Samsung Galaxy Mega smartphone

If you’re reading this on a Nexus 7, do us a favor. Hold it up to your ear. If that seems reasonable to you, and you’re an AT&T customer, keep reading. You’re going to be really happy.

The crew over at Pocketnow has come across an interesting string of happenings. As it turns out, the Samsung Galaxy Mega may be headed to AT&T. That’s right, the smartphone with the 6.3” screen may soon be available in the US. Citing the often reliable EV Leaks, Pocketnow notes a device model SGH-1527 being prepped for AT&T service.

That model designation has been tied to the Samsung Melius, which was rumored to be a Tizen device. EV Leaks notes that this particular device for AT&T is absolutely not Tizen, but is keeping the Melius name. Mega is a more fitting name, even though Melius is a word derived from the latin word melior, meaning “big” or “a lot of”.

We agree that 6.3” of screen is melior, so we’ll wait for an official announcement. Whatever comes of it, we’re sure a large-scale Samsung phone is on the horizon.

We’re curious, what would you name a device of that size? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Trevor Kinsie

    I’ve got a Nexus 7 sitting right beside me, and frankly I think it is the perfect TABLET size for me, reading, watching and consuming of media is perfect at this size, but in terms of typing, talking or carrying around with ease I don’t think that this is any sort of size that would fit my personal needs. I assume that this is targeted at the very very large handed to operate properly.

  • RaptorOO7

    I’m looking forward to the GN3 at the rumored 5.99″ display but 6.3″ is just too big even for BT headset use. I will have to check it out though since it would arrive before the GN3 and would give me an idea of what it could be.

    I do find my current OG Pro at 5.5″ to do just fine for talking, typing, playing games and reading the web which saves me from carrying a tablet around with me.