Samsung Galaxy Gear hands on image gallery!

by: Darcy LaCouveeSeptember 4, 2013

samsung galaxy gear aa 16

Smartwatches are a market projected to hit millions of sales annually over the next several years. It’s a market ripe and ready for disruption, and you can be sure that many companies are interested in being on your wrist. Has Samsung created a winner with the Galaxy Gear? Feast your eyes on the brand new Samsung Galaxy Gear below.

And how about you? Like what you see? Does Samsung have a winner on their hands (or potentially yours) with the Galaxy Gear? Let us know down below!

  • javy93_pr

    Looks better than what I expected. Kind of reminds me of cartier watch I used to have….. not bad

  • Akash8bit

    It’s Sleek & Elegant!! Christmas Gift List Topper!

  • gunglefunk

    Tied to a subset of Samsung devices only. 300 bucks. And if the rumors are true, 10 hours of battery life. Pass. Which is a shame, I really want a useful smart watch. But not on those terms. I just hope other manufacturers don’t see the potential failure of this device as customers not wanting a smartwatch. Just a better option.

  • brendan soliwoda

    If I get any smartwatch, it sure as hell won’t be this. I can only use it with a Samsung device plus it’s $300 bucks? No thank you. I’ll go for the Sony Smartwach 2 instead.