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If a new report from the Korean Herald proves correct, Samsung could be gearing up to release two new wearables at Mobile World Congress this year: the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and the Galaxy Band. 

The Korean publication says that the news of Samsung’s wearables come from reports from several ‘industry watchers’ including IBK Securities analyst Lee Seung-woo. In the analyst’s words, “Samsung is currently working on the Galaxy Gear 2, and the product will be surely released early next year”. Furthermore, an anonymous source that is ‘close to Samsung’ says that the Gear 2 will likely be unveiled at MWC, alongside the Galaxy Band.

So what do we know about the two wearables? First, the Galaxy Gear 2 is said to feature a flexible OLED display. Aside from that, we imagine the Gear will work to address some of the issues that have plagued the first-generation watch since its launch.

As for the Galaxy Band, this is reportedly a health wristband that can monitor your pulse and blood pressure. It would also have fitness purposes in a manner similar to devices like the Nike Fuelband.

So let’s recap: Today’s rumor claims there will be two Samsung wearable devices at MWC. If that sounds familiar, that’s because Korean publications Duam and Korea Herald reported yesterday that LG was gearing up to release a smartwatch and fitness band at MWC under the names G Arch and G Health (respectively).

So could the two Korean rival companies both be preparing very similar devices for unveiling at MWC? Considering the company rivalry and the fact that LG often seems to follow Samsung’s example when it comes to product design, it’s certainly possible.

On the other hand, Samsung generally saves its big news events for special Unpacked events. Two new Samsung wearables certainly sounds like the kind of news the Korean giant would want to reveal at their own event instead of just as “side news” to what is already going on at MWC.

For now, we’d take the entire report with a hefty chunk of salt. Either way, we should know more by Mobile World Congress, which is slated for February 24th through the 27th in Barcelona, Spain.

Andrew Grush
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  • Jayfeather787

    Even more samsung devices. *sigh*

  • AndroidBoss

    Didn’t the first one just come out? WTF is this? Or is it because the Galaxy Gear is a fail…

  • Dale2


    • AndroidBoss


    • apianist16

      Where did you find that? :)

      • Dale2

        Google Images :)

        • apianist16

          It’s so…Microsoft. :)

          • Dale2

            now i am confused ..

          • apianist16

            It would be just like Microsoft to do that (with the buttons).

    • Tuấn Ankh

      That display seems high res. I may give Microsoft credit for that, lol.

    • cee

      Microsoft wouldn’t allow that to come out without a full sized physical keyboard, how would you take notes in a meeting on it? LMFAO

  • Siphiwe

    If Samsung really wants to push the smart watch and dominate, I think the GALAXY Gear should have its own unpacked event. Furthermore, the Gear shouldn’t depend much on other GALAXY smartphones to fully function.

    For now, I for one won’t bother buying a smart watch.

  • Mike Bastable

    anyone who purchased the 1st GEAR will feel really screwed if a new version comes out now.
    Samsung USED to be the kings of Android manufacturing and Marketing, that crown has seriously slipped in recent months.
    Maybe TIZEN has a larger impact on Samsung’s planning than we actually know at the moment. Their Android launches seems scattered and uncoordinated.

  • Philli224

    Stop it with the watches . they’re stupid and a gimmick.

  • spade


  • Jay Holm

    Smartwatches are as overhyped of a technology as Fast & Furious is of an overrated movie!!!

  • JustMe

    I rather buy a $1000 watch than the SMART WATCH. Ok, it detect you left you phone on a 20ft something radius, see msg, and time. Seriously, I love technology but why would have something you already have? It’s like carrying 1-1/2 phone with you. If you need an add on like that, that means society is become more lazier. I respect the thought of making life easier or convenient, but we can’t have or become dependent on technology to do things for you. I rather wipe my own a#$ than some type of mechanical robot, lol. Ending this by; I love Samsung products and devices but to wear it, nah…. not my style. FYI; I’m just putting my own opinion. I apologize if it may had insulted anyone. (# $am$ung eat$ APPLE)

  • cee

    I know what features it will implement badly, every rumour surrounding the iWatch, every job post that Apple has put out over the last year, they will be the features, oh and it will employ sapphire in some way.

    From stealing ideas at MWC, to trying to copy rumours. Stay Classy Shamesung.