Samsung could release a breakthrough smartphone with an unbreakable display soon. Set to release the next model of its immensely popular S series, the Galaxy S4, Samsung might or might not add this flexible screen technology to the upcoming flagship.

According to Reuters, Samsung is currently working on the Galaxy S4 under the Project J name, after its mobile division chief J.K. Shin. The Galaxy S4 is aimed for release in April 2013 and is expected to feature a more powerful quad-core processor than the one on the Galaxy S3, a 13-megapixel camera, and a 441ppi display, to take on the full HD devices introduced by HTC, Sharp, and others.

According to several analysts including UBS’s Nicolas Gaudois, Samsung is accelerating the release of the Galaxy S4. The target window for store availability is April 2013, unlike Galaxy S3 which was released in May 2012.

While the chances of Samsung using an unbreakable display in the Galaxy S4 aren’t that great, Gaudios still thinks Samsung might be aiming to introduce the new screen in first half of 2013: “We believe preparations for volume manufacturing of unbreakable plastic substrate displays continue. All in all, we could see a strong products push in the high-end in the first half, followed by other releases.”

Another analyst, Mark Newman from Stanford Bernstein said that Samsung might introduce the technology on the Galaxy S4 or the Galaxy S5 which will debut in 2014. Newman said “eventually, they’ll have unbreakable and flexible displays. Either the Galaxy S4 or S5 will have unbreakable and even possibly flexible and foldable displays by 2014. That’s going to be a game-changer.”

Adding flexible displays to its mobile devices will give Samsung an edge over other manufacturers. But the breakthrough could also improve the company’s reputations, which was tarnished by the recent accusations of copying.

Varun Raj
Varun loves to play with new technology as his bread and butter. He has been advising telecom, media and entertainment companies for more than over 4 years. He currently works at a large consulting organization in Silicon Valley amidst all the action. He has been following Android since it first launched and loves to play around with it in his free time.
  • Bill Connor

    I loved my S3 until the screen cracked so easily….now I am stuck with a phone that performs amazingly, but has a cracked screen! I guess I learned a lesson; do not go out drinking without a case on your phone

    • unless you have a Galaxy S2, is almost unbreakable!!! dropped face down about 4 times without case and drunk lol… now I have Note II, I think is more durable than S3 according to the reviews….

      • Jose Osmar Llanas Lira

        Is not unbreakable, i dropped mine from 11 inches on a carpet!!! and the upper corner cracked. Second time was dropped from 15 inches, again on a carpet and the screen didn’t turned on anymore.

        Still love the phone though

        • I guess I was lucky then! :D

          • bashToks

            Actually, the GS2 is the strongest of the Series. Dropped my girfriend’s from a 3-storey residential apartment and it had a single crack on the screen. From that height other phones would have shattered. Changrd the screen and its good as new!

          • Tek-Tronx

            Just a little FYI………………There were multiple S2’s and S3’s produced and all of them were breakable. Every phone made to date is/was breakable, even the military grade “rugged” phones. I am a smartdevice repair tech, and, I’ve seen many broken S2’s and S3’s.

        • Ben

          change the carpet with a pillow than its unbreakable.

      • Djibril (Gabriel)

        It’s Not Unbreakable… The Force Your Phone Took Was Panned All Over The Screen Releaving Much Of The Pressure. If You Had Dropped It On The Top Left Corner (Weakest Spot For All Samsung Devices) It Would’ve Shattered Within A Heartbeat…

        • Lawrence

          Capitalising The First Word Of Every Sentence Is So Retarded. Learn How To Write. It Makes You Look Stupid.

          • CapnWhiskey

            Um…You’re supposed to capitalize the first word of every sentence…not every word of a sentence. If you’re gonna call someone out, make sure you get it straight…just sayin

          • Ya boiii

            It was obviously a joke, dumb dumb.

    • Gavroche Fukuma

      Mine broke on the first week of use… cost me a fortune, but the screen was so damaged that I took the price AND the lesson. Now it’s fixed and yes, now I have a rubber case which cost me peanuts on DX

    • leoingle

      holy crap. been there done that! cant tell you how many times i have dropped phone while i been out. but my TPU cases always come to the rescue.

  • chris

    Sounds pretty good. Wondering how big the screen will be, really hoping not bigger than the s3. Too bad it’s not a new nexus. And now we play the waiting game.

    • freedomspopular

      According to rumors, it’ll be a 5″ screen. If they reduce the bezels, they can easily fit a 5″ screen without making the phone any bigger, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see that happen.

      • fresh_TD

        rumors say 4.99 for sceen basically 5″

      • Ryan MORGAN

        If they wanted to make an S4 with a 5″ screen, the same size as the S3, there wouldn’t be any bezel, at least on the sides, and no bezel means you can’t really hold the phone without activating the screen, so the S4 will certainly be larger, which is a shame – 4.8″ is large enough for me.

  • i think they might release unbreakable displays first, then bump it up to flexible. or they will release a phone later in 2013 with a flexible display other than the 24 to see how it is received and to iron out the kinks

    • Based on what information or is that a guess?

      • Knowles2

        That actually similar to what Samsung has said themselves, they plan on introducing the displays on fairly conventional phones first before building fully flexible phone, one of Samsung executives quoted a while ago in an article.

        I doubt we will see a straight line from inflexible phones to flexible phones, instead we will see phones get more flexible over several generations, that way there less risks involve.

      • Alex Murphy

        It’s logical.

  • SexciiP

    I already know I won’t be able to get the Galaxy S4 because being that I just upgraded to the 3, I’d have to buy it at full retail prince and um….That’s a little to much to be paying for a phone. Especially when you’re with money hungry Verizon Wireless -___-

    • leoingle

      thats why you wait till it is out about 2 months, and sell your S3 and use that money to help pay for the new one.

  • Bish Fora

    I worked at a Cell Phone repair store and I have seen way too many people getting angry and swearing never to buy another Samsung just because the cost of repairing S3 or the Note’s Screen and for that matter any Galaxy Series phone is way too much sometimes even exceeding the value of the phone itself when you include both Parts & Labour.
    Changing a screen for iPhone 4 or 4S costs roughly 70-80 [I know S**T quality ones]
    whereas changing the screen for S3 can run upto 250 [as most of the time its original]
    Samsung should look into it to make sure after market parts are a bit more available and affordable, cause my experience says people tend to break the glass quite often and it would come a long way to re assure clients that it can be repaired easily and cheaply.

    • Tek-Tronx

      All Samsung parts are rediculously priced. Iphone 4/.4s are a third of the price for the digi/lcd assy. With all the drama between Samsung and Apple trying to steal from each other, Apple has stolen the idea of high priced aftermarket parts. S3 screen replacements available for around $250 to $300 where the Iphone 5 is $300 to $350 depending on where you go and whether it’s a Lic/bond/ins shop or some guy in Walmart parking lot doing it in the back of his van. lol

  • It’s reputation for ‘copying’ is not tarnished all all.. What a load of clap trap.

    • hohopig

      indeed it wasn’t. Couldn’t agree with you more on that.

      • Ya boiii

        Yep, their reputation of copying is stronger than ever.

  • well, Samsung SI and SIII are worst surface to get cracked.. so i think this is a massive changes from Samsung.. I am just hoping they introduce more competitive price to ultimate users because they make so much money from these top lines… and less court fees and stupid advertisements would make less costs for them too.

    • hohopig

      well for your info … most of the court fee is cause by the stupid ifruity company :P. But agree that cheaper components will help, especially since they are the manufacturer themselves.

  • Habib

    Actually Samsung is special for it some easy and helpful features. I am using Samsung GT 2652. Low cost but all features are beautiful. I have a mobile apps [querika] [FindIT]. mobile games for the young and the young at heart; indie game developer for iPhone and Android

  • cause my experience says people tend to break the glass quite often..

  • Why Galaxy S IV:- Demand of iPhone 5 continuously ramping up, and it has become
    1 of the major threats 4 the Samsung. Of course, World’s leading Smartphone vendor can’t sit mum & indeed, it might have started working on iPhone 5 killer. Most probably, it could be Galaxy S IV.

  • Jan Hooper

    This will be fun watching the online drop tests. As a real estate agent who spends a lot of time moving around from one property to another, this would be perfect for me. I hope it’s on the AT&T network like the SIII is now (the 4g LTE network). I just hope it’s all it’s “cracked up” to be. Ha!

  • RepublicOfTwo

    13MP in a phone-cam – cr^p. That will have a lot of noise and not work in low light, and there’s no benefit from that many pixels with a tiny sensor and phone-cam optics. 441ppi isn’t much use either. Phone may be terrific otherwise, but the photosensor choice says they’re going for flash not function.


  • I just got my S3. My wife won’t be too happy when discussions of the S4 come up. She does not share this passion. Can not wait to see it!

  • Now Samsung is doing things more intelligently to defend other companies coming on its way :)

  • Samsung should learn to make phones as hardy as the Lumia 920, but watch out for infringing patents. That didn’t end so well last time.

  • anything is breakable if the right amount of pressure is applied

  • Ya boiii

    What’s the point of 441ppi? So when you smush the phone into your eye you can’t see any pixels?

    I thought Apple was accused of being trendy.

  • Aren

    The spelling, use of capitals, and completely illegible English on here, is incredible.