Samsung reportedly planning to release folding tablet in early 2015

by: Andrew GrushJune 9, 2014


For years now we’ve been hearing about flexible, bendable and foldable displays. We have been told that these types of displays have the potential to open up the door to new form factors, and there have been all sorts of demos showing displays that twist, bend and turn to extremely tight radii. And yet the only products to actually integrate any of this tech have been modest devices like the Samsung Galaxy Round and the LG G Flex.

The good news is that we may be closer to a flexible revolution than ever before, at least if a new report out of Korea proves correct. Reportedly Samsung is gearing up for the eventual release a folding tablet that features an 8 to 9-inch OLED full HD display that can be folded twice into a much smaller smartphone-sized form factor. As you can imagine, such a device is likely to be very bulky, but there’s still a lot of potential here.


Okay, but when we’ll we see such a product released commercially? Prototypes of the device are already said to exist, with the company working hard to take things to the next (commercial oriented) stage. If all goes as planned, such a product could allegedly make its way to the market in early 2015.

Of course even if it debuts in early 2015 we imagine such a device will initially be very costly and will probably be limited to South Korea and a few other select marks — just like with the first-gen Galaxy Round. It’s also unclear how well Android would work with such a design either and Samsung would likely need to custom-tailor a few of its apps to best take advantage of the folding design.

What do you think, interested in the idea of a folding Samsung tablet/phone hybrid? Conversely, do you feel such an idea is more of a gimmick and not necessarily something everyday consumers want or need?

  • adfast

    seems promising hope to see the youm display in the note 4

    • Chris

      We need leaks of this and the Flex 2

  • K2


  • Mayoo

    Great idea. But being a Samsung device, I won’t buy it, ever.

    • MasterMuffin

      If Apple were to release a working and awesome folding tablet, I’d buy it. Even if it had iOS. Yup. So stop hating :)

      • Mayoo

        I agree. Even if I don’t like Apple’s marketing based upon the ignorance of the consumers, they make products that works. And they work for a very long time. Can we say the same about Samsung? No.

        • MasterMuffin

          But what if it’s actually a good device? Just put some tape on top of the Samsung logo :D

          • Mayoo

            I’ve tried. Samsung products are good at day 1. I’ve had Nexus S, Galaxy nexus and Nexus 10. But they do not age well. All my friends with Galaxy devices complains about that same thing: “After a few months, it got slow as hell. Now I hate my phone”.

            I’m willing to call one of their product “good”, but only when it will prove to last for more than 8 months without slowing down to a point where you almost get back in time when you use it.

          • MasterMuffin

            That’s true. Samsung devices slow down a lot after few months, but I always keep my devices super clean and flash AOSP ROMs so that hasn’t happened to me (my S3 is still really smooth and, funnily enough, gets better scores in AnTuTu and Quadrant than my Nexus 5 with ART (!)) . Samsung software is mostly to be blamed. I don’t know why your Nexus devices have been bad though.

          • Mayoo

            Nexus S: Slowed the hell down. Random reboots. Closing not waking up.
            Galaxy Nexus: Was pretty good but was beginning to get slow. Now my wife uses it to replace her Nexus S since I got an N5.
            Nexus 10: Got slow. Auto-rotation failed a few times, had to factory reset. Since then it sometimes stop working.

            Your solution is the best, but sadly, we are a few among millions. The “regular” consumers don’t know how or want to do what you (we) do. Hell, they think Galaxy/Samsung or Android/Nexus are all different companies. Oh and there’s Google too. So sadly, all they know is “my device is slow and my Apple device never got slow”. And they are saying the truth.

          • MasterMuffin

            Weird. I guess you just got unlucky and got 3 duds ;D

            I hate that “my Apple device” argument yet it’s so true :/

          • Lester

            i’ve had a galaxy tab 2 for two years and change now. NO problems whatsoever. what the hell are you guys doing with your phones/tablets?

          • das

            my brother still has my old s2 from 2011 ,and works super smooth and has kitkat on it

          • Jon Chisomething


            Too dumb to work a phone

          • Mayoo

            Please respect them. Intelligence has nothing to do with this. I can’t work a nuclear reactor. Another person could do it like a snap. Does this mean I am dumber that this other person? Not at all, we just have different set of skills.

          • eric Soulliage

            he said it himself , dont want to learn , thats what makes him ” not too smart” not the fact that as of present he cant do it

          • eric Soulliage

            lol , exactly , phone is smarter then the owner

          • eric Soulliage

            then stick with a dumb phone , less maintenance

          • eric Soulliage

            exactly my galaxy tab 10.1 , yes the original first gen , is still rocking good for that exact reason

          • Jon Chisomething

            If you are too dumb to know how to maintain a phone and keep it running fast, that’s your problem, not Samsung. Phone are made from hardware that’s pretty much the same for all companies. Apple may very well use Samsung parts in their phone. What then? Ive had 5 Sumsung devices over the years. Zero problems. Because I am technology literate and don’t need a phone for people who “can’t computer well”

          • David Gabel

            Indeed. It’s like the whole security issue. I’m sorry but if a person uses password as their password, then it’s their own fault if their accounts get hijacked. It’s not the fault of the bank or IT industry as a whole because it was user error in the end.

          • eric Soulliage

            thats like saying i buy a new house and it looked great , but after a few months of leaving leftovers and dirty laundry all over the place it looks like a dump , get a life and maintain your device and you will enjoy day 1 everyday

          • Gawdzila

            My Samsung feels faster after a year and a half than my iPhone did after the same time.
            Your “all my friends say ____ ” anecdotal nonsense is not compelling or reliable information.

        • jake

          ive had all the notes and they work for a very long time dont know what your point is

        • das

          just works ? then why is there a website called mac will fix it ? retina display problems anyone ? antenna gate ? hold ya phone wrong and u get no signal ,yh that just WORKS ,oh and the 6 hr battery life on iphones ,that just works loool

          • Michael Samsara

            Don’t forget their “Today I will guide you to the middle of the Australian desert and we will see exactly how long you can walk – and if you can survive – once you break down and run out of water” map app – that caused the Australian Police to warn people to stop using Apple’s map app.

            The “really big” question (channel Ed Sullivan – now) re Apple is when will they begin suing Samsung for stealing their proprietary, intellectual property rights that give them sole, exclusive rights to design and sell anything that folds – which – like the shape of the rectangle – they will say they invented?

        • Gawdzila

          I can. My Samsung has worked for as long as my iPhone did, and a year and a half out I am happier with it than I was with my iPhone after 1.5 years. My iPhone felt very sluggish at this point, while my Samsung still feels fast.

          Further, I WOULDN’T say that they make products that work. I wanted to use my iPhone to store and transfer files: I couldn’t, even while it was plugged into my computer. I wanted to switch the default apps for dialing numbers and texting, couldn’t do that either. Apple puts restrictions on their devices that keep them from being adequately functional products for me.

    • Jon Chisomething

      That’s fine. I’ll continue to use my phone that pushes the tech boundires, and you can go for what looks pretty and has yesterdays tech in it. You don’t know any better, it’s okay! That’s why Apple exists! To pander to people with poor knowledge in tech. Honestly, compared to my note 2, your iPhone looks like a childs toy.

      • Mayoo

        Wow. I just said I had a bad experience with Samsung and you’re there implying that I can’t use a phone. You are missing the whole point. I am only saying that people IN GENERAL have less problems with Apple than with Samsung. I personally had a lot of problems with Samsung (and HTC for that matter), and I know a lot of people who had problems with Samsung phones too. Does it mean I can’t use a phone? No. Does it mean I have poor technology knowledge? No.

        I was only putting an open-minded comment. There is a reason why Samsung has sold the majority of the devices out there. It just didn’t worked out for me and my friends. So please, kind sir, stop the hate and please try to understand (not a Nintendo pun) the bottom of my point. Everyone is free to choose their device. I hate Apple, but I think they make something solid. I don’t hate Samsung THAT much, but I think they make great innovative product but that can’t last as long as other phones for regular users.

        And yes iPhone looks childish. But I don’t judge the people who own one. You sir, need to take other people comments with a giant grain of salt.

        Thank you.

        • Wilson D

          I’m not bashing you but I own the galaxy s3 s2 s4 note 2 note 3 they all work fine since I bought them what is going to do is clean the cache sometimes never had any problems with my galaxy

  • MasterMuffin

    Definitely not a gimmick! This should be really useful, though as always with the first of it kinds it may not be as well executed as we imagined. Gen 2 will definitely be something (though let’s wait to see it before judging :D)

  • Will S.

    I like the idea…

  • What color is your lambo?

    Samsung makes excellent hardware…not software. I would probs buy the Gen 2 version of this tablet then root it!

  • jesus christ, are you mad author? or you need article clicks… pathetic

  • Fransman

    The problem of how thin the device can be will have to be solved first.

  • Ivan Budiutama

    first question, the middle (foladable screens) are they 3 different separate screens? or it’s a fully folded screen?? The explanation seems to suggest the later but the patent picture seems to suggest the former. More of it, it would be a very interesting method, you need a tablet just unfold it, you need a phone just folded it back and you got reasonable size of a phone. Something that I thought it would be only on my wet dream. Although I’m pretty sure the first release of this device would not be affordable (at least by me), and Google need to actually support this on their next Android OS.

  • Roberto Tomás

    re “it is likely to be very bulky” — I bet it it still under 12mm.

    I believe this is a solid reason not to buy *any* tablet or phablet until it comes out

  • Andrew White

    A nice but overly complex an expensive intermediate step.
    A much thinner and lighter fold out screen (with optional sizes) in combo with the serious hardware on the wrist and the usual bluetooth earpiece.
    That is the mobile communication/productivity tool I want.

  • eric Soulliage

    interesting yes , but not if it comes at the cost of non standard android

  • Gawdzila

    Not a gimmick; I would love this. In fact, the only way I’d ever own a tablet is either to have a Surface Pro 3, or this, and I’d rather have this because it runs Android and I’d have it with me more often than a laptop.

    Dedicated tablets are a useless waste of money to me; they’re not pocketable, which means I will never carry them with me, and when I’m at home, anything I could do with it I’d rather do on either my computer or TV 100% of the time. A tablet-sized screen is a luxury, but one that I don’t need and which I’d never have when I wanted it anyway.

    With something like this, though, I’d get to have the screen real-estate of a tablet in something that could also fit in my pocket and be a viable phone-sized device as well. I don’t give a damn if it’s a little thick, it would be perfectly usable, especially since the folded phone screen wouldn’t need to be large. Best of all worlds!

  • corruptedSoul

    Having an NEC Casio MEDIAS W N-05e Dual Screen Foldable Android phone.

    This would definitely work, android can take it, and paired with samsungs split screen multi app thingi that they had since the SIII.

    Tri-fold is the way to go, cause the Dual screen on the NEC opens up to an almost square display, which some apps don’t like, expecially games.

    The problem would be battery life, 3 screens will suck juice out of the thin battery pretty fast.