Earlier today, a leaked NTT DoCoMo brochure revealed that Samsung is preparing to release a new handset, the Samsung Galaxy J. While the Galaxy J looks to be designed exclusively for the Japanese market, we wish that weren’t the case.

Sure, there are already too many Galaxy S4 variants, but at least the Galaxy J stands out from the pack. What exactly makes the Galaxy J different? Basically it answers the question of what would happen if the Note 3 and Galaxy S4 had a baby.

Looking at the handset pictured above, it’s obvious that the Galaxy J is a blend of the Note 3 and Galaxy S4’s aesthetics. The handset features a squared-off body like the Note 3, but sticks to the glossy plastic back found on the Galaxy S4.

The Galaxy J’s similarities to the Note 3 and Galaxy S4 don’t end there, either.

Like the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy J is powered by a 5-inch Full HD display and seems to have similar overall dimensions. More in line with the Note 3 however, the upcoming handset is powered by a Snapdragon 800 CPU and is accompanied by 3GB of RAM. The Galaxy J also includes a TV tuner, Android Jelly Bean, and will arrive in three colors: blue, white or pink.

The Samsung Galaxy J may be just a slightly redesigned Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A, but it’s still a pretty cool alternative that looks a lot like what we’d expect from a ‘Note 3 Mini’. Honestly, it’s also arguably better than most of the variants we’ve seen of the GS4 up to this point.

At the moment Samsung has yet to confirm the existence of the Galaxy J, so it’s still possible that the handset could make its way to other regions outside of Asia – though it’s doubtful.  Would you pick one up if it were released internationally? Or would you rather wait it out for the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Andrew Grush
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  • Nathan Borup

    “The handset features a squared-off body like the Note 3, but sticks to the glossy plastic back found on the Note 3.”
    is the S4 supposed to be in here somewhere?

    • Andrew Grush

      Sorry about that, fixed. Thanks for spotting it! :)

      • Nathan Borup

        Thanks for fixing it so quick… I really wanted to know! :P

  • Tuấn Ankh

    A Galaxy S4 on steroid? This looks so much better than the S4, too.

    And the design of this, the pink color in this photo, and NAME, remind me of the HTC Butterfly J (also exclusive in Japan, no?). You guys can google “htc butterfly j” and you’ll see it right there :D

  • s0na

    looks like iphone 5C, samsung has no apple shame, lol.

    • Seth Forbus


    • samsung_fanboy

      Yes indeed it’s design language looks like iPhone 5C.First apple copy Nokia and than Samsung iPhone.It’s a vicious circle more like a loop :]

      • mobilemann

        i guess you’ve never seen an ipod nano, since that’s pretty much where nokia got that design language from.

        Oh wait, my comment was informed, and didn’t say “fuck apple” looking forward to being buried down.

    • Reezo

      Nice try, troll.

    • Jacob

      You are right. Many other people copied iPhone 5c’s colors. Nestle Smarties, Gay flag, Photoshop color pallet, even rainbow. They should be ashamed. 0_0

      • Iliyan Conev

        Nokia introduced the color and stop bitching for the sake of it. Samsung at least put inside new hardware and more ram. Apple new processor and same ram 1GB.

        • Lisandro O Oocks

          No no, I’m pretty sure Apple invented colors remember the early iMacs. However that patent has expired which is why we didn’t hear about Apple suing Nokia.

          • On a Clear Day

            Apple not only invented colors – those incredibly smart guys and gals – but they also wrote the definition for “Revolutionary/Earth shaking product” – meaning recycled tech with a new number but still almost exactly the same but different.

  • Manuel S. Lara Bisch

    If it doesn’t come with a stylus, I’d prefer a Note 2 or 3.

    • Andrew Grush

      Nope – no stylus from the sounds of it. Would have be awesome if that were the case, though. :)


    These guys are bringing a new phone to market everyone week it seems

  • wiek

    “J” … będzie jak klon note3, tylko ciut mniejszy, a nazwa “J” przeciętnemu użytkownikowi ‘andka’ nic nie powie, ale S4 już tak, ….. więc “J” to dziwna nazwa skazana na porażkę, tak myslę

  • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji

    if no s pen its not from note family

  • A note3 baby should have an s pen. You wasted my time with your crazy article title.

  • Mike Reid

    Japan only, apparently.

    TV tuner is a clue that “Western” countries won’t be getting it.

  • Mystery Man

    They should make alternate faux leather backs for note 3.

  • Lisandro O Oocks

    I’m pretty sure the product development team at Samsung starts their thinking by,
    “What if this married with that” line all the time.

  • Wayne Peterkin

    it would be called incest

  • Carlos Chen

    rumor …

  • waqar

    may b Japanese version of s4

  • YunoLovesYuki

    You guys DO realize that the model on the picture is made out of paper, don’t you?

  • Yuga Max

    on my view, it’s much more beautiful than the original version

  • a+i

    how only blue pink and white where as the pic shown has a red one