Yo, Samsung, are you listening? Yes you are. You are making a lot of Android devices, and are one of the largest manufacturers of phones in the world. Can you do better? You most certainly can. How, you may ask? Read on Sammy, read on.

I have a few things I want you to pay attention to.

First off, you’re doing a pretty good job. But, we don’t get better by sitting on our past accomplishments, now do we? We get better by critically examining ourselves, by thinking originally and creatively, and by accepting no compromises in everything we do.

Let’s be frank, HTC’s One X kicks some serious you-know-what, and you better be bringing your ‘A’ game when the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes to market. The Verge just wrote that “the One X isn’t just one of the best Android phones [they’ve] ever used — it’s one of the best mobile devices [they’ve] ever used, period”.

Also, I don’t care if you have to scrap all the plans you’ve made so far. I really don’t. The whole purpose of releasing new devices is that they are better than anything on the market. And i’m not just talking faster, or better looking, or better battery life, or with a better display, i’m talking like BETTER in every way. To do anything less would be a serious tragedy, and a huge business mistake.

So, I’ve got a few tips for you.

  1. First of all, make a quad core QWERTY device with a massive, HD display. Don’t question this, just do it. You know you want to.
  2. Second of all, focus on higher build quality materials. Your devices are remarkably hard to break, and that’s a good thing. Not a day would go by where I wouldn’t drop my Galaxy S2 onto concrete, wood, or tile. Not a scratch, I’m very happy to report.
  3. Additionally, people love AMOLED. While color purists will decry the lack of accurate representation of colors, real, normal people love them. Not a display technology can compare to the bottomless blacks they provide, nor provide the beautiful saturated colors we have all come to know and love.
  4. Make a 10.1 inch AMOLED tablet with incredible specs. There, I said it.
  5. Learn from the world’s best tech reviewers that TouchWiz and other manufacturer UI’s are at best tolerated, and are certainly not loved. And they slow down update cycles, so get rid of them.

If you’ve been paying attention, then you know the writing is on the wall. The future blueprint for your success is already there, right before you. All you have to do is act. I know you’re a big company. Build it, they will come.

Oh, and finally, it’s time to start playing hardball with the carriers. Their bloatware, and the other moneymaking garbage they throw on their devices is really slowing down update cycles. JR Raphael, who is more or less an Android God, gives you a C- in his Android Report Card! This is unacceptable. Honoring those that have purchased your products with updates and good support is paramount to having long term success. Demand better of the carriers, and control the updates yourself.

Do all of those things, and keep doing them, keep innovating, and you will be rewarded with hundreds of millions of happy customers. Do anything less, and you risk resting in a sea of mediocrity, forever tarnishing the (potentially) loved Galaxy name, and your brand at large.

What do you guys think? Tell Sammy below. No holds barred, this is a fight to the death! Let it all out, it will feel good.

Darcy LaCouvee
Darcy is the editor in chief at Android Authority. He follows the latest trends and is extremely passionate about mobile technology. With a keen eye for spotting emerging trends and reporting them, he works hard to bring you the best analysis, updates, and reports on all things Android. Darcy lives and breathes the latest mobile technology, and believes Android will be on a billion devices in the not too distant future.
  • EnvyAndroid

    I would say point 5 is the most important one. Get rid of TW already!
    Or at least give people a choice between TW or vanilla ics

    • If they just listen to the market, and realize that people don’t want it, then they can make the time to upgrade lightning fast.

      At least make it an option, right?

  • Some good points there Darcy. Specially number 1. I would really like to see that. But I think it always comes down to personal issues. Maybe you could set up some kind of poll? and then present the outcome with the majority of different issues? gr. Danny

    • Thanks bossman. Appreciate it. What do you think should be in the poll? We’ve got a great audience here now, and I will meet with Samsung and let them know. We all want awesome devices, and they would certainly appreciate the feedback.

      Thanks for visiting man! Love your site too.

      • Spotfist

        Im sure I saw a poll regarding QWERTY phones on here a week or two ago.. Good points though, I think an update to the Galaxy Note with a slide out QWERTY running quad core would be a killer especially if it was released tomorrow.

        Seems everyone wants to play Draw Something and use a stylis as per a previous article on here, I bet you add a physicle flip out keyboard and you be aimed straight at a large proportion of the market. Seems so many people are asking for a good QWERTY yet we see no love from the manufacturers… I live in the UK and MWC is a perfect example of the gap in the market, not one QWERTY worth buying in fact Im sure the only QWERTY phones were BB’s.

        Im sure if samsung listened to your words Darcy a killer phone would be on it’s way, alas I have lost all faith and am not sure how much longer I can wait for a new phone…

        • Samsung is a tough cookie to crack, brother.

          They are so big that it’s like speaking to one of those 8 headed monsters from times of yore.

          It’s like this. You. Your site (if as big as BGR, then pass go, collect $200 for selling your credibility and your soul) if not, then welcome to PR hell, where endless emails occur and nothing materializes.

          It’s time to stand up for what WE as consumers, really want. There has to be a way to reach them, and to provide them with evidence that backs up our claims. Ultimately we want the same thing – epic devices that excel in every area possible!

          Either way, we will continue to do our best at AA, and will continue to grow. I think QWERTY’s are a seriously neglected potential market, and no one has yet stepped up to the plate.

          The QWERTY Poll was good, and there’s lots more to come :)

      • Thanks Darcy, Maybe it would be a good idee to set something up in different categories first? To create sort of a structure. eq. Something like:

        Touchwiz:————–like——dont like
        – Samsung apps :—–o————o
        – Swype—————— o———–o
        – Notification bar
        – etc

        – Outside casing——-o————-o
        – Touchscreen———-o————–o
        – Materials—————o————–o
        – etc

        and then you could set up another poll but then with new ideas:

        Keyboard:—————like———dont like
        – popup QWERTY :——–o————-o
        – physical QWERTY ——o————-o
        – etc

        -Xenon flash————— o———–o
        -High Power LED———o———–o

        You could also maybe combine it?
        Something like this anyway.

        • Hey Samsung Telefoon,

          You just gave me some great ideas. Thanks!

          You see, our polling system is tragically flawed, and inherently limited.

          I think it’s best that we conduct a bit more of a thorough poll, pitting the device manufacturers against one another, with some key questions.

          Plus, we will have an awesome giveaway associated with it too, to drive interest. Maybe we should giveaway the Galaxy S3? Hmmm? What say you? Either that or the Nexus Tablet, or maybe a Transformer Infinity Pad. I realize none of those have come out yet, but you get the idea. Either way, thanks for the great comments, and I will follow up with something soon!



  • Thomas Jersey

    I would settle just for getting ice cream sanwich on my S2 in the UK!

    • Seriously! The S2 is an EPIC device. Samsung must do more. It’s the best selling Android device of 2012, but with so many carrier revisions, it’s looking like they have a bit of a problem on their hands.

      Honestly, the spec race is close to over. Sure quad core this, 500 megapixel that, but it all comes down to follow through.

  • I agree on all your points Samsung is a very good manufacturer, but they need to up their game if they want to compete with Apple, HTC and some others.

    The most important thing for me as a Galaxy Note user is software, they really need to stop letting any carrier f-up their phones with bloatware this really tampers with the experience of their users, and as for Touchwiz if only Samsung would minimize the customization by a lot, just enough to give the phone/tablet a Samsung touch nothing more this would ease up updates for their developers.

  • Dawn_branson

    Quad core please!!!

    • Raucous_mentor


      intelligent discourse borrrring

  • JZ

    I have Tmobile G2 running vanilla out of the box. Vanilla is so dang good, I have never needed to root it. I want to buy a new phone, but I want a physical keyboard (like I have now) and I don’t want any extra interface. Unless I can turn off TW, I will never buy Samsung. If I had to pick Samsung with TW, verses a windows phone, I would pick Windows.

  • Prabhu

    I am an owner of SGS and looking here and there for ICS roms, really making me go mad. I think, Point 5 is very valid. Take for instance, HTC One V, similar spec, 1GHz and 512 MB RAM, comes with ICS as stock.
    Learn from that SAMMY….

    • Raucous_mentor

      Damnit Sammy LEARN! You are a HUGEEEE company! Crack the mo’fuckin whip fools! Make VERIZON payyyyyy.

      And beat Google up too, they’re a bunch of nerdy bitches….. gotta make the updates come no matter what!


  • AndyH

    For me 1 simple measure: give me the ability to use a vanilla launcher or theirs (maybe a “reboot into…” option)

    Android is all about choice – from the handset itself, to the carrier, tariff, storage, battery – this ethos should be adopted though-out the entire piece of kit, not just done piecemeal.

  • Al Chandler

    To comment on the points that were made…

    1. you want a 4.6in screen with a 4.6 keyboard? it will then look like a tab and then it runs a high risk of breaking. Maybe the keyboard doesn’t have to be 4.6in to match the screen but it would add size to an already large phone.

    2. The whole point it so have light weight but strong materials why ad extra weight to something and the overall strength of the phone is the same. does the phone feel cheap no it feel space age, weightless and unbreakable. The mindset is the same as the more it cost the better it will be.

    3. Not really a tip since that is what they are using and improving.

    4. Yes! that would be amazing.

    5.You win. The fact that people get the phone and the first thing they do is change what you have should tell you how people feel about it. Since Android is all about options why not give me the option to use your UI or not.

    With the bloatware, 100% or at least let me remove them.

  • Erik Neu

    I really don’t get the fixation on “build materials”. It’s just a phone, not jewelry, and will likely be replaced in 2 years, max. Subtle aspects of physical appearance are just not that important.

    To me, the most important considerations are: 1) reliability–primarily resilience when you drop it; 2) weight; 3) cost. Intangibles about look and feel come a distant fourth, especially since they are largely canceled out when you put your phone in a case of some kind–which is usually still a good idea. A ceramic backplate may help ensure there is no *visible”, cosmetic damage when you drop the phone, but I don’t think it protects the innards from from the impact, which is the bigger consideration. Nothing protects better than a rubbery coating, and of course that covers up most of the cosmetics related to build materials anyway.

    My wife has a Tmo Galaxy S2, the huge one. Yes it is noticeably lighter and thinner than my 4.3″ HTC Sensation. Not a deal-breaker difference, but those qualities are more valuable to me than the intangible cosmetics related to build materials.

    I “blame” Apple for the obsession with build materials and look and feel.

  • Kim

    A sixth point would be:
    6. Create standalone areas inside retailer shops, where customers could only “try and buy” Samsung devices!

    This strategy is successfully used by Apple, since the potential customer can differentiate between “quality and non-quality”, or between “premium product and ordinary product”. So far, Samsung products are presented and sold together with all devices, but only Apple has their own areas inside retailer shops. Hence, the potential customer makes a difference between “Apple and the rest”.
    If Sammy would do the same, the people would make the difference between “Samsung and the rest”.

  • gbgamer

    The only things I want from TW are the changing brightness from the notification bar, and the quick settings(in the notification bar).

  • Qwerty

    I like some aspects of TouchWiz. The quick functions or whatever on the notifications bar and the brightness trick are awesome. One thing it needs, however, is the stock Android 4.0 favorites tray. All apps thing in the middle and everything else customizable.
    Other than that, I like TouchWiz. I like it a lot.

  • Jane

    Provide an option to stick a really fat battery in them. I don’t care if it makes them an inch thick, I’ve found these batteries worth the extra weight given the amount time I get between charges…

  • Tech_Advancement

    How about just one simple important Advise to Sammy:

    Make a better product.

  • Tech_Advancement

    Android Cry babies WP7 is coming to u

    • guest

      screens not big enough.

  • Kenneth

    I mean, does nobody realize why TW/Sense/Blur exists? You can’t just ask them all to have the sole market differentiator removed and all sell phones that look EXACTLY like each other. It just won’t work that way.

  • Roger

    My kingdom for a screen that works outside. I have several devices (drawback of being a developer) and there isn’t a single one that I can read an eBook on outside. The screens all seem designed to be mirrors rather than displays. The least worst display has been on an iPod Touch 4G and that is just barely passable for outside usage.

    • EnvyAndroid

      Have you tried full screen brightness and a matte screen overlay?

  • Noor Mohammed

    Samsung has to go a long way. They need to develop more powerful chip than A5X and software without eating battery

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  • Asdf

    Wouldn’t a physical qwerty keyboard on a large phone be pointless?
    Also, although I too would like pure android , I think that samsung has to differentiate itself from other competitors – using launchers.

  • Nice appeal Darcy. Hope Samsung implements these points in future and releases a phone to kick off all other Android’s out there. :)