Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT-I8160P Jelly Bean update begins rolling out

by: Robert TriggsMay 15, 2013


Continuing the stream of Jelly Bean updates coming to existing Galaxy products, Samsung has now officially released the Android 4.1.2 update for the Galaxy Ace 2 GT-I8160P model.

Take note of that last point though, this updated firmware is only for the Galaxy Ace 2 GT-I8160P model, the Jelly Bean update for the more common I8160 version of the Galaxy Ace 2 already started rolling out at the beginning of April.

Of course, the update brings with it all of the new standard Jelly Bean features including Google Now, Project Butter and others. You’ll also receive an updated Samsung TouchWiz user interface that you’ll most likely either love or hate. The new UI looks a little prettier and also adds some helpful features like a quick brightness adjustment and scrollable notification toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. Oh, and there are some battery and general performance improvements as well.

Jelly Bean will be heading to the Galaxy Ace 2 over-the-air, and can also be installed through Kies if you prefer. The update is currently only live in Germany, but should be heading out to the rest of Europe and other regions over the coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for that update notification.

  • PasannaK

    Ok! So now, Ace 2 got the update after Samsung S Advanced. Next in the line should be Ace Plus. Right?
    Or, does the blood line end with Ace 2 ?

    Please!!! We Ace+ users have been waiting and waiting since AGES !!! I think its about time we get some confirmation. will it even happen or not.

  • pagaopi dfhdfgjh

  • tademao

  • nxn

    yeah… 4.1 got released for 3 versions of ace 2 and thats it. nothing for over a month.

  • mareta

    How can i install it?