Samsung Galaxy Mega headed to Three UK

by: Nate SwannerMay 23, 2013

galaxy mega  6.3 galaxy s3 21

The Samsung Galaxy Mega is reportedly headed for Three UK, with a July launch window. While nothing official has emerged, our previous report notes pre-orders being taken for a July delivery. That report, coupled with Three being the only regional carrier in the UK to confirm plans for the device, lead us to believe they will have it sometime mid-summer.

Unfortunately, the 5.8-inch version won’t make the jump across the pond, so our UK readers will have to let us know how those 6.3-inch devices work out for them. With a 720p screen and 1.5GB RAM running at 1.7Ghz, we’re curious to see what everyone thinks.

Check out the video below, in which Three compares the entire Galaxy line. Interested in getting one? Let us know what you think of Samsung’s next next big thing in the comments section below!

  • That is actually insane. What’s the use of something so big… It’s practically a tablet!

    • steve gerrard

      Insane? To you maybe, but maybe you haven’t heard Sony and Nokia jumping the 6 inch plus bandwagon, the Togari is 6.44 inches (which rounds off to 6.4) and nokia is releasing a phablet between 6-6.3 inches also for next year, LG’s next optimus G Pro could also increase in size to 6.2 inches. All of this will be in anticipation of what the Note 3 brings to the table, you can bet next year Samsung will update their Mega handsets and the internals depending on how consumers into these type of hybrids will react. For folks like such as yourself, they are making more and more high end 4-4.5 inch handsets so if you don’t like phablets, don’t buy ’em then! Simple as!

  • panda

    It would be ideal if you always carry a headset around. The phone itself looks great, the bezel is small and the screen looks good as well. 1.7Ghz Dual should work well along with 1.5gigs of RAM. All round great phone.

  • lil bit

    Could be nice but need to wait for details on Togari, higher resolution and much better processor. Hoping for 2560×1440. The Galaxy Mega may be good for budget buyers, we have a Galaxy Grand here and it is of course a fat POS in all ways compared to Xperia Z but not bad, fully acceptable. Same with the Mega, will be terrible compared to Togari but still a good device.

    Now where are the Note 2 fanatics with some gay comments about how their device is Wohooo It Rulez, and then of course some Nexus guys need to tell us how stupid we are to not buy Nexus devices instead.