Samsung’s flexible displays delayed

by: Robert TriggsApril 17, 2013


If you were looking forward playing around with the cool futuristic bendy displays that Samsung are developing then I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait a little longer, as the company has hit a technical problem with the product.

According to a report in the Korean newspaper ETNews, Samsung is having issues with the quality of its flexible displays. The problem appears to be caused by the encapsulation process which protects the sensitive OLEDs used in the display from exposure to moisture and oxygen. As a result, Samsung Display is reportedly reviewing various encapsulation technologies that can replace the one developed by Vitex System which it is currently using.

This is particularly bad news for Samsung considering that we recently heard that LG has accelerated its production roadmap, moving ever closer to the manufacturing phase for its own flexible displays. Not to mention LG is also receiving substantial financial backing from the Korean government for this technology as well.

Samsung was expected to be the first to bring flexible display smartphones to the market, possibly sometime around the end of the year, but this now looks to be in serious doubt. Sadly this will all have to be put on hold until issues with the encapsulation technology can be sorted out.

  • Sounds good to me. I’m looking forward to upgrading to a note 3 without a floppy screen.

  • Eric

    Is this encapsulation process what replaces the glass? If so what about the flexible glass that corning has designed and the good old water proof nano coating…….

  • Mitthrawn

    The problem too is that they need to create a HD screen that is also flexible. It seemed like they were closer to creating a 720p screen but then all the flagship smartphones started shipping with 1080p so they had to abandon flexible for the gs4 because they’re target was 720p. Hopefully they get these kinks worked out, flexible is great for screens and phones as it allows thinner phones or phones of the same thickness with greater battery life and bigger camera sensors.

  • Max

    Yeah well flexible displays have been “a year or two away” for a number of years now. I really don’t care who does it first, but I’m really tired of waiting for a truly compact and portable gadget with a large, rolled-up screen, so please get on with it already…