Looks like Google may have announced the Nexus Prime’s official name ahead of its official announcement date.  Two newly discovered photos may be harboring the official name of the fabled Nexus Prime–and it’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Android Next‘s Amir Tamannai went digging around images’ EXIF data in Google’s own Picasa photo service in hopes of finding some juicy stuff about the launch-delayed Nexus Prime–and found two hits for the rumored official name Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  EXIF refers to image information recorded in digital photos and contains such tidbits as camera make and model, date and time of capture, exposure, aperture, flash, and the like.

Tamannai reports having tried searching for other rumored names for the Nexus Prime, but none of the other names produced results–only “Samsung Galaxy Nexus” did.

One of the photos appears to be a family photo of Roman Kirillov, and the other was of a Steve Jobs Post-It notes memorial at an Apple Store.  The latter photo was captured by Chris Yerga.

Both Kirillov and Yerga reportedly work for Google.  Kirillov reportedly is in the team for AdSense for TV, while Yerga is reportedly a member of the Android development team.

Here’s the EXIF information for the Kirillov photo:


And, here’s the EXIF information for the Yerga photo:

 Tamannai found that the two photos were taken on October 8 and were both set at a resolution of 3 megapixels.  Although the Nexus Prime, er, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, is rumored to have at least a 5-megapixel camera, the lower resolution on the photos could have been caused by Picasa downsizing or the handset camera’s resolution set to lower settings than its actual capability.

These photos look legit and are backed by the fact that they were captured by Google workers–with one directly involved in Android development.  Who’s to say Samsung Galaxy Nexus won’t be Google’s next flagship reference phone’s name?

  • Carl

    Awkward long names as usual

    Why don’t they understand that easy = more attention by customers

    Regular customers like easiness even in phones’ names


    • Jeff

      Are you kidding me?

      Apple iPhone 4S
      Samsung Galaxy Nexus

      Can you count?

      • Rob

        I think “Ap-ple i-Phone 4-S” is 6 syllables and “Sam-sung Gal-ax-y Nex-us” is 7… ;-)

  • Brian Wenger

    Oh snap, come to Sprint please.

  • great !! nexus prime

  • Anonymous

    To quote that famous line: “Would a rose by any other name smell so sweet?”.
    Maybe it’s just me but I’ll be sorely disappointed if they’ve definitely gone with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus name. The name Google Nexus Prime to me was much cooler and seemed to be indicative of being an Android flagship phone from the line of Nexus and assuming it’s place in the ranks of the Nexus One and Nexus S. No offence to Samsung but really a Samsung Galaxy Nexus sounds like just another product in their ever expanding Galaxy range. It also creates an out of place name for them as you’d usually expect a Galaxy phone to also be sporting their usual TouchWiz interface.
    Sorry Google but I want a Nexus Prime damn it!

  • Anonymous

    ok i have a question… supposedly the nexus prime is coming or eventually coming to all carriers, so that would be the four major carriers: T-Mo, Big Red, Sprint and ATT… so here’s my question would the nexus prime work on smaller reign/carriers like Metro PCS?

    • J. Adam Morris

      Well, MetroPCS afaik leases bandwidth from either Sprint or Verizon, maybe both, so as long as it is a CDMA-compatible phone, and it would be if it were on Sprint or VZW, yes.

  • Anonymous

    Im still going to call it the nexus prime. I don’t like galaxy nexus at all. It doesn’t sound good. Nexus prime sounds strong , machine of all machines. Samsung has enough galaxy phones,leave the nexus name alone.

  • allen walker

    Nexus prime sounds so much more powerful than galaxy nexus, they should rename it back!

  • Mamoon Noorestani

    The Nexus Prime’s screen looks smaller and not wider than the Galaxy S2 even though it’s going to have a 4.6 inch, 720p Super Amoled HD Display. Why is that?

    • Anonymous

      Because ICS does away with the physical buttons so you need a larger screen to display the soft buttons. The row of soft buttons takes up the same space as the physical buttons.

      • Mamoon Noorestani

        It should come with a 4.8 inch screen and it should have been a bit more wide because of the Action Bar in the bottom of the screen.