Samsung gains access to IGZO technologies after investing $112 million in Sharp

March 6, 2013
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Samsung has bought a 3% stake in Sharp for 10.4 billion yen, which is $112 million in USD. Sharp is already producing all sorts of sizes of LCD panels for Samsung, but according to official reports this deal will “further strengthen the alliance” between the two companies.

Sharp has been struggling to stay afloat for quite some time now, so this deal will no doubt give the Japanese based company a little breathing room. According to a report made by OLED Info, Samsung and Sharp could be collaborating on AMOLED and Full-HD LCD panels as well.

Samsung has been interested in IGZO technologies as it has been working on making its own for some time now. No doubt that this new deal with Sharp will give the Korean tech giant a bit of a boost when it comes to using IGZO tech in the company’s LCD displays.

It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if we saw some smartphones with IGZO tech in 2013. Sharp has had an active OLED program and even showed off its 3.4-inch IGZO based flexible prototype displays at CES in 2013. It’s too early to say what Samsung’s exact plans are with this new deal with Sharp, but we’re pretty sure whatever it is, it’ll be awesome.

After all, it’s doubtful that anyone would argue with a more beautiful display on their smartphones. We sure wouldn’t.


  • Simon Craddock

    That’s going to annoy Apple lol

    • Brad Ward

      Then this was a good investment. :P

      • Ashad Mamood

        Yep! Sharp because of this huge investment will stop producing panels for Apple! Lol

    • Ashad Mamood

      Why? Are Apple some poor company? Can they not buy a bigger share than Samsung???

  • crapple

    go Sammy !
    what has apple ever invented that wasn’t stolen from other company, even steve jobs quotes were stolen…so sad…

    • Brad Ward

      Funny thing is, Apple’s manufacturer, Foxconn, is supposed to invest in Sharp too.

    • Luis Enrique Cornejo

      “Good artists copy, great artists steal” Pablo Picasso. Quote copied by Steve Jobs

    • Ashad Mamood

      I think your actually talking about Samsung the copycat company!