Alberta, got mine this morning on one phone but not the other yet.

  • ludovici

    Wind in Vancouver… the waiting continues…

  • greg

    Only just got 4,02 few days ago with bell

  • Still waiting. Wind customer.

  • garriftw

    Still waiting wind customer :(

  • StillWaiting

    Any word on Mobilicity receiving the JB update?

    • StillWaiting

      I’m 4.02 btw, if that helps.

      • Gnex Mobilicity


    • Gnex Mobilicity

      Dont know cuz i hace been reading alot about the update and it never mentions mobilicity

    • StillWaiting

      Hm… If I stick my Fido SIM card into my GNex, would there be a higher chance of me receiving JB faster than Mobilicity?

  • Babs

    With Rogers still running 4.0.2 & i just got that update last week. :(

    • Jason

      same, I’m with Fido

  • dh

    My nexus got jellybean today. I’m with Bell

    • Where you located?

      • dh


        • Anyone know the algorithm or how they determine who gets the update when?

          • dh

            I got updated to JB the day after I got updated to 4.0.2

          • yukiko

            What carrier r u with?

          • dh


  • pod

    yeah as per many comments, i just got my 4.0.2 update few days ago, im with rogers, will be a surprise if i get a JB update within the next month, thats how much im hating this wait. Seriously considering rooting to get updates earlier. My friend has had his JB up and running for at least 2 months

  • Telus in Vancouver, I was all excited, but it turns out it was simply the 4.0.2 update.
    No word on when the bean of jelly should become available

  • Vancouver boy

    Fido/Nexus/Vancouver. I got the 4.0.2 update about a week ago…today I received Jelly Bean! It’s coming…just really slow. Love the speed!

  • Gnex Mobilicity

    Anybody got the jelly bean update on galaxy nexus with mobilicity?

    • pol


  • swoo

    Sasktel 4.02 about a week ago. No JB yet.

  • steve

    Rogers gnex. J.b. Arrived Wednesday morning

  • Jorge

    Update on my end:
    Location: Toronto
    Carrier: Wind
    JB Status: ….. The wait continues …..
    Excitement level: Decreasing …

    • mat

      Got mine 2 days ago on WInd

      • Jorge

        I just got mine yesterday! :D, loving it so far

  • I did what previous posts were saying, forwarding it to a different date and clearing framework and everything but then I did something different here are the steps.
    1. Forwarded date to December 31st 2012
    2. Went to settings, apps, all apps, scrolled down to Google services framework, cleared data then force stopped it.
    3. Went to home then to the dailer and then put in *#*#2432546#*#*
    4. This should disappear and then a notification will pop up in the notification bar saying “checkin succeeded”
    5. Hit home then go to settings and scroll down to about phone and hit system updates and the update should be installing itself!
    This worked for me on the first try, I remember a few months ago there was a video on YouTube and a couple of forums on this method.
    I do not know if you have to do it a few times before it works, nor do I know if it will work at all for you! So use at own leisure!
    I really hope this helped some people! Good luck with getting the update and I hope everyone can soon enjoy the buttery and smooth experience of jelly Bean!

    • MobilicityGNex

      Worked like a charm on the first try!

      Galaxy Nexus, Mobilicity, Calgary

    • Follow this method

      OMG!! Works! Got the update by forwarding the time and clearing Google Services Framework! Updated to Jelly Bean! Thank you so much! Wow they check the time on our devices rather than the time on their servers! WOW! Who taught them programming?!!!!! But good for us. LOL.

    • pol

      does not work

      • phil

        Sweet thanks william worked on my rogers gnex

      • Tpn

        Actually I was going to do those steps, on
        sept 16 at 8.46 am . What a surprise My samsung galaxy nexus was downloading the “Android System Update”.

        Download continues..I am waiting to see my 1st android update.
        Updating to JB

      • Tpn

        Where are you located pol? I am in Toronto

    • GT

      Did not work for me…I guess I’ll just have to wait like the majority of users :)

      • Sparky

        no mater who you with you, I got my JB 3 weeks ago. You have to be on WIFI. There is a way to speed up the process by going to settings, apps, all, go to Google Services Framework and do clear data and then force stop. After that go to settings, about phone, system update and check now. Make sure you on wifi.

    • shankas

      Yesterday morning followed instructions and nothing happened. Left the date as 31-Dec-2012. Overnight it got upgraded. Thanks

  • smrtfone

    I got JB 2 days ago. I’m on Bell in Nova Scotia. I did a force stop on Google Services Framework and clear data. Then did a check for updates and it was there.

  • PDub

    On Bell in Vancouver. Tried the “clear” the Google Services Framework trick listed below, worked on the first try!!! Waiting for my install to re-boot and configure!

  • swoo

    Jelly bean update on Sasktel today. Was 4.0.2 a week ago.

  • I got my update this morning. Jelly bean is pretty cool so far

  • AnD

    Update on my end:
    Location: Ottawa
    Carrier: Wind
    JB Status: ….. Got 4 days ago …..
    Excitement level: Happy ..

  • Lanu

    when is it coming out for fido?

  • gnex0rz

    4.1.1 arrived today, Bell Canada.

  • GT

    Rogers, Montreal…4.0.2 pushed to my phone a couple of days ago….Where is JB?

  • paul

    Yes! My galaxy nexus just updated to 4.1 jelly bean 5 minutes ago. It was so unexpected. I currently using wind mobile. I am so happy right now=]

  • Just got JB… 4.1.1 in London, ON on the Rogers network. I’ve been out of touch with this apparent issue, surprise to me! Seems great so far – freezing/slow issues are all gone!!

  • me

    I got the update today.
    in Toronto, on FIDO.

  • Godkoble

    Got JB on Bell Quebec today Sept. 17, 2012.

  • march hare

    I got 4.1.1 this morning, Rogers, (Alberta, if that helps)

  • scrim1968

    It is being update right now. Videotron in Quebec

  • Godfather

    Just got 4.1.1 a few minutes ago on Telus

  • JC

    Just got the OTA update for 4.1.1 I’m withe Wind. Enjoying the smoothness of JB.

  • mr. knowledge

    its out on saktel, just got it

  • Jeff

    I got the update this morning, Fido carrier. The changes look good so far. Me and girlfirend both have Galaxy Nexus phones and they are amazing and beat any Apple product hands down and you don’ have to sell your soul to Apple Corp. Look forward to many years with Google.

  • Jamie R

    I got the update last night…one question…where did the mic icon for voice-to-text on the keyboard disappear to?? and how do I get it back? this only happened after the update…help!

  • FINALLY! Saint John NB, Canada – Carrier Bell a.k.a Bell Aliant got latest Android Firmware 4.1.1 JellyBean!!!

  • Jorge

    I got mine yesterday morning.

    Carrier: Wind
    Location: Toronto

    Loving it!


    I got 4.1.1 on my bell nexus in the gta yesterday

  • Bought my Nexus Last Thursday and it updated to Jelly Bean That evening. In Toronto.