Another spot on the Nexus experience – Galaxy Nexus losing signal reception after Android 4.0.4 update

by: Ankit BanerjeeApril 6, 2012
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The rollout of the Android 4.0 update has been very slow, with only about 3% of the smartphones featuring the upgraded OS at the last count. Google updated the OS to the 4.0.3 version last December, also requesting vendors to treat this as the base version for all future devices.

Keeping with this trend of continuous upgrades and improvements to the OS, Google, last week, has finally pushed the Android 4.0.4 update to its flagship Galaxy Nexus device. The latest update brought a number of tweaks, UI optimization and bug patches, making for better stability. It is also said to improve camera performance, which has been a complaint with the previous versions of ICS.

But none of that matters if you can’t use the phone for its most basic, yet primary, purpose, i.e. receiving calls and text messages, right? In what could be Google’s own version of the infamous “Antenna Gate”, reports from some users suggest that the Nexus S loses signal reception entirely, within minutes of going into standby mode. This does not seem to be an isolated incident, as there have been a lot of complaints about this issue, but only on GSM devices.

It seems that the reason for the loss of GSM signal is linked to an “improved” battery saving feature, part of the latest ROM. This feature causes the phone to push the processor below the minimum threshold required to keep the signal up, when in standby mode. This means that if the phone is in standby mode (with the screen off), you will be unable to receive calls or text messages. Signal strength does return when the phone is taken out of standby mode and the processor is back up to speed.

The issue goes away as soon as the device is flashed back to the Android 4.0.3 factory mode, but appears again on subsequent attempts at the upgrade. Some developers have been able to come up with workarounds to solve this problem, but is an option only available  for rooted devices and is not recommended for users that are not familiar with the process. The loss of signal strength is also seen on custom ROMs that have been upgraded to the Android 4.0.4 version. At this point, we would suggest not going through with update or to be prepared to flash your device to the previous version.

Google has been made aware of this major problem, and will most likely have a fix ready in a few days. However, this problem is another embarrassing incident for Google in general and the still prestigious  Nexus program in particular, after the problems encountered by Nexus S users late last year.

Did you update your Galaxy Nexus to Android 4.0.4? If yes, are you one of the thousands that are currently facing this problem?

  • WestIndiesKING

    I am and i want to use that SetCPU app but its 2 dollars. Hard for me to spring to bux for something i expect google to resolve shortly. I do hear its a real good app thou.

    • gbgamer

      You can look it up on google, he’s released it for free on xda.

      • WestIndiesKING

        ialready dropped the two bux bro, but thanks. Damn good app thou dont regret it.

  • dmedesha

    Which flavor of Galaxy Nexus? My Verizon is 4.0.2, says it is the latest-and-greatest, and works fine. It is also not rooted.

  • Leif81

    I’m wondering if there are so many different versions of the GSM Nexus Update or they maybe didn’t used the official one?

    Got no issues with 4.04 on my GSM Nexus in Germany but got completeley different kernel and baseband.

    Android Verison:


    [email protected] #1

    Build Number:

  • AndroidBrian

    O bother. If Google can’t release the update properly on its on devices what hope do we GS2 USA people have? None I tell ya. None!

  • Callouj

    Yes I updated to the 4.0.4 and I’m facing this issue! Is very annoying!

  • don devlin

    Yes updated and now missed so many calls, really annoued
    Come on Google sort it out

  • Yuko

    I updated yesterday and then lost signal and facing this issue…Come on Google what can I fix?Tell me … so annoying

  • Bryan

    On Mobilicity in Canada – no problem with my version of 4.04 – here are my settings:
    Android Verison:


    [email protected] #1
    Thu Feb 2 16:56:02 PST 2012

    Build Number:

  • Gaganrocks1989

    I had updated on 7/4/2012 all other things are going good i cant see any significant problems which others are facing but there is a problem in the dial pad the delete button moved to front of the dialed number showing box.

  • Michael Martin

    Having major problems can’t even make a call without it dropping out on galaxy nexus

  • Tobias Johansson

    This issue was a big problem in 4.0.2 also. It wasn’t with 4.0.1, but there we had a big battery problem instead.

  • Aolander

    I have a rooted NG running 4.0.3 & I was praying 4.0.4 would FIX the terrible reception it has, but I guess not :( I’m so tired of my husbands Razr 4G getting awesome signal sitting right next to me, while I have no signal! google fix this! :(

  • Howiemac

    my camera doesn’t work and my flashlight app won’t turn on the camera flash

  • Tdzcmsj

    Haven’t noticed any problems with mine yet. Just have to tweak it a little

  • Krayziejoe00

    I’m having issues with my nexus 4g’a signal

  • Photo4menti

    yes ,have a battery problem..not sure what to do now..embarrassing

  • Yes, I am facing this problem and can’t work know! No phone, no 3G, no SMS! What should I do now? I will sue Google for the time and money lost not being able to work after the update!

  • Surfking55

    4.0.4 totally bricked my Nexus. When trying to roll back to 4.0.2 I still get the “no service” issue. WTF?

  • Byebyegoogle

    shame on you GOOGLE. will not buy a google device anymore.

  • majjx

    facing the same losing network problem even after thep previous small 4.04 update.

  • Deisorjoel

    Hi today I get the update for a Samsung galaxy I hope works fine I have seen small changes on the phone I still loose signal into my house and swcht from 3 g to 4 g and bisaide this is all until now

  • I lose signal and its not even in standby. It just drops….like now. But i got it back though.

  • Thehaggis

    Had the issue on 4.02, still have it in 4.04 though battery life is improved :)

  • Brian H

    I updated to 4.0.4 and the only issue I am seeing is when the phone is on 4G(LTE) it will randomly drop as per usual. But when I stay on 3G (CDMA) I don’t have any issues. I did some test calls where I stayed on 3G and held a phone call for over 10 minutes while texting during the call(all messages were sent fine). I then had my 4G on and about 30sec-2min into the call it just drops. I look at the phone and it goes from 4G (full bars) to “No service”. Clearly an issue with 4G. Therefore if you can turn off your 4G and you should be good as of now.

  • Gspaulding3

    When is this issue going to be fixed? I just got my phone on Monday, and drop calls and data all the time. Mostly during standby, but sometimes when I’m going from one page to the next, the data signal just stops. The only way I can get it back is to turn off and back on.

  • Nomad77

    In my experience this problem is specific to your SIM card and network and may affect 3G connections only. Try switching your phone to 2G only to test. I did experience this problem while roaming on Vivo Brasil on a T-Mobile SIM on 3G. When I switched to 2G only it went away. When I switched to a Vivo SIM it went away. The T-Mobile SIM on T-Mobile network did not have a problem.

  • Android!!!

    This is a huge problem with this phone. It is not just 4.04, it is hardware. It took me 3 phones before I got one that works. The one the works, works great! Verizon, Samsung, and Google need to stop selling the ones with the bad hardware! The tech I worked with said they are getting lots of people returning this phone because of the issue.