Samsung doubles down on flexible OLED production in advance of new iPhones

by: Kris CarlonMarch 3, 2016


Rumors earlier in the year stated that Samsung will produce flexible OLED displays for the iPhone 7 and was planning to invest $7.5 billion dollars in expanding its production capabilities. While there’s still no word on whether or not Samsung has indeed secured that particular contract, the company has just secured more flexible OLED production facilities in South Korea…

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This purchase, making it the largest flexible OLED production base for Samsung Display, represents the second recent investment by Samsung in additional manufacturing facilities for its flexible OLED panels. While it’s likely a little late to be ramping up production for the iPhone 7, industry insiders are claiming Samsung is expanding its production potential now to meet the display demand for the iPhone 8.


Samsung has approached ten OLED manufacturers in its native OLED manufacturing area of Tengjeong in South Chungcheong Province for production facilities worth 400 billion won, or $325.73 million. According to Business Korea, “the production capabilities of the the A3 flexible OLED lines will be doubled from the current 15,000 pieces of mother glass per month to over 30,000 pieces when they complete the supply of the production equipment”.

Compare these figures with reports earlier this year that Samsung would be increasing its output to up to 45,000 panels a month in 2016, and things look to be nicely on track. While we can’t yet definitively say if Samsung is providing flexible OLED displays for the iPhone 7 as well, the company clearly sees massive growth potential for flexible panels into 2018 and beyond.


Meanwhile, although Samsung missed out on the contract to produce the iPhone 7’s A10 chip, a recent earthquake that will undoubtedly affect TSMC’s production capabilities might see Samsung offered a slice of that pie as well. From what I learned in the Steve Jobs movie, Apple launches don’t get delayed.

Just how flexible do you expect flexible phones to get?

  • AbbyZFresh

    Samsung wins regardless if Apple sells more phones than them. Lol.

    • Gary W

      Samsung makes very thin profit margin from Apple.

      • Jake

        That’s because Apple invests allot of money in marketing, which is what they have to recoup on when it comes to selling their products.

  • xtriker360

    I bet apple will have 32, 64, and 128gb iphones…

  • charlie Jason

    Guys get ready! Apple will “innovate” OLED displays this fall! Something that no any other phone has ever done before!

    • ddd

      Innovation to my ass. Apple’s innovation are copying other companies’ ideas. Apple is copying machine.
      U don’t know nothing about technology and I know better than anybody else.


      • charlie Jason

        Hey dumbass, have you ever heard of sarcasm?

  • 427SCJ

    I hope they don’t but it’s business, charge extra for apple all the trouble they caused.
    Didn’t apple said you don’t need high pixels cause you can’t differential them???

    • aaloo

      What you fail to realize is that Apple holds samsung’s balls. Apple goes to the company that meets their requirements. You think Samsung charging Apple more for comparable product from another manufacturer is going to keep Apple buying from Samsung. Have you heard about tsmc getting 100% production of a10 chip and Samsung losing out. If samsung’s product is superior, Apple will pay them more money for it.

      • Johnny Roberts Jr.

        No. Apple is just just cheap, like their phones. Talk to me when Apple makes it to 2016.

        • Aaron W

          They made it. Its 2016. They can lose $1 Billion per year and be around for 200 more years.

      • A.K. S

        And apple will quickly learn, again, that no other foundry besides Samsung, can do what they need done. Tsmc doesn’t have nearly what it takes.

      • 1213 1213

        No lol. Apple looks for cheap products mainly. That’s the reason they still use LCD.

      • 427SCJ

        Yea, I realize apple goes for cheapest supplier to “Their” demand to make maximum profit. Why do you think apple cannot release with Super AMOLD display like Samsung. Cause “no one” can supply enough of them. So, if apple wants the display, charge them more.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    How do you know that Samsung do it just because of your lovely iPhones ?
    Samsung is making its mid rage phones also with OLED and even low range, so only because of that Samsung must double the production. Besides other Android OEMs also need them.
    Your idreams will come true when they become cheap.

  • jay

    samsung making hardware for apple? is like BMW making an engine for mercedes….

    • charlie Jason

      More like Porche making engine for Kia.

      • onstrike112

        No, it’s more like Mazda making entire vehicles, which Dodge re-badges. Something that actually happens as an example.

  • aaloo

    Who’s a good boy. Who’s a good boy. There you go. There you go. Sammy’s my good boy. Such a good boy!!!!

  • ddd

    Why samsung gives oled display piece of garbage apple company? Samsung shouldn’t done it because samsung makes own display and design and processor, but Apple(crab apple or isheep) doesn’t make shit on display and processor and battery. They design the phone exactly like htc phone.
    Apple products display made from pirce of garbage LG ips lcd display not retina display and slowest processor and worst battery made from other companies. Ios 8 and 9 copy from all android os features. Apple doesn’t have FUCKING INNOVATION AT ALL because company is biggest loser in the market.
    I always hear funniest news about asshole tim cook encrypted terriorists iphone so Apple teams are going to JAIL(HELL IN A CELL) very soon, so I always laugh my ass off all the time. Tim cook and co workers made biggest mistakes in whole life. WHAT CAN APPLE DO? NOTHING. Do apple fans know about this shit? HELL NO
    In technology world, people don’t know NOTHING about technology. I have more knowledge than anybody else.



    • Sayed ahamed

      You’re apparently a retard

      • ddd

        You are biggest asshole like tim cook.

        • Sayed ahamed

          Now you’re comment proves that you’re absolutely a retard

    • Ben Carson

      Why is Mr.Chow from hangover so angry with Apple? Lol.

  • A.K. S

    Why doesn’t Samsung just flip apple the bird when it comes to new tech Samsung created? Why let them have it? Sometimes they just make no sense. Well, it still goes to prove that there is no apple without Samsung doing all the innovating for them, yet again.

    • Jake

      That’s what I don’t understand. After all the hassle of Apple suing Samsung about design infringement with regards to their Galaxy S line. I would have expected for Samsung to literally flip them the bird and say go somewhere else for your parts.

      • onstrike112

        Given that Samsung is a conglomerate of different businesses under the Samsung brand, it stands to reason that the left arm and the right arm are different in that regard. Plus, why turn down a money-maker? It obviously is better to sell their hardware in addition to using it on their own devices, which they also, in turn sell.

    • ..

    • ddd

      Why samsung gives new tech to piece of garbage apple? Apple doesn’t make shit like display and camera, and processor and battery. Iphone design are like htc phone and ios 8 and 9 copy from android os features. Does apple has innovation? HELL NO
      Samsung creates millions of innovations before piece of garbage apple.
      U don’t know nothing about tech.

      • ddd

        U are bunch of LOSERS.

    • Sherpa

      Unlike fanboys here, Samsung does not care about which OS is better. They are in the business to make profit and that is exactly what they will do by supplying parts.


    I feel so sorry for the people in the comment section. Just wow… All sound like a retard or some elementary kid. One thing for sure is I will never scroll down to the comment section again.

  • Kishore Venktesh

    To all the geniuses out there who think they know it all.
    1) Apple designs the phone along with the chipset and other internals. They outsource the manufacturing to samsung/TSMC who build and assemble these components (In short, Apple designs and Samsung manufactures)
    2)Samsung makes the components because, just like any other company, they are in the market to make money, and Apple is a big player in this market. They cannot sever relations just because their devices directly compete with apple because that would mean a huge dent in their profits.

  • Shinobu

    I can’t wait for Apple to invent OLED displays!

  • Aaron W

    DisplayMATE has tested and compared LCD to OLED for years and while it has stated the OLED is the future, display life, color gamuts, brightness, over-saturation (RED!!!), and limited production capability have been constant OLED shortcomings. According to DisplayMATE the OLED screens in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge (early 2015) were the first displays to exceed LCD in nearly every category! If Apple gets OLED this good in (Late) 2017 they will be (basically) 3 years behind in display tech.

    This article mentions the rumor that they will double from 15,000 units per month to 30,000 units per month. Apple’s screen demand, if the sales in 2017 are the same as they were in fiscal year 2015 is 230 million phones, or 19,166,667 screens per month. So this particular rumor doesn’t support a 2016 OLED screen iPhone 7.

    It was my understanding, though I can’t find the link again, that Samsung’s OLED tech in the S6 wasn’t even sold to other android manufacturers. So everyone is behind Samsung for the time being. Samsung deserves to be ahead of everyone and capitalize on their advanced screen tech that they have been perfecting since 2010.

  • Michael Moreno

    apple just copies,and why would samsung use oleds for apple. well i have to see it to believe it. either way cant wait!!!!!!