Samsung getting “huge orders” for flexible OLED displays, products on track for 2012 release

by: AdrianMay 14, 2012

Just about a year ago, flexible displays seemed like a dream, but things progress quicker than we’ve ever imagined. Samsung has been making waves in the media for a couple of months now, with its “bendy” panels, and, according to some fresh official claims, there’s already “huge” request for flexible OLED screens.

Kwon Oh-Hyun, Vice Chairman at Samsung Electronics, told the guys at that its company is “getting huge orders from electronic makers for the futuristic lineup of flexible organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays”. Kwon added that “we will be mass producing flexible OLED displays from the latter half of this year as the demand from our clients is significant.

As for actual products sporting flexible displays, Samsung’s official hesitated to name any names or to reveal any dates, but rumors say that Apple might be one of Sammy’s “clients” interested in using the new technology.

And while we’re almost sure that the future iPhone (the iPhone 5, 4SS, 4GS or whatever it will be called) will not come with a flexible screen, it’s hard to predict how Apple’s future iDevices will look. “Apple is the iconic company in the industry that will continue to set the trends. If Samsung finds increasing industry demand for a futuristic product like flexible displays, it’s hard to imagine Apple doesn’t have something to do with it” said a financial analyst in a short statement for Korean website KoreaTimes.

Other rumors already mention the number of flexible OLED panels to be manufactured by Samsung by the end of the year. Around 960,000 such “sheets” might enter production in 2012, which means that someone could take the chance of releasing a gadget or several gadgets with such displays before Apple.

Before getting overly excited, though, we aren’t expecting truly bendable smartphones to hit the market anytime soon. Instead, we will probably start off with devices with slightly curved displays made out of plastic that can twist and turn in a limited number of directions. That’s just an assumption, but it’s a fair one to make, as it’s hard to think that Samsung already has the ability to make a fully flexible phone or a wearable wristband  PC.

What do you guys think? Is Samsung going to come out with a gadget sporting any kind of flexible display this year? Is Apple willing to take the risk of using such innovative technology before anyone else? Are you excited about the future bendable phones and tablets?

  • steve


  • tat2jr

    I think it’s real value at first will be as non breakable displays. The crazy stuff will come next year.

  • Mei

    “Is Apple willing to take the risk of using such innovative technology before anyone else?”

    I don’t see why Apple would not take the risk. Likely, they’ll even tout that they ‘created’ the idea and drove innovation cause they release it first.

  • How long until we actually see this bear fruition, Samsung? Oh, and don’t give this to Apple, no matter how big of a customer they are. I don’t want Apple’s communist grip on the casual consumer market anymore than they already have. Siri/face unlock/Senseg and flexible screens to the average joe who know nothing about technology will all assume that Apple invented those technologies before anyone else and were the brainchild of the ‘Da Vinci’ of our time (more a hyped up salesman whose company logo means more to the average joe than innovation), Steve Jobs.

    • Pete

      The irony is that Samsung is being smart by making daft decisions. Just becauseu they weren’t the first to use their own technology on the market doesn’t mean a suicidal decision, it just means that hypothetically Apple would get the very early prototypes of a beta product that would make Apple look bad, and Samsung would save the improved tarnished version for itself. To be perfectly fair, we’ll definitely see this on an LG or Samsung device before any other brand.

  • Danii

    Don’t give this technology to apple… People would believe that Apple made it and Samsung’s again being copycat then…

  • Benjamen Meiers

    Apple won’t use this display, Apple doesn’t innovate, they litigate.