June 10, 2014

samsung galaxy gear aa 11

It’s no secret that the original Samsung Galaxy Gear was a bit of a dud, in large part due to early constraints such as few useful apps, limited notifications and limited device support. Samsung has since fixed many of these early issues for the OG Gear watch, even though the Korean giant has since moved on to the Gear 2 family.

The good news for consumers is that even though the Gear is no longer the latest and greatest from Samsung, it’s actually become a reasonably decent choice through updates and Samsung’s abandonment of the device means you can find it for cheap. How cheap? Right now Daily Steals is offering the watch for just $99.

The catch? This is a recertified watch, though it still comes with a 90-day warranty. If you are the kind that don’t mind buying recertified or used products to save some hard-earned cash, you’ll want to check out this deal.

Get the Samsung Galaxy Gear for $99 from Daily Steals.

Andrew Grush
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