Samsung Galaxy Gear concept

A set of concept images for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Gear smartwatch has been developed based on a recently discovered patent application for such a product.

The images suggest that the smartwatch would offer a large, flexible display and will be available in a variety of colors.

From what we can see so far, the images are color versions of the pictures provided by Samsung in a recently discovered patent application for a smartwatch product. However, we will note that those images did not actually offer any user interface details, which are imagined in today’s pictures.

Since spotting the original sketches, we did remark the obvious hint at a flexible display, although we also told you that such images in patent application do not always show the design of a final product.


As for the Samsung smartwatch, word on the street is that the product will be announced simultaneously with the Galaxy Note 3 at IFA 2013 early next month.

In addition to the patent we mentioned, we’ve seen more evidence suggesting that Samsung is actively developing such a product, including a trademark application for Galaxy Gear and even a code name for the product SM-V700.

Via: Phone Arena
Source: Voucher Codes Pro

  • Huzaifa Fazal

    this actually looks quite good

  • fwfesfsf

    Best smart watch design so far.

    • Mayoo

      Will we get to see a Nexus watch? I guess (and hope) there isn’t room for bloatware on these!

    • SebaKL

      I have to agree with you. It does looks like best choice from what is currentry avaialbe on the market.

  • Jeff

    Smartwatch never interested me until this!!!

  • buck205

    It has to have S-Health built in, the IR transmitter for my TV and a camera/UPC scanner.

    • Jonathan Haas

      Don’t forget the mobile payment system.

  • Leonardo Baez

    pontless and too expensive to have an flexible oled color display. for a watch, b&w is just enought


    I run 3 times a week. My phone gets heavy in my pocket, and stretches the pockets out. This would be nice, if it can track my run without needing a connection to the phone. Also, waterproof is mandatory. I sweat like a pig.


      if you want waterproof on a Smart Watch, go for Sony Smartwatch 2, it has waterproof and dustproof

  • josev

    finally, a fitting usage for flexible display.
    yes, we need “smart” watch that follow our body shape, not the other way around

  • maxkappa

    We do not need too much nonsense on a watch.

    It needs to be basically what the Jawbone Up is, plus clock and music controls.

    It does not need to be able to notify me of messages – my phone already makes a noise to tell me about the 100 emails that i receive every minute (exaggeration, but you get the picture).

    It does not need to be able to make or take phone calls, I am not batman, I will look weird talking to my watch. Ok, I can talk through a bluetooth headset connected to my phone, but this headset has a button … so why do I need to middle-man watch ?

    It might be cool to have a GPS based map app, but seriously, when I go running, I know the route, i have run that route every day for the last few months and I have lived in the area for the last 6 years, I won’t get lost. I also won’t use the GPS maps on the watch in the car because I have a dock for my 5 inch screen phone.

    It needs to be simpler. Keep it simple and clean. Reduce the feature set to the absolute requirements, then iterate into future generations with a wider feature set.

  • irule9000

    I’m still very skeptical about the existence of this. I just got something i know exists, a kreyos meteor.