Who says that clamshell phones are dead? Enter the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Folder

July 16, 2013


    Today’s smartphones might have ultra-fast processors, full HD displays and tons of RAM, but we can’t help feeling like they are missing something. Where’s the clamshell design and numeric keyboard? Left behind in the late-90s you say? Nah, Samsung seems to think there is plenty of room in 2013 for an Android powered flip-phone.

    Several Korean news sites are buzzing today about Samsung’s alleged plans to launch a new clamshell phone next month in South Korea, under the name Samsung Galaxy Folder. The word of the phone’s imminent release apparently comes directly from an unnamed Samsung exec.

    The big question now is whether any one wants a low-end smart flip phone these days, in Korea or even abroad.

    As you might expect, the Galaxy Folder is supposedly aimed at the entry-side of the smartphone market and that means pretty meager specs.

    The clamshell will have a dual-core Snapdragon S4, LTE support, a UI designed for flipping, and a low-rez 800 x 480 display. As for the OS, the phone will pack the latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

    Releasing a new Samsung flip phone might seem totally out of left field, but to be fair, this isn’t their first go at such a flipping Android device. Just last year, the Korean giant released a similar ‘premium’ device (pictured above) for the Chinese market, even going so far as to have the phone be endorsed/advertised by Jackie Chan.

    The big question is whether any one wants a low-end smart flip phone these days, in Korea or even abroad. That’s a tough question, but it’s certainly possible that such a device could prove to have a small following among consumers that are still clinging on to their clamshell-styled not-so-smartphones.

    What do you think, could the Samsung Folder find niche success or are full numeric keyboards completely pointless with today’s advanced touchscreen technology?


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              one down vote :P

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              No, no nothing

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    • VicMatson

      I, for one, love it, but it may not fly because you still gotta pay 80~ a month in carrier charges! Now, if the price matches the specs (Costing less than gold) and you can put it on prepay, then I’ll buy one!

    • Jeff Holdridge

      Reminds me of when RIM came out with the blackberry perl flip. Even though it wasn’t a huge seller it changed the smartphone demographic in a big way. It opend up PDAs to the non business/ non tech savvy customers.

    • DroidnTech

      It would certainly be better with a qwerty keyboard and have broader consumer appeal.

    • najiy91

      it should be a little high end specs then,users will think yo buy it. love the flip design.remember old samsung flip?

    • GcM

      How about dual touch screens instead of a screen and a keypad?

    • lhtbinh1909

      yes I will buy this phone as a gift for my mom who’ll definitely loves it because it’s a clamshell, good job SS

    • Mike Kister

      My wife would love this! Today’s smartphones are too big for her hands.

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      Definitely Older people who just can’t handle touch screens

      • olddave

        that is a bit stereotyping, now isn’t it?. You just showed how immature you are… Think before you speak.

        • John-Phillip Saayman

          No it’s not. I’m not at all immature. I don’t think you can condescend me like that if you don’t know me. I didn’t say it was just for older people. But I know a few who don’t like touch screen. To me it’s also cool. So I didn’t mean anything rude by it

    • flo au

      I love clamshell phone.
      Clamshell phone is still popular in Japan.
      Will buy one if this released on my country.

      • vaghoust

        will it fall from the sky on your country?

    • cottage McKay

      This can run 4.2.2 but the HTC one s can’t?

      • MasterMuffin

        One S can run 4.2.2, HTC just doesn’t like One S :D/:(

        • cottage McKay

          Edited thank you

      • SeraZR™

        Who said the ONE S CANT??? stupid htc won’t bother

    • Grman Rodriguez

      How are games on that thing?

    • Coletta Fuentes

      I work in a phone store and ALOT of the baby boomer generation still want flip phones but relies they need a smart phone as that is the way the world is going. I think will be a nice simple transition for them and cant wait for it to launch on the US carriers!

      • Xennex1170

        Agreed. This type of device would fit the niche of people wanting some smartphone capabilities in a form factor they have become accustomed to.

    • Zon

      i like flip phones or clamshell phones.. I am still using motorola v9 and its still good as new. if this phone comes out in philippines I will buy it immediately

    • Locutus

      I’d really like to see Sammy release a phone with the same form factor as the Ativ Q.

    • Nik

      is this a touchscreen? what use would an android be without a touchscreen?

    • loco_loco

      “The big question now is whether any one wants a low-end smart flip phone these days, in Korea or even abroad.

      I want it. I personally like flip-model cellphone.

    • Jaun Lombard

      well you wont be sad if you drop it because its screen is protected!

    • Ericka

      i love a fold phone… please have this available in the Philippine market

    • robert

      I am a 56 year old techno geek. I need reading glasses to navigate a smart phone, only reason I have one is for its hotspot capabilities. If this phone has a hotspot, it would be perfect for me. I use my tablet and laptop with my smartphones hotspot to access the internet in remote areas.

      PLEASE bring it on.


    • hd

      Why don’t they put a keyboard with actual letters instead of numbers? It’s way more convenient.
      Yes I still need a physical keyboard!

    • me

      I love flip phones! its about time we get smart and practical. I am sick of these iphone type soap bars that are big and bulky. I want a phone in my pocket! not my PC computer.

    • Leena

      I’d buy one.

    • nishantsirohi123

      Samsung is the company that is in the position to make daring design concepts, and when i said design it isnt all about the shape or looks, it is the device itself.
      remember the original Galaxy Note ?
      and the ATIV-Q PC

      What i really hope is samsung take advantage of the amount of space available in the two panels and stick in two batteries or one really large battery.

      Samsung even had a feature phone in clamshell that had e-ink based keypad (samsung Zeal)

      who knows that might just work after all for people like me who do lot of reading online

    • Sean Chi

      I hope they come out with a high end clamshell smart phone with a large screen. I would love to have one. For one thing I can trade stock while enjoy my beach day, without a virtue key board occupying my precious display screen.

    • xperiaplayer

      So they will pack this with android 4.2.2 while the Galaxy s3 still has 4.1.2? THANK YOU SAMSUNG

    • ksyoungbuck

      I like the clamshell, sign me up, I went back to my motoV9 from a smart phone. Life slowed down.

    • Edwin

      Most apps are designed to be used on a touch screen though. It might be hard to manoeuvre between keypad and touchscreen easily.

    • Taylor

      Western cellphone companies never understood the importance of the old 9-key keyboard to their Asian customers. People can type faster in Chinese/Japanese on a 9-key one than a full QWERT one! When you hit multiple keys on a 9-key keyboard consecutively, the input software can have a hard time figuring out what you are saying in English or any western languages. But the case is so different if you are typing in Chinese/Japanese, normally only one or two words is possible and the input software can have a success rate of 90% of guessing what you are trying to say. Trying to get a 9-key keyboard is one of the reasons why people in China like to jailbreak their iPhones and also why a lot of people in Japan still prefer a flip phone. So the combination of flip phone and Android makes a lot of senses…

    • SakiVI

      They’ve done it. It’s on Grandpas Over Flowers, Season 2.

    • twh4

      If it provides mobile hotspot functionality, I want one.