Samsung Galaxy Express: It’s another Galaxy that doesn’t make any sense

by: ŠtefanJanuary 29, 2013

Samsung has just announced a new smartphone called the Galaxy Express. It looks exactly like the Galaxy S3, it has the same specs as the Galaxy S3 Mini, except that the Mini has a 4 inch screen, whereas the Express has a 4.5 inch screen. We wish we were making this up, but we’re not. Samsung is calling this thing a “value-driven 4G LTE smartphone”. In other words, Samsung wanted to satisfy operators who didn’t like the Galaxy S3 Mini, but still wanted to offer their customers a smaller Galaxy phone that looks and feels like the original.

When will this thing come out and how much will it cost? This is a Samsung press release we’re talking about, so of course that information isn’t provided. Should you buy the Express? No. Why would you? To show your friends that you wanted a GS3, but couldn’t afford one, so you had to settle on this thing?

The one redeeming feature of the Express is the fact that it has a Super AMOLED Plus display. What does that mean? Samsung gets a lot of heat for shipping phone that have screens which use PenTile technology. PenTile means that each pixel of a screen doesn’t have three subpixels, instead there’s two subpixels, with an additional strip of subpixels running next to them. There have been improvements in PenTile technology over the years, but we’re not going to lie, Samsung’s PenTile AMOLED screens still don’t look as sharp or as accurate as the LG LCD panels that other companies (Apple) use in their products. Those panels have all three subpixels. Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus screens also use all three subpixels.

But back to the topic at hand, why is Samsung diluting the Galaxy brand with all these derivative devices? It’s painful to watch. It reminds us of Nokia, who used to make one flagship phone per year, and then ship it in a bunch of form factors using different model names.

Look where Nokia is now.

  • mulfunction

    nice article man, keep it up.

  • Maybe this is a war of attrition, they want to stuff market so much no one else has any room to breathe…

  • ufhiesh

    The problem lies within oneself. Just stick to the high-end series such as the galaxy note or S and ignore the rest.

    • Dayne Close

      That’s a terrible idea. The fact of the matter is that most people aren’t willing to shell out a huge chunk of cash for their phone like we do. They want cheap, and when a carrier puts an option of $150 vs $300 for phones that look exactly the same they’re going to choose the former every time unless they’ve previously educated themselves. Most people don’t do that.
      Additionally, Samsung can ship one $200-$300 phone (subsidized price, of course) or one $300 phone, one $200 phone, and one $100 phone and sell millions of the $100 models to people who wouldn’t otherwise purchase a smartphone from them. They’ll dilute their brand, yes, but they’ll also get a ton of buyers that otherwise couldn’t afford their phones.

  • I wouldn’t mind owning one. As I have a Galaxy Tab2 10.1, I no longer feel the need to own a larger smartphone, as I do all things I used to do on my phone on my Tablet now. I just want a phone fo use for calling, texting, whatsapp and the occasional FB posting and Wifi-tethering. I don’t want to spend 100-s of Euros on a phone that I will only use partly.

  • RarestName

    Looks like a nice sized phone.

  • Aren

    IF I had hundreds of pounds to shell out on an S3 then of course I’d buy one. But I don’t. I’m quite happy with my Galaxy Y which is slower, smaller, and outdated in respect of the S3.

    But I’m happy with it. It’s better than other carrier branded phones I can get for a similar, or lower, price.

    If I could afford a Ferrari, I’d buy one. I’m happy with a family runabout which does me fine.

  • Zeals

    Why wouldn’t you just get a Galaxy S2 4G?

  • Samsung staph!

  • Actually, it’s not a bad phone. The only drawback I can see is the low pixel density, but that is somewhat countered by the non-pentile SAMOLED+… The 4.5 screen size is pretty good, the innards are a bit better than the S2, and it has Jelly Bean from the start and at least a year of official updates… It IS a better buy than an S2. (price is a question, though).

  • Alu Zeros

    Lol, I love the picture to the title of the story. Just great.

  • autoexec

    lol stefan, maybe you’re the one that doesn’t make any sense, just saying :)
    I like how this phone looks btw, it’s nice looking.

  • IncCo

    Im afraid that samsung is starting to head towards HTC territory with all these budget weird mid segment phones. However.. these are probably mainly aimed for the chinese market, so i guess it makes some sense…

  • Oh that’s the GS2 screen! For some reason I thought it had the Galaxy Nexus screen, but then you went on about how it had RGB stripe instead of pentile.

  • simone saffiotti

    The worst article I have ever read. I don’t need to show anything to anyone, I buy what I can effort to buy. Petrified!

  • Chris Mckechnie

    I challenge someone to make an image/table categorising all available galaxy devices!