Leaked: The first Samsung Galaxy Music smartphone images surface

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Music

Yesterday we reported on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Music, a music-centric budget smartphone from Samsung. Now we know a little bit more about the handset, and that includes the first leaked images of the new device.

Just looking at the picture, this clearly has the look and feel of a budget device. As for specifications, don’t expect it to “wow” anyone with a single-core 850MHz processor and 512MB of RAM. Other features include a 3-inch QVGA screen, microSD, a 3MP camera and a single SIM or dual-SIM configuration. The good news is that it does run Android 4.0 and it is on Samsung’s list for future updates to Jelly Bean. The model numbers for the new phone models are listed as GT-S6010 and the GT-S6012 (for the Duos version).

What makes this a “music phone”, you ask? Even if this isn’t the fastest phone in town, it does pack two front-facing speakers and an FM Radio with a built-in antenna. The smartphone also offers SoundAlive and SRS technologies. The music features make this a near-perfect perfect for those looking for a sleek, slim device for jogging or hitting the gym. On the other hand, its small screen size and slow processor might be a turn off for some consumers.

One of the greatest things about Samsung offerings is that they cater to all types of consumers. From massive phablets to tiny 3-inch smartphones, you are more than likely to find a Samsung smartphone that is right for you. There is no official word on pricing or availability of the Samsung Galaxy Music, though it is expected to be unveiled at a scheduled October 11th press event in Germany.

  • spectre 13

    That’s JUNK

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      For you, yes. For others, it’s awesome! That’s the beauty of Android.

  • Ran

    You must be mistaken. QVGA resolution is 160×120. I’ m going to presume you meant VGA. Also, I don’t understand how Samsung could possibly expect consumers to believe that the reason the Galaxy S2 line won’t be updated is due to screen resolution when phones like this are promised an update.
    As for the Music, we’ll have to wait and see if it’s riddled with the numerous glitches and crashes that generally plague their budget devices (i.e. anything they’ve ever made for a prepaid carrier.)

    • Actually QVGA is equivalent of 320×240. I understand the error (Quarter=1/4 and 640/4=160) ;)

  • 3″ what a rubbish idea.

  • NoreenD

    There are plenty of smartphones to choose from. If a consumer has the chance to purchase a smartphone and decides to start out with a small smartphone with a screen around 3 inches, and low specs all around, believe me, they should save their hard earned money for something much better. For me, looking through a screen, less than 4 inches is like looking at the world through a hole in a fence. You’ll want so much more! A larger touchscreen is MUCH better! Also, you’d want enough storage and a good processor, perhaps dual core or quad core. Back in December of 2010, I’ve had a Samsung Intercept, then moved on to the LG Optimus V, and then to the Motorola Triumph, and for at least 5 months, I’ve come to satisfaction with the GSM Google Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Just try to download some of the newer game apps from the Play Store on something with low specs of an entry level Android phone. It may not be compatible. So, save the money, do some research at the Android websites, and get a good phone.

  • Guys… you all should know one thing from Samsung… they are good at using similar hardware between different models….
    For instance.. this phone Galaxy Music’s hardware is almost same as ”Galaxy CHAT” which was released recently…. the main difference is that Music doesnt have the QWERTY keyboard…. al the other things like 3inch screen, 850MHz cpu, ICS etc….
    this phone would appeal for teens with tiny fingers… but I still wonder WHAT Justice its gonna make for the name tag MUSIC in it…. lets see….. :-)