Samsung planning Galaxy Gear 2 for CES or MWC launch – report

by: Bogdan PetrovanSeptember 16, 2013

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As a road opener, the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is definitely an intriguing concept, but it has some limitations that reduce its appeal to the average user. For instance, we noted in our first look post that the Gear stutters at times and that its battery life may be insufficient, while the steep price tag may further put off would-be customers. Many other commenters have echoed our sentiments.

It seems that Samsung is listening to the feedback it got since it unveiled the Gear on September 4. According to a report from Korean portal Daum, the electronics giant has accelerated its roadmap for the next generation of the Gear, with a release possible as soon as early next year.

Samsung may launch the Galaxy Gear 2 (tentative name) at next year’s CES, in January, or MWC, in late February. Until then, Samsung engineers will be working to solve the Gear’s shortcomings but also to add more features, including (potentially) GPS functionality.

Quoting industry sources, Daum also claims that Samsung aims to make the Gear 2 compatible with more Android devices. Currently, the Galaxy Gear is only working with the new Galaxy Note 3, though Samsung said more flagship devices would soon support it. Gear support may depend on the availability of Android 4.3, which includes Bluetooth LE support, which is rumored to hit the Galaxy S3 and S4 in October.

In case you need a refresher on the features of the Galaxy Gear, here’s our hands-on video:

The Galaxy Gear will become available starting late September and will be bundled with the Galaxy Note 3 in some markets. The device will go for $299 in the United States.

  • cvgordo

    Lol wut? A second version leaking before the first one is out will do wonders for sales.

    That said if Samsung can get the battery life to a couple days and add the gps functionality then I’m in, even at the 300 price point.

    • raul


  • Lin

    Drop the gear to $150-$200 and offer a buyback discount to anyone who purchases the gear and upgrades to the Gear 2 next year.

    • weed

      And of course you want Russian caviar and champagne with that, and yeah why dont Samsung throw in a harem of exotic dancers for you as well, then their CEO will come and lay you down on the finest silk cushions, just to make sure you are satisfied with your Gear?

      Getting real is not an option i guess?

  • Fantastico

    I hope it has an octa-core processor and 32GB RAM. Oh, and a power cord.

    • Deondrae

      How about something more realistic like:

      -S voice to send text messages (for yall complaining that screen small to type)
      -Better screen
      -Better graphics and icons
      -Slightly larger screen
      -less bulk on the camera at the front seeing that the MP aint that high

  • Jaun Lombard

    It is actually a good looking watch! But yeah…I wont be buying if a better version will be launched…but maybe it is not true, because Samsung said they will produce more than one Gear for the market!

  • EnX$$

    boring old tech

  • Ralph Malph

    Why do people continue to bltch about the price. Seriously, my pathfinder cost me $450. It’s a rugged outdoors watch, but It doesn’t do anything this thing does. How is it shocking that a watch of this caliber is costing $300? Baffling.

  • GG

    I might wear it if I were still in elementary school.

  • Robert Crosby

    This is a watch for the consumer and for $300 that is steep especially with inflation not saying Obama did a bad job, but to sum things up the masses simply cant afford it or wont buy it without getting a worthwhile deal.

  • captainkirk

    Can it track a run? I am guessing not since the article says “Samsung engineers will be working to solve the Gear’s shortcomings but also to add more features, including (potentially) GPS functionality.” Adding that and playing music would make it a great exercise accessory to the Note 3. I don’t want to have to lug my cell phone around while exercising but if the watch would record my run data then sync it with my Note 3 or PC to keep a record of, that would make it useful. If not, I don’t see myself buying one since I don’t wear a watch anyway.